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Asus, a popular electronic and computer hardware manufacturer was founded by TH Tung, Wayne Hsieh, MT Liao and Ted Hsu in 1989. These four founders of Asus were computer engineers in Acer Inc. Headquarter of AsusTek Computer Incorporated are in Taipei, Taiwan. Jonnye Shih is the CEO and Chairman of the company who took some revolutionary steps to increase the sale of the company. The word “Asus” is extracted from Pegasus meaning Winged horse. First three letters of “Pegasus” were dropped to increase the alphabetical order of Asus.

This Taiwan based company manufactures notebook computers, PDAs, servers, motherboards, graphics cards, optical drives, computer case, networking products, computer components, mobile phones and computer cooling systems and earns the revenue of US$16.5 billion. Asus is listed on Taiwan Stock Exchange and London Stock Exchange. Asus manufactures quality products for its customers all over the world. Asus not only manufactures electronic products and computer components for its customers only but provides computer components for many other renowned companies such as Apple Inc, Sony, Alienware, Palm Inc, Compaq, HP and Falcon Northwest.

When Intel manufactured a computer processor, it was given to established companies such as IBM for test and the rest of the companies are asked to wait for nearlyl six months. When Intel486 processor was released then the engineers of Asus manufactures a 486 motherboard based on the information provided by the Intel. It was taken to the Intel based Taiwan where it was tested. The motherboard of Intel had design flaws but motherboard manufactured by Asus showed perfect results. It was the experience of manufacturing 386 motherboard which lead the engineers of Asus to manufacture 486 motherboard. Engineers of Intel were amazed and then a relationship between Intel and Asus is developed. Now Intel gives its processors and computer components to Asus for testing inspite of all its competitors.

On January 3, 2008 restructuring of the company was done. There will be three operational units of the company; ASUS, Unihan and Pegatron. Asus brand name would be used for branded computers. Computer components and motherboards will be handled by Pegatron and similarly molding and cases will be focussed by Unihan. In 2002 a subsidiary Asrock is formed by the company. In 2003 Asus entered in the market of cellphone and in 2005 in the market of LCD TV. In 2006 a joint venture of Asus with Gigabyte Technology was announced.

The production of the company is 150,000 notbooks and two billion mother boards monthly. The company has manufacturing facilities at various places including Taiwan, China, Czech Republic and Mexico. It has spread a net of its manufacturing units in the world to provide its products to its customers all over the world. All these manfacturing units are controlled and managed from the headquarter of the company. The products of Asus are famous for its compatibilty and quality. There are many orgional tools, features and functions which are included in the products of the company. In AI NOS featured motherboard Asus provides the features of non-delay and over locking system.

In AI Quiet/Q-Fan fan speed can be controlled to manage the noise. Audio DJ is a feature used to play audio CDs and some functions like pause and stop without turning your computer on. In this feature the buttons of above functions were constructed in front which made it easy to use. Express Gate/Lite feature gives the option of booting your system having Linux stored in flash memory of the motherboard. Asus EZ Flash is the feature that allows to update BIOS without bootable floppy. Similarly restoring default CPU settings if the computer fails due to over locking, taking backup of BIOS, providing the facility to chat and see the people with whom you play online games, BIOS settings to play a CD on user defined date etc. are some mentionable features provided by the company.


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