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Auto business refers to the business of automobiles or auto parts required for repairing automobiles i.e. cars, motorcycles and other vehicles. An example of auto business is a Maruti Suzuki Car agency from where customers can buy Maruti Suzuki cars. Auto business is one of the most flourishing businesses now days. Auto business can be divided into wide variety. Depending on your investment capacity and your areas of interests you can chose the type of auto business you want to start. Auto business can be divided into various categories or types depending on the nature of the auto business you decide to carry out.

Choosing your type of auto business

Depending on your areas of interests and your investment capacity you can chose the auto business which suits you.

Auto business types

Automobiles manufacturers:

These are the big business houses having huge financial capacity. They manufacture automobiles such as cars, busses, trucks and other vehicles. Starting an automobile manufacturer business requires huge investment which is not possible single person. Examples of auto mobile manufacturers are Honda, Hyundai, Toyota, Tata etc. Automobiles manufacturers require huge financial resources to set up manufacturing plants and other support resources needed for their products such as providing service of their product in every city of the country.

Automobiles parts manufacturer:

They manufacture auto parts for vehicles such as cars, busses, trucks etc. Setting up an auto part manufacturing units requires huge capital investment. Examples of Auto parts manufacturing are companies manufacturing batteries to be used in cars and other vehicles or companies manufacturing car alloy wheels or vehicle covers etc.

Automobiles Repair business

Automotive repairs are a regular need of all vehicle owners, no matter what brand or make they own. Setting up a business for auto repair does not require large amount of investment.

Getting finance for your auto business

No matter what kind of auto business you chose to start, you will always require financial assistance for a business venture. Financial is the most important factor affecting the business performance. A business can only be successful if it has required financial funds. A business requires financial funds in its daily routine working. Corporate finance or investment banking is an area of finance dealing with financial decisions business.

Steps in getting your auto business finance

How much funds u require?
Your companyís accounts will help you find all of your sources of income and expenses. For example, some expense items might include:
Buying supplies and inventory while waiting to get paid
Paying employees and rent
Buying machinery and furniture
Getting a computer
Buying the business
Vehicle maintenance

Itís better to calculate in advance how much amount you need to get financed. Pay special attention to those areas where your options are limited to paying in cash, and review your alternatives where there may be another way. For example, it is not necessary to pay all cash for a delivery truck when you can rent or lease one.

Type of finance

Most small business loans are secured by the assets of your business, your personal assets, or both. Secured loans mean that there are assets pledged to secure the payment in the event you are not able to pay. Examples of secured finance are

Home mortgage or any other fixed property owned by you or your business
Loan against car or any other vehicle owned by you or your business
Small Business Administration loan Etc

Source of finance

The next step is the most important one. In this step you have to identify the sources from where you can get finance for your vehicle business. Do some researches on the possible financers and what plans they are offering you. Select a finance plan which suits you the best and meets all of your financial requirements for your vehicle business.

Government funding

If you are in the vehicle manufacturing business then you should go for this option. Setting up a car or other vehicle manufacturing plant requires huge amount of capital investment.


If you are planning to start an auto parts manufacturing business this is the option which suits you the best. Banks have special loan offers for medium size business. There is a huge market of Bank waiting to provide loans to capable business organization. As vehicle business is always growing the chances of you getting a loan is more.

Private Lenders

If you want to get a loan and you do not have enough assets to provide as security, this is the best available solution for your financing needs. Many private financers are ready to invest their money in businesses which has chances to grow.

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