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In today’s society, it is very hard to live without cars. We are in constant need for the auto business. Depending on your city or town’s transportation system, it might even be nearly impossible to live without a car. Work is so far away from home, and the grocery store is far from both! It is just the price we pay living in an industrialized society. Of course, this causes a great need for an auto business.

Why should you start an auto business? For a very good reason: if you manage your auto business properly, it can be more profitable than any other business. For auto businesses selling used cars, they can easily make a $300-$700 profit per car sold. For an auto business selling new cars, the profit increases to around $2000-$3000 for every single automobile sold. What differentiates a successful auto business from a bankrupt one is knowing your market and doing an adequate amount of research to find out exactly what your customers want and need.

Many people may feel skeptical about starting their own auto business due to the Automotive Industry Crisis of 2008-2010. However, what a lot of individuals fail to realize is that not all of the automakers reported a significant loss of profit. Many people are also unaware of what caused certain manufacturers to lose money. For example, the auto manufacturer Hyundai-Kia actually profited while most of their competition was struggling; some of them even facing bankruptcy. So what makes one auto business successful and not the other? What gave Hyundai-Kia an edge over other auto businesses?

The biggest mistake that other auto businesses made was that they did not properly research what their customers wanted. For instance, GM noticed a decline in sales of SUVs, so they tried to produce more SUVs, and developed new models, thinking people just wanted a different variety. What they failed to consider was that gas prices were rising at an exceeding and alarming rate and that people were trying to buy more gas-efficient automobiles. Their auto business failed because they never stopped to think about what their customers may have wanted.

Another auto business that reported loss of profit was Toyota. Unlike GM, however, Toyota did not increase their production of gas-guzzling SUVs. Toyota’s failure was due to shortsightedness. They forgot to adequately supply the growing demand of their customers for their more gas-efficient cars. Toyota’s Prius, Corolla and Yaris were in great demand, to the point that Toyota did not have enough cars! Toyota’s auto business would have profited greatly if only they had predicted the growing need for their smaller and more environmental and economical cars. It’s not that people weren’t buying cars; it was that the “right” cars weren’t on the market.

The auto business that was profiting was Hyundai-Kia. Since all the major car manufacturers had a limited and disappearing supply of smaller, more gas-efficient cars, people turned to an auto business they would not have previously considered. During the automotive crisis Hyundai-Kia became a major competitor in the automotive industry. Hyundai-Kia’s sales surpassed Honda, and then Ford, making Hyundai-Kia the world’s fourth largest automaker. The reason the Hyundai-Kia auto business was successful was because they provided something their customers wanted: affordable and gas-efficient automobiles.

The problem with the automotive crisis wasn’t that people weren’t buying cars; it was that the manufacturers didn’t have the right cars; the cars that the customer wanted and needed. In order to have a profitable auto business, you need to find out what your customers want, and give them exactly that. The auto business can be very profitable because people will always need cars. In fact, due to the changing dynamics of our environment and the growing need for a two-income household, most households have two automobiles and not just one. The auto business is a profitable one because you will always have this demand for cars. The smart auto business owner is the one who realizes exactly what the demand is, and ensures that he or she has an adequate supply to meet this demand.

Another reason why the auto business is more profitable than others is because the profit you make from one car sale, whether used or new, is significantly higher than the profit made from most other products. If you sell one used car a week, you would be making $1200-$2800 a month in profit. If you sell one new car a week, you would make $8 000-$12 000 a month in profit. However, you can probably sell more than one car a week. The secret to a profitable auto business is to know your customers. Talk to your customer; find out what type of a car they are looking for. Do they have any other loans due? Can you work out a payment plan? Are they looking for something with lots of features, or are they looking for just a basic car? What caused them to look into buying a new car in the first place? What were the problems with their old car? These questions help you and your auto business build a good rapport with your customer. They also help you reach the core of what your customer truly needs, and that is what makes an auto business profitable. The customer is always right and you need to know what your customer needs so that you can provide it.

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