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Due to the changing dynamics of our urbanized society, we rely more and more on automobiles, or cars, to complete our basic, everyday tasks. Sometimes however, we end up in situations where we need a car, but cannot take our own. For example, if you are travelling to a different city or country by airplane, you might want to utilize your local auto rental agency to conduct your business around the city. Another time you might use an auto rental business is if your current car needs servicing and therefore, you do not have a car for a few days. Another time people may use an auto rental car business is if they need a different type of car for a specific short-term use. For instance, if you are moving, you would need to rent a truck in order to move all of your big items, like your sofa and bed, that wouldn’t fit into your regular car. Auto rental businesses are utilized a lot and serve an important purpose. However, is the auto rental business competitive?

In any big city, it is the norm to find more than one auto rental business. Most people are aware of the bigger names, such as U-Haul, Enterprise, and Avis. However, there are also smaller, non-franchise auto rental businesses as well. Since there are always several auto rental businesses in one location, each auto rental business is constantly trying to gain more customers than their competition. Some auto rental agencies offer a free day or two of renting if you are renting the car for a certain number of days. For instance, U-Haul offers a one, two, free deal to their customers. Meaning that if you rent their vehicles for two weekends in a row, you get the third weekend free. Another useful service that some auto rental businesses offer is that drop-off is available at any location. Meaning that if you are moving cross-country, you can drop-off the rental car at your destination city, instead of driving all the way back to return it. This obviously adds a certain level of convenience to the customer! Other promotional things that auto rental businesses do is offering a free car seat rental with the car, or waiving certain fees if you’re renting for a certain number of days, or if you go past a certain mileage.

As a customer, you should utilize this competition and take advantage of it. Research all of your local auto rental businesses and ask them about their promotions. Find the one that will fit you well. Make sure to ask your auto rental business what the insurance cost on the rental is, and always ask them to quote you the full price, including all applicable taxes. Find out what their competition offers and if you are not getting a deal you like, tell them that the other auto rental business offers a better deal. If they are still unwilling to work with you, then you can always go to their competition. Be sure that you know that you do have options. You have plenty of options so make sure to look for one that works best for you. Auto rental businesses want to keep your business; you are the customer and the customer is always right.

If you are trying to start your own auto rental business, you will be faced with a lot of challenges. You must be able to compete with the auto rental giants, the brand names of the auto rental business. You will need to give yourself some sort of edge over them. Can you offer lower prices? Can you give your customers more of an incentive to rent with you? Can you offer your customers something that the other auto rental businesses do not have?

Some incentives your auto rental business can offer its customers could be store credit for each time you rent, or a free full tank of gas, or return date flexibility. Try to get into the minds of your customer: what would your customer want? How can you offer this to your customer? The auto rental business is about leaving your customers satisfied.

Another angle you can emphasize is that your auto rental business is a family business. Encourage people to support local businesses, and make sure you cite the fact that you are a small auto rental business. Give them the individual care that many people have come to expect and love from small businesses.

And of course, the most important thing to remember is that you must advertise and market your auto rental business. Try to make sure that people know your auto business’ name. Make up a catchy jingle and advertise your auto rental business on the radio using this jingle. People tend to remember music and rhymes more than a plain talking message. How many times have you had an annoying product jingle stuck in your head? It is a very effective marketing tool. Don’t underestimate the power of advertising. Post ads in your local newspaper advertising your auto rental business. Be sure to highlight your prices and other incentives that make you better than the competition. You can also start a website for your auto rental agency. Most people Google what they are looking for now, so this would be useful to you. Make sure that your website looks clean and professional. People tend to judge a website and therefore, a business’ worth in a matter of milliseconds, so it is crucial to make sure that your auto rental business’ makes a wonderful first impression. You can outsmart your competition and build a reliable customer base, but you will just need to exert more effort than them. You need to give your auto rental business a name that is trusted, something that franchises already come with.

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