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Every business organization is profit oriented. Having said that, it shall look forward to reduce its cost and derive more income from its customers. It makes an attempt to sell its goods/ services to a maximum extent possible. In other words, these business establishments are sales oriented. Every business in this sense has a database of its existing customers. This database also includes the names, addresses and contact details of its potential customers too. These potential customers are defined as the ones who are not availing goods and services from a particular business organization, but have a high probability of doing so in the future. A major factor that is involved in these customers changing the provider of their goods and services is a much lucrative sales offer or a huge discount, thus arousing tremendous competition in the market. In the article to follow, we shall discuss on the sales strategies used by the companies in order to attract customers and achieve their sales targets.

In this section we shall discuss as to how to increase sales after the market to sell your goods and services becomes saturated.

Let us take a good example below. You do business in a small village. The population of that village is not more than 5000 people including men, women and children. Your business is based on manufacturing and selling of umbrellas. When there is rainy season and no house has umbrella, the demand is outstanding. For simplicity, let us assume that you run the monopoly for the village and have no competitor to disrupt your sales. When demand is huge, the sale of your umbrellas runs quickly and smooth, without putting much efforts and convincing the customers. You start selling umbrellas one by one and the market starts filling up. You become successful in selling 5000 umbrellas to all the residents of the village. The market is saturated. Now what? Is it that you will wind up your business and move on to someplace else? The answer is no. You must have the tactic and a knack of attract customers no matter what the market situation is. Given below are the six basic and sure tactics to increase your sales based upon such situation.

Basic and sure ways to attract customers and achieve sales:

Sales incentive program

You need to provide your sales persons reason to get on to the field and sell. This technique has worked most of the times and works successfully. It provides a motivational boost to the sales persons who are the basic units of achieving sales targets in your company. Incentive programs are run by the corporations to drive sales and sales persons are there to play the game.

The 80-20 rule

Remember that 80 percent of your business runs because you get revenue from 20 percent of your customers. These are the customers who trust in your company and its goods and services. Obviously, you have created your own reputation and image in front of these customers and hence, these customers will remain loyal to your business.

The KISS theory

Observe the sales persons that you come across. And compare them with electricity. Sales person by nature tend to be like electric currents. They prefer to take a path that is least resistant. A sales person if given an option will tend to go for a sale such that it involves convincing an easy-going potential customer. Things that are made to happen are due to simplicity of the customers.

Encouragement to the sales staff for upselling

Upselling is defined as trying to attract the customer more by offering him offers and discounts on the existing sales package. Since one sale is already on its way, you can try to bring in more revenue to the company by providing offers on existing sale. For e.g. an offer like buying of two products can avail a discount of 75% on the third product or a telecom company trying to sell their postpaid plans in the form of a twin pack SIM cards, such that even though call tariffs are higher for each plan, there are large amount of free minutes between those two plans. These kinds of ways convince the customer and make it necessary for the customer to invest more in the offers that tempt him. There should be a knack of persuading the customer of the benefits of buying more and more.

Tell the customers about the inside things

Inform your customers about the offers and promotions that will be held in the recent future. A customer might just be doing window shopping or picking up a product at the mall and just having a good look at it. Being that expert of a sales person that you are, it is your obligation and speak to the customer. Greet the customer and tell the customer about the features of the product in brief. This will lead to an initial attraction for the customer towards the product. Then inform the customer about any promotional offer on the same or a similar product to be held in the recent future. Inform about the exact discount and offers on that too, if any. Provided with all these details about saving money, there is no reason that a highly tempted customer would not come back. Maybe the customer buys other similar products on offers for himself or others. But the basic motive of the sale is achieved. There you get your sale and incoming revenue.

Customers in a tier form

Categorize your customers into different tiers. Prioritize your customers such that there is an obvious difference between the customers that are regular and others. This will make an impression on your regular customers. They will perceive it as you giving them more importance. Treat your customers “off the street”. This way, you can be assured of customer loyalty. There are all kinds of ways in which you can show how valuable your customers are to you. Keep a track of small things. Make sure that you note down their taste and adhere to it. This will make you proactive in suggesting them something. Make a reference to what did they buy before from you and show them products of similar taste when they visit you next time. Greeting is a small gesture that should be taken care of. Because greeting them by name makes them feel special. Build a rapport with your customers on a daily basis. This will set off regular sales for you and you may be able to provide them with discounts and extended credits.

Rewards program for customers

Conduct a market survey. You will notice that the large businesses those have already established themselves in the market have something called as rewards program. Learn from the rewards program of these companies. No matter if you are a large or medium or a small company, there is no reason for you to not provide your customers with the rewards program. Rewards program helps in retention of your valuable customers. It can be very simple. For e.g. you can make a database of all your customers with their particular details like birthdays, anniversaries etc. When provided with an opportunity i.e. suppose that a particular customer whose details are stored in your database in an organized manner comes for shopping coincidentally on his or her own birthday or an anniversary, you should be quick enough to recognize your customer and his birthday and greet him with the same and can also send brithday gifts and anniversary gifts in the form of cards. Also, you should be upfront in providing the customer with an attractive discount on that particular occasion on whatever product he buys or on whatever service that he avails. Doing so will make the customer feel special and he shall consider visiting your store in the future on such occasions or without any occasion. But the underlying principle is clear; you have made a mark of impression on the customer and the customer walks out of your store fully satisfied thus making you get a high on customer satisfaction index.

Distributing free samples amongst customers

You must have seen so many businesses providing their customers with free samples of their yet to be launched or newly launched products. There are many ways in which sales can be increased in these ways. The customer in this case becomes distributor of you new product and your product can make its way into the market to reach other potential customers. The new customers may try your product and like it. You are going to get sales achieved through this technique. In this way not only u shall get new customers because attracting new customers is difficult and not worth for quick sales. By giving out free samples, you can also create goodwill amongst your existing customers. The least that can happen is that your existing customers will have warm thoughts about your hospitality and hopefully will advertise your product to other people.

In this article, we have explored different and innovative ways to attract new customers and establish goodwill amongst existing customers which is the key to achieve your sales target.

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