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Every owner always dream of putting up his business and managing it by himself. The idea of being your own boss and managing your own time lure many to engage in any business enterprise. There could be many reasons behind the failure of auto Business Company. The real value of a good employer or in-house bookkeeping is to measure what's happening in your business. If you were to think of your business as an automobile, you might divide the car into sections, like carís body, electrical, fuel, engine, drive train, tires and interior. Itís very easy to get started up with an auto business but it takes too many efforts taking it to long way. But sometime it leads to failure and disappointment, by just entering into business without the sufficient knowledge and skills to run it.

Causes and their Prevention for the failure of automotive business:

1. Lack of monetary fund:

It happens usually, most of the auto business suffers from lack of money. Instead of getting profit they start facing problems regarding lack of funds. For this purpose one should always think of getting to the breakeven point, Itís the point of no profit no loss. After that you can start building and investing or expanding your investment.

2. Lack of marketing and advertising of vehicles:

Poor advertising or no advertising and marketing can also lead to failure of a business. Most of the production cost spent on marketing and advertising to assure better sales of your cars, motorcycle and other vehicles prospect and profit return. A good advertisement always makes a difference and draw huge sales and Increases Companyís profit to a new level high. Automotive Marketing is considered to be part of Business Exchange.

3. Poor financial projections:

Poor financial projections can have very drastic consequences that we can become in debt to banks, or worse to informal moneylenders. In a worst case scenario, we die with debt hanging over our souls. It is only when we are unable to estimate cost and services for our vehicles such cars, motorcycle, and their services. People should minimize their extra expenditures which are of no or little value. Create a projection with every possible disaster included. You should include late payments, late deliveries, and competition, anything that can happen in future.

4. Underestimating other auto companies:

When you assume that your company has no or very little completion and you feel like you are doing something unique in the marketplace. However, there is always competition for your customer. You might be underestimating your competitors. Investor will respect your honesty and you will get instant credibility if, instead of hiding the competitor strengths, you focus on how the other players in your industry go about things and how your cars, motorcycle will differentiate itself. Having strong competition in your automotive business field can actually be very positive and can go a long way to compensate for any lack of.

5. Bad relationship with banker:

In business sooner or later you will definitely need to borrow money from banks for that purpose itís really essential to build a healthy relationship with banks. It will surely help your automotive business to grow.

6. Credit miss-use:

New small auto business owner offers extended credit terms to their customers in order to capture the market. But it is not the right method to get off with your capital; it would lead to depletion of funds. You should have at least have some months of operating capital before you open your doors for customers.

7. Inadequate business analysis and execution:

Before starting up with an automotive business you should have sufficient knowledge of auto related business like cars, motorcycle and other vehicles. As a mechanic, have knowledge of cars inside and out. But, do you know how to handle inventory, schedule time, the legal way to hire and fire employees, purchase supplies, handle payroll or the hundred other things every small business owner should know.

8. Bad site selection:

It is very important consideration while starting up with a automotive business. Place matters a lot. If u builds it they will come. The site location should be approachable by clients. It shouldnít be at very rural or at a place where there is no use of cars, motorcycle etc. Successful business owners always learn from their business. They analyze their decisions, check for pros and corns. They have accounts and bookkeepers that keep track of the funds, but, they also know how to prepare and read an income statement, how to prepare a profit and loss statement.

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