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Shopping is the process of purchasing a good or service from a retailer or wholesaler. It is a time consuming activity which depends on your economic health, selection and power of decision. Everyone is involved in this activity because there is none who can survive without it. An individual considers all aspects while purchasing a product or service. It is a hobby for some people to pass time and to refresh their minds. Individuals visit stores or service centers in search of their required products or services. They select products which fulfill their requirements.

Some individuals involve in windows shopping which is a common term among shoppers. It means visit shops to pass time or plan a purchase in future. There is a variety of shoppers because some people purchase popular products instantly. Some shoppers purchase products after searching the market. Some spend enough time and others donít want to spend more time in it. Some go to buy a product or service from a store physically and some shop from online stores.

Individuals who are strong in decision making can finish the activity of shopping in less time. They select the product and decide to purchase it quickly. Some people find it difficult to select a product or service for purchase. The process of selecting a product can take enough time which increases the overall time of shopping. On the other hand individuals who decide quickly can save time.

In this world there are many shopping malls, super stores, retail stores and online stores. People buy from different locations; some individuals like to buy from retail stores, other from super stores because they donít want to spend time on shopping each thing separately. They want to buy everything from a single location. The behavior of people while shopping a product or service varies because some people want to know about the selected product in detail. Some want to know about their required feature or service only. They donít bother about other available features.

The developments in technology have brought a revolution in shopping. Now people shop products from home through television, telephone and internet. These things are sent to their homes and they pay through credit cards or through their banks. In this way they save their time and efforts in the process of shopping.

The time and season for shopping a product and service can vary because some products are available only in a particular season such as the occasion of Christmas. Some businesses have shopping hours and some are available for 24 hours. The price strategies of organizations vary and similarly behavior of people toward price of products also varies. Some individuals donít like negotiations and pay what the shopkeeper demands. On the other hand there are people who negotiate on price and try to purchase a product at the minimum price.

Some companies or shopping spots offer different discounts or prizes with the purchase of a particular product or price range. People like to buy those products because they can benefit from the provided discounts. There are people who rely on a particular product and donít leave it at any cost. Some people compromise on quality but others are strict about the issue of quality.

In short there are many available places but it depends on the behavior of the shopper. Shopping is an activity which is completed when both the shopper and shopkeeper are agreed on some common price. The lifestyle, nature, trend and economic condition of the shopper are very important in this activity.

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