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From Australia

MBE Business services

This business services group was established in 1980 in the city of San Diego in California. They primary business of this group previously was the Mail Boxes Etc. As of today, MBE is containing the 1200 centers for conducting business. They make an offering of the solutions to the various businesses in Australia. They have been very much outstanding when it comes to the growth of theirs on the global markets of the world. They have been established in the sector of the business services in more than over 30 countries of the world through the medium of marketing and sales that they have been encountering in their way of expansion. They have their team members who are very much trained as well as experienced. They are regarded as being as very much valuable when it comes to the expert advice and consultation that is provided by them. They can consult on almost any aspect of a project that is oriented towards the business. They are committed in order to make the business of their business clients in order to encounter sweet taste of more success.

Karasmanis Business services

The group was launched in the year 1989 in the month of July. They have been encountering huge business clients as well as growth due to a large number of growth opportunities in their way which they have not neglected. They have been working hard and thus been able to satisfy the clientele of theirs. At the business group, they have a deep belief in order to make way and provision for the quality in terms of their accounting, taxation as well as the consulting that is to be provided to the top level of management.

From United Kingdom, UK

Business Services UK

This is one of the leading providers of the business services in the UK that is relied upon from the business point of view at a national level in the UK. This company in UK is into the business of the provision of the services in the search engine optimization; there are various packages for the same. They also provide the marketing services for the business in the UK for the purpose of social media integration. They have a policy of not locking their business customers in the business contracts. Hence the business customers can opt to discontinue their business services whenever they wish to. Also, the customers do not wish to leave them in spite of the other competitors in the market. They guarantee quality in their services.

Aston UK

This business services unit in the UK is into the business of the provision of the portfolio of services to the business of all kinds that are of various sizes and also spread across the different industries. They have the required expertise, research facilities, and also some of their programs for the professional development which are treated as being one of the best in the UK. They can enhance the business of any of their clients in the UK through the medium of their services. They also help the business organizations in order to be able to build the better working relationships with the existing clients of theirs. They create a significant impact on the businesses of the different clients of theirs, big and small.

P&A Partnership

UK based company offering practical solutions when they are needed the most in the areas of Business Recovery, Insolvency, Creditor Services, Liquidation, Administration, and CVAs/IVAs.

From United States

US Business Services

This company in the USA is into the provisioning of the business services in the various domains in USA such as the business training, business coaching, brokerage services, etc. They have the solutions which have been accredited for being one of the most oriented towards being the innovative ones. They have been helping the business clients to be one of its kinds by motivating them to be more efficient. They are into the increasing of the profitability as well as the value for the businesses of others. They have been closely associated with some of the leading business organizations in the USA as well as members of some council that are towards the development and betterment of othersí businesses. They specialize in almost all categories of business values and domains.

Padgett Business Services

This company in the USA is into the business of providing the business services to the clients for the accounting, tax services, payroll services, planning of finances, business software services, advice for small business development etc. They have been established in the lines of same business for the past 40 years in the making. They have been able to cater the individual needs of their clients when their requirement arises in USA. They develop excellent personal relationships as well as the efficiency in their services. They are able to deliver the peace of mind for their business customers. They allow their business partners in order to be able to focus on growth.

Meaning of business services

Business services are the services provided by one business for the benefit of another business. Lets take an example. Suppose there is a company with hundreds of employees in it who handle work in different departments. The work may involve to keep manual records of the company till date. Different departments will need to keep records of the particular work they are involved in. Like the job of employees engaged in the manufacturing unit may be to keep records of quantity of products manufactured per day. Similarly the job of sales department may be to keep records of sales made per day of the products involved. Accounting department may need to maintain accounts of the company and so on. Company may think it as a slow process when the employees maintain records manually which may affect the overall production. So the company may decide to automate the manual procedures by making use of computers.

Now the question is whose help company should take in order to automate their business processes? To be true, now the company need to take help of some another business who provide information technology services. There are some companies who help businesses with information technology services which involves to provide software needed to automate business processes. The company would develop the software as per the requirement of businesses and thus helping them to automate works involved in different departments of the company. IT companies also helps in developing complete computer network which may help employees to interact with each other and transfer documents (taking security in mind of the users) while sitting on their own computers. So here one business is helping another business which is actually the concept of business to business(b2b) services. Now a days its a good business to provide information technology services and its demanding as most of the companies are jumping to computer technology to automate their business processes to save time and labour expenses. If you have a web and software programming background you can try your luck to run a company whose purpose will be to provide information tecnology services to businesses.

