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Now day’s advertisement is the most common marketing strategy used by business houses. Advertising is a form of promotion and is a method of mass promotion that is a single message can reach a wide variety of people. Advertisement world has immense amount of competition, new strategies for advertising are being invented.

The latest addition to this is advertising on your business vehicle. Vehicle advertising has long been recognized by many businesses organizations as an extremely cost effective form of advertising. On any given day millions of vehicles hit streets throughout the country. With advertising on your business vehicle you can promote your company its products and services.

Advertising on your business vehicles is the most cost effective way of advertising your business 24 hours a day 7 days a week. This means that you can apply photographs and high impact images to your cars, vans, trucks and trailers to make them work even harder for your business. Mobile billboards, wraps or vehicle graphics can used to promote your company, its logo, products or services on your business vehicles.

Types of business vehicles advertisements


In it a vehicle is completely or partially covered in advertisement. This can be achieved by simply painting the vehicle surface. Large vinyl sheets as decals are mostly used now days instead of painting on the vehicle surface. These can be removed with ease, making it much less expensive to change from one advertisement to another. There are a variety of businesses, large and small, that provide vehicle wraps. Some are pure play vehicle wrap companies while others are more general sign and graphics providers.

Vehicle wraps are almost of photographic quality images which enhances the impact that vehicle advertising can have. Vehicle wrapping is a skilled job and is best done by skilled graphic designers who can design layouts to maximize your advertising campaign. The vehicle wrapping film is printed at wide format, and once applied can be left for the long term if required A protective surface is provided underneath which the original paintwork is protected from wear and tear. Vinyl graphics can be removed after six months or six years - without damage to the original paint of your vehicle.

Mobile billboards

If your business owns vehicles like trucks or trailers they can be used for advertising mobile billboards. A mobile billboard is the strategy of advertising on the side of a truck or trailer.

Types of wraps
Depending on your requirements and how much of your vehicle you want to wrap, there are a few different options:

Complete wrap
It covers the entire surface of your business vehicle.

Half wrap
It covers half the sides of the vehicle and extends around the back. It may also include a hood logo.

Window graphics only
In this type of wraps it covers only the windows using window perfs.

Vinyl lettering only
It is the most basic and least expensive wrapping option. Typically includes just 1 or 2 colors, a company logo, and a phone number or email address.

Steps to follow for advertising on your business vehicles.

Step 1:
Visit vehicle wrapping business firm to get an idea of design. Look for designs that may work with your business. Ask for information on car wraps, vehicle graphics and auto wraps and make the best possible choice according to your requirements.

Step 2:
Gather all your material such company logo, images of your products, your companies tag lines, text or anything you want to display and advertise on your vehicle. It is always better to have more than not enough. While discussing your project with wrap companies make sure that you give them the right idea of what type of design you want and what’s your vision about the project is. You do not need to know how to create the design. But having an idea of what you want the design to do is important.

Step 3:
After you decided on what sort design you want, the next thing to discuss is the cost of printing and graphic installation cost. Things to keep in notice while advertising on your business vehicles

1. Keep your design as simple and sober do not try to fit more things in less space.
2. Make sure your logo is in dark colors which makes it easily visible as compared to light colors.
3. Chose contrasting colors and large images or text while designing your vehicle graphics so that they are easy visible from distance.
4. Ask about warranties on graphics while purchasing.
5. Ask for tips for proper care of graphics from the manufacturers.

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