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Touching the heights of glory through presenting the state of the art technologies and the ability to ever break the ground with it un-surpassing innovative ideas, Sony is on the move. The name of the company “Sony” is derived from SONUS a Greek goddess of sound. Sony Corporation is a multinational company having its branches all over the world. Aiko Morita and Masaru Ibuka laid the foundation stone of this spell biding organization in 1946 under the name of "Tokyo Telecommunications Engineering Corporation". In 1958, its name was changed to “Sony”. The company started its business with limited resources and employed only few employees at the start. Its headquarter was in Tokyo, Japan. The history of the company shows many mergers, acquisitions and joint ventures with many other renowned companies of the world for the sack of advancement and innovation.

As the business of the company spread it opened its branches all over the world. In 1960, American branch of the company was established under the name SONAM (Sony Corporation of America) which is currently known as SCA. The company established a joint venture with CBS under different names but finally it became the wholly owner and was renamed as Sony Music Entertainment Inc. In 1968 the company opened its UK branch, Sony United Kingdom Ltd. The company established "Sony Computer Entertainment Inc." to capture the market of hardware and software products.

Sony is a leading manufacturer of electronic goods including home entertainment, computers and communication equipments. It offers a complete range of electronics, communications, information technology products and game consoles for its customers and to the professional market all over the world. It started its research in telecommunication equipment. In 1950, the company introduced “Sony Tape” and then introduced first portable TV “TV8-301”. Sony introduced a color TV “Trinitron” and first CD player in 1982 which became very popular in the market.

The slogan of the company is Like No Other. It is a comprehensive entertainment company because it offers services in a variety of segments such as entertainment, electronics, and games etc. Some of the main business operations of the company are Sony Electronics, Sony Computer Entertainment, Sony Financial Holdings and Sony Ericsson etc. The company manufactured quality products for its customers which set standards for the electronics market. Sony started its business in electronics by manufacturing standard household products by using recording and storing technologies. Sony started to manufacture televisions under Trinitron brand name and computer monitors. Trinitron displays are still manufactured in China and India but their production in USA is stopped. Sony introduces walkman in 1979, one of the most popular music players.

In early 1980s the company started to manufacture floppy drives and compact discs. In the mid 1980s the company launched handy cam products. In 1993 Sony introduces MiniDisc which was an alternate of Philips DCC. Then Sony invented the most advance form of walkman under the name of MP3 players. The company manufactured flash memory cards for its digital cameras. Sony and Philips developed digital interface format and audio system jointly. Sony successfully launched PlayStation in 1994 and then PlayStation 2 and PlayStation 3 in 2000 and 2006 respectively.

In short more than 50% production of electronics took place in Japan in 2005 including the production of video cameras, digital cameras, personal computers, flat panel televisions, batteries, memory stick and semiconductors. It shows the quality, trust of the customers on the products of the company. Sony is famous for its production in computer systems, cameras and camcorders, TV and home entertainment, MP3 and portable electronics. It not only manufactures the above mentioned products but it is the leading manufacturer of entertainmentincluding Moviesand music, Games and PlayStations etc.

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