Human Resources department is most important in any company. If you cannot manage your company employees properly, chances are your company might be in trouble in terms of production and customer satisfaction. That is the reason which have given birth to another group of companies whose sole purpose is to provide business services in the form of human resources training, sales training, leadership training, workplace conflict solutions, workforce performance improvement, employee background check services, customer experience management training, technical support training and more types of business management services. if you holds a degree in human resources education, its time for you to help companies in increasing their production by helping them with business performance improvement through your achieved knowledge. You need to jump into a business you are expert in to make most out of it.

Every business need to pay taxes to government annually in the form of sales tax, income tax, TDS(Tax Deducted At Source), VAT(Value Added Tax) etc. and so they need to prepare the annual report of the company. Such companies need to hire learning accounting professionals who can help to present their business in front of the income tax and sales tax department of the state government. Here the accounting professionals such as chartered accountants get a chance to earn money from their profession by providing business services to companies in the form of accounting and auditing. If you have an accounting background and holds a degree as a Chartered Accountant or a Company Secretery you can easily make your way to run a company who provide business services in the form of accounting and tax preperation.

The world is going through a changing phase where it witnessing variety of learning things around it. In this aspect, there are various companies and fields of work involved and every company has many of their own kind trying to survive in the market. Today organizations are facing a lot of competition in the market. This competition mostly depends upon the efficiency with which a company works. However, today all big organizations donít want to waste any time in non-profit works. They would rather use that time in making and learning about good strategies. Therefore, to be successful and use time in profit making, companies outsource their work to outside service based organizations. This has led to a huge boom in such type of organization. Hence all those are planning to come into business services business. They have a secured future in this field.

In the beginning phase of your company, the very initial step is to find all the other companies that require outsourcing their work. Along with this, you should also have an idea about the type of companies that exist. There are mainly two categories of companies across the world. They are either service based or they are product based. Again in the same aspect there are various categories of business services that a company may have. Therefore in this starting phase of your business, you should be very well aware of the market as well as the different companies having this kind of requirement. To be aware of such facts you will have start with a good research and study of this field. Once you have acquired the knowledge of market trends you will be able to move ahead and grow.

The basic aspect of this service based business is that you have to handle the work of some organization and fulfill the requirements. As understood before, there are two types of companies- service based and product based. Even the companiesí work field will vary a lot from each other. Therefore you will have to specialize in the variety of sectors that are in demand today. These sectors include knowledge management, marketing, sales and promotion, legal processing outsource, back office work etc. initially you can specialize in the sectors that have maximum requirement and future. Once you have understood the ways of carrying out the work, you can gradually pick up the other sectors and initiate work in them. This will ensure in giving you business a better market share and also create a brand name.

Whichever sector you may choose for your company a very important factor here is the location. Location of your company is very important. For instance if there a particular company in a city which lacks in man power, then there a business service will be a good deal. However, a business process office in a bigger city will fetch you more work. It may be difficult to get work in such city but if you are good in your work you will surely crack the deal. So you can apply two different strategies for fetching more work and revenue. The bigger city company will face more competition. Therefore it should be tried out with a well planned and skilled team. Hence, that you are sure to achieve your target.

While you are trying to establish yourself in this field it is very important to keep a close watch on the competitors around. For this you will have to conduct an efficient and through survey about the market and the companies in this field. Also, analyze the situation and get an idea about the types of sectors and the kind of work the competitors are offering. You can then change or modify you strategies and tactics as per the required scenario. Another very good method is to try and collaborate your company with a small and yet established business services business group. This will help you in raising your strength and contacts. You will work with them and share the profit that you achieve. This will also decrease the competition in the market due to the association.

To achieve efficiency in this business you can also hire learning people from different backgrounds, having different education levels and qualification, different religion, region etc. this will add variety to the working staff here the business strategy of quality and diversity can be applied. You can also get inside information of other companies and the training secrets so that you can understand their method. You can then make your service company training quality above theirs in quality. When you have man power with various backgrounds it becomes easier to have more ideas on the same thing and also becomes easy to target various places keeping in mind their being local to that place. Automatically your work becomes efficient.

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