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Website designing is creating your own web presence. Web design is the skill of creating presentations (web pages) of any form data that can be hypertext or hypermedia. Web design is then presented to the user through internet via World Wide Web. End user can access the page with the help of web browser or via any other web-enabled software. Web site designers have plenty of options in terms of tools and technologies they can use to build their web pages. Designing basically involves creativity, visualization skills. A well designed website can act as a great marketing tool for a business. An appealing website can differentiate your business from its competitors.

Web design is to develop a website which is a combination of WebPages and applications that reside on a Web server and is used or viewed to the end user in form of Web pages. Such elements as text, images and forms can be placed on the page using various HTML/XHTML tags, CSS, image and other media. When you want to display more complex media like animations, vector graphics, videos, sounds requires plug-ins. Plug-ins are embedded into the webpage using HTML/XHTML tags. Broadly website designing is divided into two main categories: 1) Static Website Designing 2) Dynamic Website Designing.

Static Website Business:

Static websites proves to be great starting point for a business to show its basic information on web. More people get to know about companyís business and profile. Static website is the simplest way to promote your business online. Itís like showcasing your business. A good designed and framed website act as an online corporate image for your business. It is the easiest kind of website to setup and economical also, but making changes require lots of web programming knowledge. Content and visualization of a static website should be very much appealing to the customers. Static websites are basically used for online brochure or catalogue creation.

Dynamic Website Business:

A dynamic website is a collection of web pages in which specified users can update the content of the website, for each individual viewing. A dynamic website requires a database to store, update and change its content. It is different from static website because it changes with the time according to userís usage (login section) and interaction. The characteristic feature of dynamic website is the compartmentalization of the content and design. Its dynamism lies in its vibrancy and interactivity, both in client-side scripting and service-side scripting. Most business websites these days are dynamic meaning that the web pages are dynamically built pages that allow user interaction. We can use them for an online shopping cart. They are usually built with a programming language such as JAVA, PHP, ASP and others. This code "creates" the HTML that is displayed in the browser. XHTML and XML are standards which are probably eventually replace HTML. Dynamic websites are often database-driven. This means that the website information is stored in a database and the dynamic code is used to access the content from a database. A website gives you an online presence all the time. All a consumer needs is your websites address, whether they find that from a business card, an advert, letterhead, email or from any of the search engine. Your website provides an economical and convenient means of keeping in touch with your existing client base and keeping them informed of developments within your business, this helps to promote company branding and customer loyalty. A website will always increase your marketing investment, by using the services of most versatile and dynamic marketing channel which is the internet.

Benefits of Website Designing Business:

More Creativity and Visualization

As compare to printed material your website allows you to be more creative in how you present your information/products and /or services. Anyone can get to know about your business and services provided by you.

One Point of Contact

Website is always available and live irrespective of different time zones. Your potential client has heard about you but canít find your company; they may turn to the Internet to try and locate your contact information or to learn more about you and your services. If your site is ecommerce enabled, your products are ready and waiting to be sold. You can have maximum profits.

Promotion and Expansion

Website makes you reach larger market of potential clients. Even if your service or product is normally only performed locally, there is always the potential to promote and expand it. You are more likely to increase your local client base if your website is available for them to research your products and services.

Competition Awareness

You can get to know about your competitors and services provided by them. If you are having relatively small business, your website becomes your virtual shop window enabling you to compete on much more equal terms and services with much larger organizations.

Mostly people use the Internet to find out more knowledge about products or services that they are in need of. Your website is a means of offering information to those who may be researching online before buying for any product. If you donít have a website, how are they going to even get a chance to see what you have to offer them in stores?

The internet has been voted the invention of the millennium according to leading science magazine. Internet has become the best medium to advertise. It also help people to connect with their friends the popularity of social networking sites proves their success over the internet. Web designing provides you with an opportunity to make money by utilizing the enormous success of internet. There are millions of professional clients out there who require web designing services or business or personal purpose. You can capture the local market by people recognize their need of website for any reason. For example Colleges are potentials clients of a web designing businesses. Colleges need to advertise their services in order to make more number of students enroll into their institutes. It is a cyber world out there, every 8th person out of 10 is connected to internet. A college can advertise itself via its own website. You can make a college recognize the benefits of having its own website and make them as your potential clients.

A web designing business doesnít stops here. Maintaining your existing clients the biggest business benefit you can get. For a web designing business to be successful and make money having a good long working relationship with their clients is an important factor. A web designing business can be divided into various categories of services it provides to its customers. There are ma ny opportunities for a web designing business to make money in the current market scenario. A web designing business is just not limited to building a website for its client any more. A website needs many other services now days to compete on the internet. A web designing business can earn revenue from other services which are required by every website for example SEO (Search engine optimization) it is a process of optimizing the website to increase its page rank.

The amount a web designing business charge from its clients depends upon the requirements of the clients. For example a client requiring a simple static web site would be charged less as compared to a client requiring a static site i.e. it maybe an e-cart application or social networking site etc. The application websites can help you earn good revenue from your web designing business.

Why chose a good web designer business?

People should chose business house who specialize in web solutions as it requires expertise knowledge to design and implement a websites, so that it has the maximum impact on its audience. A good web designer will guide its client to a better path.

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