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Headquarter of Dell is in Round Rock, Texas, United States. Michael Dell is the founder, chairman and CEO of this popular multinational company company. Dell is renowned for its various products such as Servers, Desktops, Notebooks, Peripherals and Printers. It manufactures, develops, markets, sells and supports PCs, data storage devices, servers, computer peripherals, software, network switches and technology. Alienware, ASAP software and Equallogic are the subsidiaries of Dell. Dell is known as the leading seller of servers and PCs during 1980 and 1990. According to the statistics Dell is the second to Hewlett-Packard.

In 2006 Dell was placed at 25th in the list of Fortune 500 and 8th in Top 20 list by Fortune magazine. Similarly it acquired good position in 2007 too. Michael Dell, a student of University of Texas founded the company as PC’s Limited with a capital of $1000. It was the experience and closeness with the customers that he thought that he can better understand the needs of the customers. The company of Michael Dell produced first PC in 1985 by using Intel 8088. The company sold PCs directly to the customers which decreased the price of the computer. In 1988 the PC’s Limited was renamed as “Dell Computer Corporation”. The company started its operation in 1989 from United Kingdom. Regular development increased the profit, market share and reliability of the products of the company. Dell started to sale computer through its website from 1996. In 1999 Dell became the largest computer seller in USA by overtaking Compaq. In 2002 Dell entered the market of entertainment by introducing televisions, digital audio players and handhelds.

Dell purchased computer hardware manufacturer Alienware in 2006. It was planned to allow Alienware to work independently under the same management. In February 2007 Company has to face many lawsuits and investigation on different aspects. When Dell purchased Alienware some systems of the company had AMD chips. In mid 2007, Dell announced that it will develop a system having AMD processor instead of Intel. In 2006 Dell produced notebooks with AMD processors.

In 1998 Dell offered notebook computers with Linux operating system instead of Windows operating system which was affordable and nearly has the same cost as of Windows 98. In 2007 Dell produced a range of computers with pre-installed Linux.

In January 2007, Michael Dell became the CEO and chairman of the company. He brought fresh blood from outside and brought revolutionary changes in the operations of the company. Dell introduces a wide range of personal computers, notebooks and other computer peripherals. These computers were used in education, govt. and in professional market. Dell also produced computers for home users which successfully fulfills their needs. Dell introduced computer systems for Windows as well as for Linux operating systems.

Dell always tried to manufacture computer systems according to the requirements of the users. Dell launched its products successfully in the markets of United States, UK, China and Malaysia. A new manufacturing unit is established in India by the company which is producing computer systems according to the requirements of the Indian people. In 2007 it has started to manufacture notebook computers. DellConnect is a program which is used to support its customers from remote locations for troubleshooting. The helpdesk can view the configuration of the system, view and edit files, and communication may be done with the help of the software. The control of the user can be taken to support him or her. In America Dell use contact centers to support its customers throughout the country. The company uses different kinds of media for its advertisements such as television, magazines, newspapers, internet and catalogs. The company has opened many stores at different places including Brisbane, Queensland, US, Canada and Eastern Europe and Australia.

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