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Real Estate is one of the highest booming sectors in most economies across the world. With cut throat competition surrounding all over, it is very important to promote the real estate business through means and ways which bring good results in the form of driving up revenues beyond expectations. Like every business, it is important to retain existing clients and attract new clients in real estate business as well. For achieving this, one must be positioned as a leader in this segment. To be called a leader, it is important to take the necessary action at the appropriate time by promoting the business.

Before moving further, it is important to understand the concept and idea behind a real estate business and the laws governing it. Real estate signifies any immovable property in the form of land or improvements or addition to land e.g. buildings, fencing etc. The institution defining the principles and regulations relating to real estate is called real estate law. Real estate law covers all the rules and regulations concerning residential and commercial real property.

Need for promoting Real Estate Business

What is the need for promoting your real estate business? With cut throat competition surrounding all over and more smarter and informed customer, it is imperative to promote your business in today’s world. The ultimate motive behind any business is profits. Unless you reach out to a larger number of people through promotion, it is difficult to attract and convert clients and increase the revenues and profits.

Ways to promote Real Estate Business

There are umpteen numbers of ways to promote your real estate business. The business will flourish and show good results in terms of high revenues and profits only and only if the right method of promotion is used at the right time. There are various factors that will determine which way shall be used to promote the business of real estate e.g. availability of time, money involved, results targeted, reach of the promotion method, etc. Some of the ways to promote real estate business are listed below.

• Website as a means to promote your real estate business: In today’s world, where most of the people use internet to make an informed decision for almost all of their purchases, it is imperative to have a website to promote your real estate business. A website can not only highlight all the advantages of your real estate business in comparison to other businesses, it can also make purchase easier for the potential buyer. It will be an added advantage if the website allows visitors to sign up for updates and newsletters.

• Use of Search Engine Optimization (SEO): SEO can be used as an effective tool to attract new visitors to your website by using certain keywords in the content that the potential clients might use in their web searchers for real estate.

• Promotion through Virtual tours: Real estate business can be promoted through providing virtual tours of the real property to the potential clients. A virtual tour involves showcasing still images, videos or virtual model of the actual location. This can be an effective promotional tool if narration of the area covered and the advantages of the site are highlighted in the virtual tour. One of the advantages of this method of promotion is that it saves time and effort of the potential buyer.

• Promotion through Website Listings: One can also use website listing as a tool to promote the real estate business. Listing can be done on yahoo real estate, etc.

• Promotion through Mails: Sending mails of the updates and weekly or monthly newsletter to the existing clients and potential leads can work wonders for the real estate business.

• Promotion through Social networking Sites: These days social networking sites like orkut, facebook, etc. have become a routine visit site for many people across the world in almost all age groups. Many people also use twitter as a regular source of news, entertainment and communication. One can send updates to the followers on twitter on a regular basis as a means of promotion. It will be beneficial if links generated through these social networking websites can be used as an added advantage in promoting the real estate business.

• Promotion through Blogs: These days bogging has come up as an effective tool for promotion. The same can be used for real estate business.

• Promotion through Contests: Contests and draws can attract more visitors to your business. This will help in building a network that can convert to clients when the need arises.

• Promotion through Speeches: Delivering a speech in the real estate association meetings or forums provides you with an opportunity to not only advertise your business and website but it also leaves an impression in the minds of those attending it.

• Promoting the town and not just the real property: The first decision that a potential buyer will take will be in most cases pertaining to the town, i.e. whether I shall buy a property in this town or not? Once this decision is made, then the buyer will move further to evaluating the various options available in that town. So, promoting the advantages of the township e.g. list of schools, hospitals, shopping marts, ec. is good way to promote your real estate business.

• Promotion through Print Media: Printing an advertisement in the newspapers or magazines is a good way to promote your real estate business. Distributing your business card wherever appropriate is also a worthy promotional tool.

• Promotion through the use of Real Estate Postcards: A real estate postcard is identified as a strong means of promoting your real estate business these days. The reason being, it is a physical thing and most people tend to read it once before destroying or dumping it. By the time it is dumped, it has fulfilled its purpose.

• Promoting through Quality Service: In almost all businesses, providing quality service is one of the most effective tool to promote the business. It spreads across a positive word of mouth, which can work wonders for your real estate business.

• Promoting through staying in touch: It is important for a real estate business to develop and maintain good relation with the list of existing and potential clients. This will not only help in retaining the existing clients but will also act as an added advantage by attracting new clients.

• Promotion through social activities: Activities like developing the infrastructure, going green, acting in the benefit of the society, paying back to the environment, becoming active in the community can help in spreading a positive word of mouth and hence the networking.

• Advertising on Television and Radio: Advertising on television and radio can also prove to be a good way to increase the potential enquiries. The reach of these means of promotion is good so, the results are also good.

• Promotion through hoardings, sign boards, banners: A real estate business can also be promoted through placing an advertisement on the hoardings, sign boards, banners across the town. This will enhance the visibility of the business and hence the potential queries for buying and selling real property. A ‘for sale’ sign board can also be of help for the promotion.

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