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In today’s world transportation is the need of every man. People own vehicles like cars and motorcycles to fulfill their transportation needs. Every vehicle in this world requires tyres for example cars, motorcycles, trucks, busses, vans and even a airplane need tyres. A vehicle tyre business provides you with an opportunity to invest money in an profitable and ever growing business. As every vehicle requires tyres while being sold and even after few years they will require new pair of tyres again and this is a continuing process resulting in continuous demand of tyres.

What is a tyre?

A tyre is a round-shaped covering that fits around a wheel to protect it from damage and enhances the vehicle performance by providing a flexible cushion that absorbs shock while keeping the wheel in close contact with the ground.

Benefit of tyres?

Tyres act as a cover around your vehicles wheel which protects it from any damage. Your tyres are the only grip and contact between your car and the road. They help in providing a comfortable ride, yet are as robust and hard-wearing as possible, maintaining safe and controlled maneuverability for your vehicle. To achieve this, tyres need to be carefully constructed from a combination of different ingredients. Tyres are specially designed to channel water away from the surface of the tyre, maintaining maximum wet grip. Different rubbers compounds are used for tyres to make them suitable for different vehicles such as cars, motorcycles etc and provide them better driving conditions. For example, racing cars have tyres that can work at very high temperature ranges with optimum grip, enabling prolonged usage at high speeds on the track. These tyres wear more rapidly than typical road tyres which are balanced to provide optimum steering, braking, road holding and wear capabilities.

Types of tyre business

Depending on your area of interest and your investment power you can chose from the following categories of tyre business which suits you the best:

Tyre manufacturer

These are the big manufacturing companies manufacturing tyres for various vehicles such as cars, motorcycle, trucks, busses, vans etc. Examples of tyre manufacturers are MRF, CEAT, APPOLO, MICHIGAN, TVS etc. These are big multi national companies having operations through out the world. They provide their products to different vehicle manufacturers for example MRF manufactures tyres for all kind of vehicles such as cars, motorcycles, trucks, busses etc. Whereas TVS only manufacturers tyres for motorcycles. Tyre manufacturer only deal with business companies i.e. they do not provide their services directly to the end consumers.

Tyre wholesalers

They act as an intermediate agent between the tyre manufacturers and tyre retailers. They are also known as commission agents. They buy tyres for all kinds of vehicles from tyre manufacturer, i.e. they purchase tyres for cars, motorcycles a, busses and all other types of vehicles. As tyre manufacturers do not deal directly with tyre retailers or end users because tyre manufacturers only sell their products in a bulk quantity. This gives a chance to people who have sufficient funds to invest act as an intermediate between the two parties.

Tyre Retailers

They are the ones who deal directly with the consumers. They buy tyres from wholesalers according to specific vehicle services they provide. For example a car repair workshop owner will only purchase tyres manufactured for cars only. A tyre retail business is ideally suited for a person who does not have a strong financial investment capacity. Vehicles like cars, motorcycles will always require the need of new tyres.

Growth in tyre business

Tyre business is one of the fastest growing businesses now days, according to the interest and financial capability of an individual, one can chose any of the categories mentioned above to invest in. The demand of vehicles like cars, trucks, busses etc will never stop and will further lead to the increased demand of tyre. It is not only that new vehicles require tyre but the biggest market for tyre business are old vehicle on a survey conducted it is estimated that a car will require new tyre after every 3 years or after every 30,000 km which ever is earlier.

Tyres greatly affect the performance of cars and other factors such as smoothness of the drive, mileage of the vehicle, safety etc. According to statistics produced by a tyre magazine there are about around 450 tyre factories in the world. Over 1 billion tires are manufactured annually, making the tyre industry one of the fastest growing businesses in the world.

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