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Top International Retailers Of Home Furniture In UK, USA And Australia

Home furniture like beds, dining tables, centre tables, chairs, study tables, cabinets, cupboards, bathroom furniture, kitchen furniture, etc. is a necessity for every household. The demand for these items is always on a higher side owing to the utility and purpose served. Thus many people have entered in to the business of selling home furniture to reap its benefits. Some have taken up manufacturing home furniture products, others have taken up distributor ship of big brands, yet others have opened up retail outlets for direct sale to the customers. However, due to a large number of new entrants, the competition levels have risen beyond imagination. Due to the increased use of internet, many retailers have now opened up online stores to sell home furniture. This saves their cost on office rent, display, electricity, etc. This amount is then adjusted in providing benefits to the customers in the form of lower prices, discounts, schemes, etc. Today, it is very easy to buy furniture from anywhere by placing an order online. If one looks out for international retailers of home furniture, you get a number of results. Here are some details of the top international retailers in this segment.

Home Furniture Land is one of the top rated online retailers of home furniture based in Brom borough, Wirral, UK. Its product range includes a wide variety of furniture for bath room, kitchen, living room, dining room, bed room, garden area, study room, etc. like bathroom vanity units, computer desks, storage units, dressers, bed side stools, lamp tables, display cabinets, television stands, dining tables, garden chairs, book shelves, etc. This retailer with its excellent logistics network makes its best effort to deliver the furniture items that are in stock within a day to any part of the country. Not only is there a huge variety and range of home furniture, the prices of the products offered are very affordable. The most important reason apart from online selling for this is that Home Furniture Land gets the furniture directly from the manufacturing units and passes the savings to the end customer. The business was established in the year 2005, a lot of hard work, efforts, strong relationship building skills, marketing, etc. has gone in to make what Home Furniture Land what it is today.

Another well-established online retailer based in Nottingham, United Kingdom is Rooms Direct Furniture. This retailer provides umpteen options to the customers in the form of oak furniture, painted furniture, pine furniture, modern furniture, contemporary furniture, etc. at affordable prices. The delivery within the country is not charged and is available free of charge. Rooms Direct Furniture understands that home furniture is purchased by families to stay for a long period and hence people look for longevity and strength in the furniture apart from the design and price. Keeping this in mind, it sells tough and solid furniture that can be cherished for years to come. The business of this retailer has shown tremendous growth over the years owing to the excellent after sales services apart from quality products.

Furniture Nation is another UK based retailer selling home furniture. Established in the year 1998, based in the west midlands, this business offers delivery service throughout the country. It offers its wide variety of products for sale through its online store as well as its showroom. If you have specific requirements, you can also get made to order furniture based on the measurements and specifications from this shop.

Another famous retailer of home furniture is Furniture U Like . This retailer always aims in providing value for money to the customers in the form of high quality, exceptional service, pleasant dealing and approachable attitude. The options available to the customers are plenty for varied budgets, requirements, etc. including a variety of outdoor furniture, living room furniture, dining area furniture, bathroom furniture, bed room furniture, etc. It also offers complete sets for childrenís room, dining area, living room and bed room. The on-going schemes and discounts help in making the customer come again to Furniture U Like and helps in thriving its business.

In Furniture based in Australia is a top rated home furniture retailer. The directors of In Furniture, Dean, Fred and Garrin believe that it is only possible to grow the business if you provide value for money to the customer and make the customer realise that there is no other better option available for him/her than contacting you. This can only be achieved if quality products are delivered well in time and are friendly to the pockets of the customers. The after sales services also play a major role in deciding the satisfaction levels of the customers. Keeping these factors in mind, In furniture focuses on providing the best of the products and services to retain the customers and achieve repeat orders as well as referrals. The key marketing strategy used by this business is gaining advantage of the positive word of mouth.

Furniture One with its retail store in New South Wales is another famous seller of home furniture products. The main products available for sale by this business include Ė dining area furniture, recliners, tables, sofa beds, sleep bedding, etc. Furniture One aims at building strong relationships with the customers rather than ending the dealing after the point of purchase.

IKEA which came into being in Sweden is another well-known retailer of home furniture. The products are made available at rock bottom prices by this business to make it affordable for customers of every budget. The product range include Ė kitchen furniture, bed room furniture, living area furniture and children specific furniture. This business was started in the year 1943 and has a great experience which is reflected in the policies and customer dealings.

Another famous retailer of home furniture which started from Durham region is Mc Allisterís Fine Furniture. This business is family owned and operated and offers more than twenty four rooms to display various categories of home furniture available for sale to the customers. The emplyees available to serve the customer is very passionate and courteous and would be very happy in meeting the customers and showing them the range of furniture available with Mc Allisterís Fine Furniture. There is no extra charge for delivery of the products and the assembling of the same at your place, which is an added advantage for the customers.

Another famous retailer of home furniture based in Canada is The Brick. It has been led for over 37 years by visionaries with their drive for success in business. It is an experienced player when it comes to home furnishings, electronics, appliances and mattresses. The company aims at passing down significant savings to its customers as it goes for bulk purchase. The Brick also prides itself in the role it plays in the lives of customers, as they make their dreams turn into reality by providing them their home aspirations within their budgets. The first of the total twenty three The Brick franchisee stores were opened in Hilton, Alberta in the year 1999. With its creativity in its concepts the company initiates the process of expansion and is the key to companyís growth and financial success.

