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If you are thinking of starting a school business then you do have in your mind the wish to change the future generation of the society. Starting a school is not just like any other business. It shows that you are associated with improving the ability of the students and their achievements. You are contributing for the development of student making them independent, good citizen and creating employability. It is the school where the raw mind of the student is actually molded through education. Physically a body can be developed anywhere but mental growth can only occur in the schools.

But is it easy to start an education business? There many points to be noted before one can answer this question. The first point that is to be looked after is the location where the school will be set up. The location must be feasible by bus and other kind of public transport services. Boarding school can be set up out side the city. Basic facility like water supply, electricity supply, phone & internet connections, etc must be available. Surrounding areas preferably must be silent zone. Open space must be available for sports activities.

The next point to be considered for schooling business is the kind of education. One can just start wit the lower grades like Montessori or K – 5 grades. To determine the grade one has to do a survey of the surrounding locality. Find the percentage of children of different age groups. Like say what numbers of children are in the age group of 4 years to 6 years, 6 years to 10 years, and so on. For this you can take help of the local hospitals or corporations. This factor will also help you in determining with how many grade the school should be started.

After you decide the location and the type of school you want to start then you have to form a committee. Unlike other business where money or relationship with the customer comes into play, schooling business needs talented supporters. You will be needing people for legal matters, financial support, education experts, marketing and management experts. There must be proper coordination between all the members. Each responsibility must be shared among the members. Each member must be committed to complete there responsibility truthfully and on time. Every matter regarding to the project must be transparent among the members. They must give their complete time and energy at the initial stage of the project. This team is supposed to be the main members of the board of directors of the school.

The next point is to file incorporation papers with the concerned department of the government. This is the most important matter legally for school business. Parents won’t prefer to send their children to school for education which is not legally affiliated. This is the job of the lawyer who guides through all the legal matters. If there are any layers in the committee then he would most probably donate his legal advice. If you are looking forward for funds to be collected through donations then this step is very important. Many people donate funds for legal institutions rather than for a person or illegal institutions. Support from the local Government can also be readily available then.

Next step like any other business develop a plan. Plan how the school will operate in the next five years. Create a blue print of the plan. Make sure that it is not much large and unachievable. Always start with small and target which can be easily achieved. Projection always cannot be true. Always keep another alternative ready if the projection does not work. Be open to take advice from the experts or from those who are already in this education business.

After making the business planning for five years, plan for the budget for same numbers of years. Make a complete list of all the expenses to be occurred and incomes which will be generated. The financial member of the committee has to look after this matter. This is the most critical document which will be responsible for proper running of the school. Basically there are two kinds of budgets. One is operating budget while other one is capital budget. Again be open to seek opinion from the education field experts.

Apart from all the above points there are many others points to be considered. Some of them are architectural design of the school, selecting staff members, training faculties, applying for tax exemptions, education systems etc. Before the school business starts, maybe about 14 months before, spread the word of the opening. Start promoting the new school through different channels. Create a dynamic website and submit to different search engines. Send regular emails and sms to inform all parents regarding the new schools. Apart from al these always stay informed of the latest happenings around. Be an active member of school associations. This will always help you to get innumerable resources.

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