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Apple Inc. Apple Computer, Incorporated was founded in California, USA in 1976. Headquarter of this multinational company is at Cupertino, California. In 2006, Apple Inc. has announced to build its new campus which would consist of 50 acres. There are many people who contributed to the establishment and development of the company such as Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, Timothy D. Cook, Peter Oppenheimer, Tony Fadel, Philip W. Schiller, Sina Tamaddon, Bertrand Serlet and Scott Forstall. They all worked very hard in order to give a prominent position to Apple Inc. in the market.

The first slogan of the company was “Byte into an Apple”. Then with the production of various products different slogans began to use in the market for different products. The company manufactures computer hardware, software and consumer electronics. The former name of Apple Inc. is Apple Computers but renamed to Apple Computer, Inc in January 1977. It is a multinational company of America which has a prominent position in designing and manufacturing consumer electronics and software products. The names of some most popular products of the company are Macintosh, iPod, iLife, iPhone.

The company sells its products online and having 200 stores in six different countries. In January 2007 the word computer was dropped from the name of the company, which shows the focus of the company on consumer electronics and other products in addition with personal computers. Apple has obtained a special place in consumer electronics in the market of USA. Before 2007 the main focus of the company was on personal computers and computer components but after 2007 Apple focused on different products of electronics.

Apple was founded by Steve Wozniak, Ronald Wayne, and Steve Jobs on 1976 to sell kit of Apple 1 PC. Apple I personal computers were hand built by Steve Wozniak. In 1977 Wayne sold his share to Wozniak and Jobs. In April 1977, Apple II was introduced by the company with color graphics. In late 1970s many computer designers were hired by the company to design a good PC in rivalry of Microsoft and IBM. The company introduced a microcomputer Apple II in 1977. After some years in 1983, Lisa, the first personal computer was introduced with GUI (Graphical User Interface). Mouse was used with Lisa computer for the first time in the world of computer. In 1984 the most successful and user-friendly GUI computer Macintosh was introduced. The sale of Macintosh was high and it became very popular in computer market with GUI. It was a trend setter production from Apple in the field of computer due to which other companies also worked to produce GUI computer systems.

In 1991 Apple introduced portable computers but the market share of the company fall due to inexpensive personal computers of IBM. Apple Inc. has to face strong competitors in the market of computer and consumer electronics. In 2000s the focus of Apple was on software products, which introduced iPod, the most popular music player in the world. Apple 1 was the first product of Apple but it lacked mouse, keyboard, monitor and case features.

When the market share of Macintosh began to fall then Apple tried to introduce new product to gain the market share. In this effort PowerBook was introduced to gain the lost market share but it did not prove successful. In the course of its business Apple purchased many hardware and software companies to develop its products and enhance business. In 2005 Apple announced to introduce Intel based computer systems and first computer in this series was introduced in January 2006. Currently there are many hardware, software and consumer electronics products of the company.

Apple iPhone and iPad

Apple Inc. previously known as Apple computers is a multi national company. Apple’s most popular products are iPod, iPad, iPhone etc. Apple was established on April 1, 1976. Apple the toped the list of most admired company in the world for three consecutive years 2008-2010, according to statistics provided by a leading magazine. Apple has operations in computer hardware/software and consumer electronic goods.

Apple’s iPod
Apple first made its presence felt in the consumer electronics market with the launch of Apple iPod on October 23, 2001. An iPod is a portable device for storing and playing audio files in MP3 or AAC file type.

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iPod models

iPod classic
The iPod Classic is a portable media player developed Apple Inc. Till now, there have been six versions of the iPod Classic.

iPod classic version 1
It was the first model launched, with mechanical scroll wheel. And has 10 GB memory to store audio files.

iPod classic version 2
The 2nd version of iPod classic introduced touch-sensitive wheel. The hold switch was re-designed. Compatibility with windows operating system was provided with the use of musicmatch.

iPod classic version 3
Apple did the first complete redesign of iPod classic in the 3rd version. It provided a touch interface, a dock connector, and slimmer case. For windows support iTunes was launched and musicmatch was no longer used.

iPod classic version 4
It was the launch of first 4th Generation iPod. It had new features like color screen and picture viewing.

iPod classic version 5
It was the Second full redesign of the iPod classic with a slimmer case, and larger screen. It had new advanced features like video playback support. It was launched in the colors black or white. It had a memory capacity of 80GB to store audio and video files.

iPod classic version 6
A new interface was provided with anodized aluminum front plate. Silver color replaced white. It had a memory capacity of 120GB which was replaced with a 160GB model in September 2009.

iPod mini
A new smaller model was launched in two versions 4GB and 6GB memory capacity, with the feature of Click Wheel which matched body color. It was available in 6 colors and had longer battery life.

iPod nano
It replaced iPod mini. iPod mini was completely phased out after the succesfull launch of iPad nano. It is available in 9 color choices. For iPod nano a new interface was provided. It had features like video capability, smaller Click Wheel, added accelerometer for shake and horizontal viewing. 4 GB model limited release in select markets. iPod nano’s 6th version was the first iPod to include a video camera, an FM radio, a speaker, a pedometer, and a polished exterior case while retaining the similar colors as the fourth generation model.

iPod shuffle
The iPod shuffle introduced the use flash memory. It also introduced the voiceover feature i.e. this feature tells you the name and artist of the song you are currently listening too. It is available in many colors. It has no screen and is used for audio files only. A 2GB model was later introduced.

iPod touch
iPod touch introduced the new era of touch-interface devices. You can do various useful things with the iPod touch like arrange your photo album, listen to music, and watch videos etc just by a click of your finger. It has features like WI-FI to support the wireless network, browser support i.e. an inbuilt Safari browser to surf the internet, memory capacity of 32GB, volume buttons, and built-in speaker.

Apple’s iPad

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The iPad is a new generation of tablet computer; it is part of a device category between a smart phone and a laptop computer. According to statistics provided by Apple Inc it had sold 3 million iPad in the first 80 days of release. It has the same operating system used in iPod touch. It can also support custom applications developed specifically for iPad. It has a touch panel control. It has features like Wi-Fi, 3G to surf the Internet, install software, listen to music, buffer videos etc. It uses universal serial bus (USB) to synchronize with computer, which is required to manage the iPad.

iPad features

The iPad supports the following features:

1. Built in web browser to surf the internet ( Safari internet browser )
2. Mail support to email
3. Video playback support
4. Live streaming YouTube
5. iPod
6. Supports iTunes
7. App store ( application store to buy and manage new applications for iPad )
8. iBooks ( provides online library containing thousands of e-books )
9. Maps ( uses GPS to track you location anywhere in the world and use of maps to help you navigate anywhere in the world )
Apple’s iPad provides longer battery life, according to Apple Inc; iPad official battery life estimate is about 10 hours. iPad comes with a wide screen and 2 inbuilt speakers and unlike other tablet computer’s it does not runs hot.

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