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We love our homes because that’s where our habitat is, that’s where you come after a day’s work to find peace. Be it a home that you own or a rented apartment you always would love your living space to be ‘perfect’. You want the bedroom to be perfectly decorated and have good interiors, a soft comfy bed, decorative lamps, and top of the line tapestry the list is actually endless because the term perfect exists only in our imagination and we just keep inching toward getting everything perfect. Now when you have such a beautiful home with may be chandeliers, lamps, artistic paintings, high quality tapestry, antique showpieces and other things everything seems perfect, doesn’t it.

After putting together a lovely home and also your heart into it you would like your guest, relatives and colleagues to see it won’t you. But what if you do not have proper lighting to lit up the room most the beauty just gets hidden in dark corners. Good lighting gives your room, your house a different facet. Good lighting coupled with light paint on the walls just makes the room and the house feel fresh not dull and gloomy. In the same way if you have a good well maintained lawn or garden in your home then good lighting can just brighten up the garden for the times you have a small party at home. And why just for a party wouldn’t you like to enjoy some coffee in your own well light garden.

Since home owners who like to decorate their homes with good bright lighting will always be on the lookout for home and garden light shopping opportunities. The home and garden lighting business is therefore one huge business and there are all sorts of lightings that are available in the retail market that buyers can choose from. Retail stores and retail discount stores act as the one stop destination for those people who would like to purchase lightings that are fancy, contemporary, antique but at the same time are energy efficient and radiate bright lighting. Since the entire business model are set up in a way to reach retail customers therefore retail business garners the biggest chuck of all home and garden lighting business.

Now if you are thinking that what are the kinds of lightings that you can have for your home and garden then some of them happen to be solar garden lighting, path lighting for your gate & door way, step lighting, pool & pond lighting, decorative lamps, etc. With path lighting you are able to light the area starting when you leave the garden and reach up to your door step, now surely that’s a place you would like to be well lit up. With the kids running around all day you wouldn’t like some tripping down and being hurt. Low voltage plus solar garden lights are an outstanding option for your garden lighting. As the term low voltage light suggests the electricity consumed with such light solutions is very low. Also voltage lighting means pets & kids are safe as voltage lighting is shock-proof.

Solar power lighting has been in use for many years now and with technological advancement coming in solar garden lighting has never been more relevant. There are solar lamps that you can install within the garden and in the driveway, for pond & pool lighting. These solar lamps have solar panels so they can store power and when the night falls they will lit up automatically and there are no electricity bills for the use of solar lamps.

Such lightings are more often than not easily available are lighting retail stores. Thus if you happen to be thinking of starting your own home and garden lighting business then you will find this article useful in helping you identify home and garden lighting business models and also as you have alreadybread about the kind of lightings and consumer tastes and demands. Knowing the consumer tastes and demands is amongst the most important aspects in any business and even more in the retail business. If you do not have stocks of lighting and lighting accessories which the consumer wants then the business is not going to be successful.

One of the greatest benefits of being a home and garden lighting retailer is that since there many companies manufacturing home and garden lighting they are always looking for retailers to sell their products much in the same way that consumers looking for shopping avenues. Thus retailers get to choose what companies they want to work with and what products they want to sell. Here is where product selection is important. As a retail store owner or a retailer store procurement manager you are need to source and buy the best products that will serve the customer best.

In the retail business people do shopping for products that meet a level of criteria. The shopping criteria will vary from person to person and though you cannot have niche product for each and everyone you need to have products that will meet a wider range of choices. Most people shopping for home lighting products like lamps at retail stores, shopping malls, and discount marts base their choices on price of the product, durability of the product, how energy the lighting will consume as it has direct effect on their electricity bills. Some others would look at whether the lighting they are looking for would match the interiors and surroundings of the room because they have already spent a lot on creating a look for the room so they will at no cost use a product that looks out of sync with the creations. When shopping for home and garden lightings people would also take into consideration the space that they have in their home. If the apartment is a small one then it could be that they would consider shopping for lighting that can fit into the room like small lamps and touch table lamps.

Retail business is amongst the most traditional form of doing business, since long people have had shops where consumers would buy things for their needs. Gradually businesses branched out to open dedicated stores specifically to deal in products like home and garden lighting. There is a certain amount of restriction about a traditional retail store where in you are based at a particular location and cater to consumers in that area. Certainly there is nothing stopping you from expanding your business to a nationwide presence, there are always growth opportunities in such a business.

If you are amongst those who are on the lookout for modern business models within the home and garden lighting business then you might want to consider an online home and garden lighting business. With an online home and garden lighting business you do almost the same things as a retail business would, you have stocks of products and you look for online shoppers to buy your products. With an online lighting business you have to have a website where you would sell home and garden lighting products. Create a payment gateway and a shopping cart for your website so that people who are interested in buying your products can place an order on your website and once you receive the payment you can send the product delivery to their address.

Home and garden lighting retail business is quite a mature market yet there is tremendous scope and opportunities. As the housing market all over the world recovers from the economic meltdown witnessed in 2008 people are looking at buying homes again and they would need home and garden lightings for that.

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