Heritage Interiors is also known for the retail business of home furniture serving the USA and Canada. The experience of more than twenty years is very well shown in the growth bar graph of this business. The collection of furniture available with Heritage Interiors is exclusive and is made to appeal to the eyes of the customers in one go. This retailer takes pride in saying that there are no hidden charges and the reviews of the satisfied customers speak tonnes about the product quality and services offered. New ideas and suggestions of customers are always welcomed by this retailer and are incorporated if it suits to the business model.

Home Furniture Business Information

For millions of people just the thought of buying their home is such a feeling that cannot put into words. And when they are able to realize this dream itís as if they have reached the summit of their lives. Itís a great feeling for sure but in many ways itís just the beginning of another journey. There are many things that you need for your home and amongst the endless list of needs is the home furniture. Now the term furniture is a vast one and there are all sorts of furniture that you need in every corner of the home. Some people are also simply home furniture lovers; they just keep shopping for antiques, small items and furniture piece when on travel from all parts of the world. Sometimes the idea is just to have memories of the world tour while others world like a piece of the different cultures of the world.

Whatever you say home furniture is always on the minds on home owners. People go home furniture shopping mostly at retail stores. So when you are in Malaysia and visiting Little India or China Town you will find a host of home furniture retailers selling all kinds of bamboo furniture, antique furniture and other types of furniture. Home furniture is needed in the rooms as you would like to have furniture for the bed, a walnut or closet, side tables, may be a study table and furniture for your bathroom. Then you would need furniture for the kitchen, childrenís room, living room and dining room. To put it in short you require furniture in every part of the home or apartment or even furniture at the room you are staying as a paying guest.

Most people fulfill their home furniture requirements by visiting and shopping at a home business retailer. Retail business is amongst the most traditional forms of business. Ages ago too people would have small little shops at the corner of the street where they would sell items for home need. Though todayís retailer showrooms and stores are completely different from those days but the business of meeting end consumer demand remains the same. Be it a retail store in the busy central district market or a plush home furniture retail store or a direct company retail outlet the home furniture retail business is there to cater to the needs and demands for the home owner.

There is no doubt that home furniture retail business is amongst the biggest retail businesses that can be found in the market. On one hand surely there are many players already existing in the home furniture retail business yet the scope is immense and those who can have the best products with high quality and good prices then there is a market waiting to be tapped. For an effective home furniture retail business you would need to concentrate of the different aspects of a retail business.

Before you establish your home retail furniture business you should understand the tastes and choices for the retail consumer. Look at what products are driving the markets, what kind of new products people wanting to do home furniture shopping want. For that purpose you would want to hire the services of a person with relatively good experience in the home furniture retail business. It will make a lot of difference to your business. Such a person not only brings a wealth of experience with him but it also gives you the opportunity to learn something from what you already know.

With a retail business you also would like to choose the location of your business. At times there are retailing spaces within the city that classify themselves as up market retail spots and mass markets. Depending which market you would like to cater to you can pick your business location. At time the central district retail centers are expensive because the retail property is situated right at the hub of the city thus attracting home furniture shoppers from all places. While a retail store located on the outer city limits might not be too expensive and thus save you on initial investment costs.

Similarly people shopping for home furniture also look for furniture for their garden. Irrespective of your home garden being a large one or a small one there are different furniture that you can have. Firstly you can always have a seating arrangement in your home garden. Some people like bamboo furniture, for some just strong plastic chairs and center table are good. There are many garden furniture retail shops that are selling all kinds of home garden furniture. Retail furniture business owners who keep stocks of home improvement furniture or are a large home furniture departmental store are mostly likely to cater to the needs of people looking to do garden furniture shopping.

People who are looking to do furniture shopping should look for good bargain deals during the year. Home furniture retailers are always looking to attract buyers through sales and discounts on existing stocks and some of these sales are really worth a good deal. Retail furniture store owners want to do away with old stocks so that they can bring in new ones and thatís probably your chance at shopping for some really outstanding furniture at maybe 30% less than its actual retail price. It means that where you where willing to say spend $1000 for an all inclusive garden furniture set you could end paying just $700 thus saving really good money on your furniture shopping. An important aspect of shopping at furniture sales is that you should check the furniture you intend to purchase; it can be possible that furniture piece might not be in absolute perfect condition so that you do not feel cheated.

If you are looking for something more fulfilling within the home furniture retail business and feel that a retail store limits your business from reaching a wider consumer base then you can create your own online home furniture retail website. The great thing about an online home furniture retail business is that people from all over the world can do home furniture shopping through your website. This way you can source home furniture products from different points and sell them on your website. You would need to maintain stocks of all products listed on your website so that when a visitor comes shopping to your website they can place an order. Create a payment gateway and a shopping cart for your website so that people who are interested in buying your products can place an order on your website and once you receive the payment you can send the product delivery to their address.

Surely the home furniture market is facing troubles because of the on going global economic meltdown that we all have gone through in 2008 but the bright news is that there are imminent signs of economic recovery. This means the housing markets in the US and as indeed the world over are on a recovery path. This presents you with great opportunities to grow your home furniture retail business.

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