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In 1976 Stan Shih, his wife and five other members founded Multitech, a company popular for its computer products. In 1987 the name of the company was changed from Multitech to Acer Inc. The company started the business of electronic products distribution with a few employees and limited budget. In 1997 Acer expanded its business by purchasing Texas Instruments laptop division.

This 3rd largest computer manufacturer has the largest chain of franchised all over the world. The Headquarter of Acer is in Taipei, Taiwan where J.T. Wamg and Gianfranco Lanci are Chairman and CEO of Acer group who play an important role in the development and growth of the company. Acer Inc. manufactures market and sells Servers, Laptops, IT Services, Desktop Computers, Monitors, Handhelds, Projectors, LCD TV and Digital Cameras. The company has to face a lawsuit from Hewlett-Packard.

Acer Inc. has established its network all over the world some subsidiaries of Acer are Acer America Corporation, Acer India, and Acer Computer Australia. According to the statistics of sale Acer is behind from its rivals; Hewlett Packard and Dell. Acer has become a popular choice for home users, Govt. and educational institutes.

Acer provides its services in many countries by utilizing its workforce efficiently and effectively. The revenue of the company and number of employees increased with the passage of time. An association was created between Acer and Ferrari Formula 1 Team, BAR-Honda team and Prost Grand Prix in 2000 and 2001 respectively. Acer is popular for its quality products in all over the world. Acer acquired Gateway Inc. in August 2007, a US based rival to strengthen its market in United States of America. Acer is a multinational company which has developed its business in the world by establishing its branches at various places.


Acer established its Australian subsidiary ACA (Acer Computer Australia) in 1990. In Australia the position of Acer is same as in the world which is just behind Dell Australia and Hewlett Packard Australia. In Australia Acer is a leading notebook seller and it has captured the education and Govt. market of Australia. The number of employees in Acer Computer Australia is less than other popular companies but the market share is comparable with other leading companies which show its better utilization of employees.


Headquarter of Indian subsidiary of Acer, Acer India is in Bangalore. Acer has not only captured the Desktop PC and laptop market but has become top vendor in Govt. and education sector of India.

Middle East, Europe and Africa

According to the statistics of 2005, Acer is the leader in notebook products in Europe, Africa and Middle East. Products of Acer are on top in thirteen countries including Australia, Spain, Italy, Russia, The Netherlands, Portugal, Switzerland, The Czech Republic, Denmark, Belgium, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary and Bosnia and Herzegovina. In 2005 the biggest market for the company was Europe.

North America

The Headquarter of Acer America is in San Jose, California. Acer America Corporation handles marketing, manufacturing and R&D of the company. In 1990 Acer bought Altos Computer Systems which was a leading company in networked and multi-user UNIX computer systems. In 1997 the company bought Texas Instruments in notebook computer systems which formed Acer the fourth leading manufacturer of notebooks in USA. The Canadian office of Acer America is in Mississauga, Ontario. It handles manufacturing, marketing, sales and customer services. The laptops of Acer are being developed in a way that they would support LINUX fully according to the statement of the company. The company also provides good compatibility with Linux for its computers but now the company is designing their laptops specifically for Linux.

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