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Anything given voluntarily by one person to another without any compensation in return is called as a gift. Gifts are a unique source of showing love and care to the person to whom gifts are offered. Gifts can be in the form of ornaments, decorative items, picture frames, albums, scrapbooks, greeting cards, stuffed toys, apparels, household items, idols, etc. Gifts can range from a tiny pen to a huge aircraft, from a one dollar chocolate to a thousand dollar gold ring, from a small bunch of fresh flowers to a big orchid of apples. Everyone wants to make their near and dear ones happy by giving them gifts on various special occasions like birthday, friendship, anniversary, birth of first baby, father’s day, mother’s day, teacher’s day, valentine’s day, appreciation, apology, get well, new home, sympathy, thank you, congratulations, festivals, holiday season, silver jubilee of marriage, retirement etc. As the number of occasions for giving gifts is increasing, people are looking for more and more options for buying gifts and delivering them in time. Consequently, the business of selling gifts is in huge demand these days.

How to promote Gifts Business

There are various ways to promote your gifts business. The money, time and effort involved in all the methods of promotion vary from one another. It is an important decision to make that which promotional method will suit the requirement of the business at what time. This decision will depend on various factors like money available, time available, reach of the method of promotion etc. Below is a list of various methods of promoting a gifts business:

• Promotion through Website: A gifts business owner can develop a website to showcase the range of presents offered and the price information. In this net savvy world, most people will find it convenient to choose their gift at the click of a mouse and order the same there and then, saving themselves from the hassle of locating the gift store, time and effort involved in choosing the gift and delivering the same. It will be an added advantage if along with the pictures of the gifts; a video showing the special features and dimensions of the gift is highlighted in the website.

• Apply Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Use certain keywords in the content of your gifts business website that the potential buyers might use in their web searchers for gifts. SEO can be used as an effective tool to attract new visitors to your website.

• Promotion through Social networking Sites: Social networking sites like orkut, facebook, etc. have become a routine visit site for many people across the world. It will be an added advantage for your gifts business if links generated through these social networking websites can be converted to buy gifts from your shop.

• Promotion through quality products: Gifts business can be promoted through the deliverance of quality products to the customers. The longer the gift lasts, the longer will the memories associated with it will last. Hence providing quality products at affordable prices can act as a good promotional technique for your gifts business.

• Gift Delivery Service as an added advantage: Most people will get attracted to buying a gift from a gift store if it provides gift delivery service to the person whom the gift is to be gifted. Providing gift delivery service will add as an advantage to the portfolio of gifts offered. People will prefer the gift store in which gift delivery service is available over the other gift stores.

• Gift Delivery in Time: The gifts business will flourish not only by providing gift delivery service but maintaining the timeliness of gift delivery as well. If the gifts are not delivered in time, it will not be good for the business. This might spread negative word of mouth and reduce the existing customers and might affect the potential sale as well.

• Try selling Unique Products: Gifts are all about creativity and innovation. It will be an added advantage if you sell unique gifts apart from the regular ones like ornaments, decorative items, picture frames, albums, scrapbooks, greeting cards, electronic items, stuffed toys, apparels, household item, idols, etc. A unique gift could be a beautiful showpiece made out of junk, a personalized coffee mug with the personal message and photograph by the presenter with his/her name encrypted on it. More unique a gift would be, more people will be attracted to buy the same.

• Gifts packing service: A gifts business can be promoted by providing gift packing service. As garnishing is very important for a dish before presenting it, packing is also very important for a gift before gifting it. If the gifts can be packed in unique and attractive styles that will enhance the worth of the gift in the eyes of the person to whom it is gifted, the buyer will be ready to shed that extra dollar from his/her pocket.

• Promotion through offering Customized Gifts: A gifts business can be promoted by offering customised gifts for various occasions. Who will not feel special on receiving a customised gift? This will help in attracting buyers to the gift shop. This will also help in generating new ideas for unique gifts.

• Offer Gifts of all range and all age groups: If gifts storage space and display space is not a problem for the gifts business, it will be an added advantage if you offer gifts to suit the pocket of all kind of people and all age groups.

• Stay in Touch: Keep and maintain a database of the mail Ids and telephone numbers of the people who pay you a visit. Keep sending mails and messages of the latest offers and variety available on a regular basis. You can also remind them of the possible occasions when they might but a gift from you. One thing that shall be kept in mind is that the frequency of the updates shall be such that the people should not feel annoyed by your mailers and messages.

• Offer inexpensive free-bees on big purchases: A gifts business owner can offer inexpensive free-bees on big purchases. Free bees could be promotional products like a balloon with your business information written on it, your unique business card which people might want to preserve and show to others. These free-bees would not put a pressure on the business owners pocket but will make your presence felt in the market.

• Tie up with big corporate for business gifts: A gifts business can flourish in terms of sale and profits if it join hands with big corporate for their business gift requirements. One can offer competitive prices for the gifts to the corporate as the volume of sale will drive the profits in this case. Timeliness and presentation will play an important role in this.

• Offer Gift certificates as a promotional tool: Many people want to buy a gift for their near and dear ones, but are hesitant to choose the perfect one for them. To enhance your sale, you can offer gift certificates for fixed values to them. This will act as an added advantage for the potential buyers and also make the person whom gift certificate is gifted aware about the range and variety available with your gift shop.

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