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Auto related business is the most lucrative business for enterprising entrepreneurs. Auto business is needed in almost all the cities of the world, everybody needs auto servicing. You can start with a successful auto business even if you donít have enough mechanical experience or knowledge. It requires little investment initially.

If a person is interested in vehicle kind of business, then auto related business is the most trustable and thrilling business. It will always keep a person connected to cars and other vehicles. If you are interested in working on cars or selling cars or caring and repairing for damaged cars then auto related business is the best choice for you. It is a kind of business which allows you to enjoy yourself and make money at the same time. Finding a property that fits your interest or your skills is easily accomplished by using an experienced business broker. They can let you know the businesses in a geographical area that are for sale. They can offer you best price on the prices and the profitability of the businesses on their lists. This can be a great time saver for you and at the same time speeds up the gathering of information that you will need to make informed decisions on the business you would consider owning. You can find numerous possibilities and this would be better for you as you could see which would be the best to buy based on many factors. Your first consideration would be profit versus price. This can be very beneficial as it can help you to find whom you could make the best deal with and have the best terms of purchase. This should be the very important thing in buying an existing business.


There are three main categories basically: Mobile, express and site-based. Mobile businesses are quicker and always easy and simple to launch, and also the most economical way to enter the business. You can also have the option of working as an Express Detailer at a car wash or auto dealer. This can give you a consistent flow of customer traffic without having to spend a lot of effort and money on advertising.

There are also other categories for auto related business, such as hotels with concierge service, car shows, RV dealerships, auto repair shops, car leasing companies, gas stations.

Considerations while getting started with an auto related business:

There are some issues which come in almost every emerging auto dealerís mind. Which area of auto business is of interest to you and do you have enough finance startup that interest. This is the first question that people thinking of getting into an auto related business. You must answer for them and should be satisfied with them also. There are many auto related businesses that a person can consider. A person can start with auto repair or care and go to a new dealership. There are several areas that are different and but yet related to auto business.

1. First of all you should get a dealerís license from local department of vehicles and motors, only then you will be allowed to start up with the business.

2. Find a property on lease or purchase. For auto business the property must have sufficient land for acquiring them.

3. After acquiring land for your business you should set up your office. You will need general retail and office supplies such as computers, fax machines and a cash register. It is also recommended to purchase inventory software to help keep track of the parts you have coming and going. At this time, you should set up a sign on the exterior of your business that highlights basic information, including your business name and telephone number.

4. You are then recommended to set up contract database with other used auto parts dealers. It will act as a network that allows used auto parts dealers the ability to get used parts they do not have in their inventory. You can also list your available parts through this service. Having this service is crucial; you risk losing business if you cannot secure a part for a customer.

5. Finally you should start with collecting vehicles like car, motorcycle etc for storage. The vehicles you collect will supply your business with the majority of your used auto parts. It is always recommended to run advertisements that offer to buy cars and other vehicles that people may want to get rid of.

6. At the end it is suggested that you should acquire a tow truck. This is thing which most used auto parts dealers follow; if you are unable to acquire one, this business model may be difficult. Most of your inventory will come purchasing broken down vehicles and having them towed to your location.

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