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Fashion accessories are defined as the items used to equilibrate the whole outfit of a person. Fashion accessories include colorful range of bags and purses, ties, belts, shawls, scarves, handkerchiefs, suspenders, caps, hats, footwear, earrings, eyewear and watches.

Fashion accessories cover a wide range of fashionable items that supplement one's garment. A woman looks incomplete with any accessories. Accessories are used to add a charisma and attraction to an outfit. For women fashion accessories are part of their daily life.

Fashion accessories business refers to manufacturing and sale of fashion accessories like Fashion Eye Wear, Fashion Belts, Fashion Caps, Fashion Gloves, Fashion Hair Accessories, Fashion Hats, Fashion Scarves, Fashion Shawls, Fashion Stoles, Ladies Tattoos, Women Watches, etc. A womenís wardrobe is incomplete without fashion accessories which makes them look unique. Women use fashion accessories for attaining the desired look to stand out from others. Fashion accessories are worn or carried to complement your outfit and can greatly enhance your looks. Menís fashion accessories are also quite popular now days. Fashion accessories business is billion dollar industry. You just have to know the right fashion accessories business to invest in. According to a leading national daily the fashion accessories business is one of the most profitable business in the world to invest in.

We need fashion, yes we do, and everyone needs fashion! Fashion is a way of expressing yourself through carefully selected threads that covers your skin but screams out your inner thoughts to the busy passing by public. Clothes are art and the way you dress is your art. We like art, actually we love art hence we have made this project to celebrate the street fashion that brightens up our city, and makes it a more joy full creative place to wander around in.

Fashion business: The fashion accessories industry is on the verge of complete change. We have seen the dramatic change in this fashion accessories business. Obviously everyone has an idea what fashion is. Nobody can stop themselves from getting influenced by fashion. Fashion accessories always add extra impact to the personality of a person. It is must buy thing now a days, canít ignore it. Fashion has indeed taken the world by storm. Fashion has fully integrated itself to todayís culture. Even you would want different types of belts or shoes. Itís what the society dictates. The global accessories business has generated huge revenue of approximately US $84.9 of the overall industry value. The accessories industry growth has initiated fierce competition in the sector.

Type of fashion accessories business:

Fashion accessories manufacturers

These are the designing companies which design and manufacture different types of fashion accessories available in the market starting from hats to footwear. They manufacture a large variety of fashion accessories. This business requires a little bit of investment and if you have the necessary skills to design the fashion accessories then there is a huge fashion business market out there waiting to be captured. Fashion accessories manufacturers are of B2B business. It means they only do business with other business houses. This is because they sell their manufactured products in bulk and do not sell it directly to the end consumers. Fashion accessories manufacturer only need investment to set up a manufacturing plant to manufacture specific fashion accessories. They require designing skills for the specific fashion accessory they are manufacturing. For example a hat manufacturing company should know how to design a hat so that it has a proper fit and is comfortable while wearing.

Fashion accessories wholesalers

They are the commission agents who act as an interface between the fashion accessories manufacturers and fashion accessories retailers. As fashion accessories manufacturers do not deal directly with customers or retailers because they sell their manufactured product in bulk quantity which requires huge investment from the buyerís part. This is where the fashion accessories wholesalers comes into action they buy the different fashion accessories from different fashion accessories manufacturers they chare a commission on the purchased product and sell them in small quantity to the independent small retailers. If you have the necessary financial investment resources and fashion accessories business looks profitable and interesting to you then fashion accessories wholesaler is the right area for you to invest in. They are also known as brokers as they charge a significant amount for acting as an intermediate between the two dealing parties.

Fashion accessories retailers

They are the independent small business owners who deal directly with the customers who use fashion accessories in their day to day life. They have more impact on the market and trends being followed as they are the ones who are in direct contact with the consumers. Fashion accessories retailer business does not require any big investment. They just buy small amount of different fashion accessories from the fashion accessories wholesalers and sell them. Fashion accessories retailers require skills such as customer relation ship management.

Possible fashion accessories business

One can start with any of the following fashion accessory business according to their areas of interest; all of them are very profitable and are always in demand by the customers.

Fashion Bags and Purses Business:

Bags and purse industry is a vital part of the fashion accessories world. Bags are used to deliver a style statement now days. Bags are made up of many fabrics like cotton, denim, polyester, nylon etc but most of the bags and purses are made up of leather. A handbag or a purse is a medium to large bag it is basically fashionably designed, typically used by women, and used to hold personal items such as makeup items, keys, wallet, cell phone, feminine hygiene products, etc. Globally, the top eight countries manufacturing and exporting bags and purses includes China, India, Vietnam, Pakistan, Philippines, Germany, Hong Kong and Indonesia. The table below shows the total sales for all principal products of the sector.

Fashion Shoes Business:

Shoes can act as a style statement for you, if it is carried out in a fashionable way. Footwear is basically used to cover the feet and is used for protection, hygiene and for style. Fashion footwear can be sub-divided as high heeled boots, sports shoes, winkle pickers, shoe laces etc. Footwear is available in a number of designs and materials like leather, plastic, wood etc. The global footwear sector has undergone major changes, resulting in the transfer of global footwear production from traditional producing countries to China, Brazil, Japan, Indonesia and Europe. The major manufacturing countries of fashion footwear are USA, Hong Kong and Germany.

Fashion Jewelry Business:

The fashion Jewelry business is one of the most flourishing businesses in the world. It is also termed as a global industry because of the free trade policy of fashion jewelry through out the world. Fashion jewelry can be further classified into the following forms costume jewelry, designer jewelry, imitation jewelry, etc. which are more stylish and trendy than the original gemstone jewelry. The various products produced by jewelry business can be categorized as bracelets, brooch, earrings, necklaces, chokers, bangles, finger rings, toe rings, anklets, pendants etc. These jewelry articles are basically made up of materials like semi-precious stones, beads, ivory, leather, terracotta, plastic and pearl.

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