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International brand name of Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. is Panasonic. This Japanese electric manufacturer company was founded in March 1918. It was started in Japan but with the passage of time the company established more branches all over the world. Panasonic started to use the brand name of “National” in 1927. The headquarters of the company are in Kadoma, Osaka and Japan. The founder of this electronicscompany is Konosuke Matsushita and Fumio Ohtsubo is the president of the company.

The main products of the company are Television products, computers, telephones, mobiles and digital cameras. Panasonic manufactures LCDs, plasma, DVD players and recorders, telephones, camcorders, microwave ovens, vacuum cleaners, projectors, batteries, digital cameras, shavers, laptop computers, CDs, Tapes, decks, electronic components and semiconductors. These products are marketed under the slogan of “Ideas for Life."

The company is going to change its name to Panasonic Corporation, which would be effective on October 1, 2008. formerly the products of the companies were marketed under the name of “National” but in future they will be marketed under the brand name of “Panasonic Corporation”. Company used the brand name Panasonic for Canada, US and Mexico in 1955 because the National brand name was already registered by some other company. Panasonic is a combination of “pan” and “sonic”; “pan” means “all” and sonic means “audio”. In start company manufactured all audio related devices due to which it was named Panasonic.

In 2004 Panasonic was the largest electronic product maker of the world. The company researched and developed new marketing strategies and plans to enhance its business. Panasonic mainly manufactured home electronics, telecommunication and industrial equipment. The marketing and management style of Panasonic is same as Sony. There is strong competition between Sony and Panasonic and it is considered a strong competitor of Sony in the sales of Tvs, DVD players, recorders and digital cameras. The new strategy of Panasonic is to form mergers and joint ventures with other renowned companies to develop and enhance the quality of its products and compete with other companies such as Hitachi, Toshiba and Minebea.

Panasonic audio products are popular in automobiles of US under the brand name of “Panasonic”. A branch of Panasonic Corporation is established in North America under the name Matsushita Electric Corporation of America. There is a chain of stores in Ireland and United Kingdom which sell Panasonic electronic goods. The headquarter of Panasonic Avionics Corporation is in California because it manufactures in-flight entertainmentand communication systems. Panasonic has more than 70 locations in the world with major setups in London, Dallas, Hamburg, Singapore, Osaka, Japan and Dubai.

The restructuring of the Matsushita Electric Industrial Company was done in 1935 which made it more operational. In 2008 Panasonic started to handle online orders in coallaboration with Shopatron to meet the needs of its customers. Panasonic manufactures products for industry, business and home useres. A long list of its electronics consumer produts is availabe in the market including cameras, TVs, telephones, printers, vaccums, ovens, irons, men’s shavers, massage equipment etc. All these products are reliable and have good market in the world. The company is facing a lawsuit from Sony which is a strong competitor of Panasonic. There are many other competitors such as Apple, Acer, LG, Hewlett Packard, Viewsonic, Toshiba, Hitachi and Samsung. Panasonic is constantly developing its products and including new features in them due to this strong competition. This race of competition leads the company towards innovation, quality and modernity. The demand of Panasonic products in the market is increasing and the company is enjoying a considerable market share in the field of electronics.

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