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Wöhr Parking Systems   Call 01993 851791
Manufacturer of mechanical parking technology, multi-garaging and car storage systems. Visit the site for more business information.
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Vehicle storage systems are gaining popularity world wide as the present extremely efficient solution to the parking problem of automobiles in the densely populated areas. They are number of public and private transportation vehicles running on roads for one or other reason and a place for parking them is a problem faced equally by both of them. The parking systems business has global clientele as every country is facing the problem of limited space in urban areas. The manufacturers, taking into consideration the parking needs at different place, are designing and frequently updating the range of products they manufacture.

The range of products in the vehicle store systems business includes Parklift systems with vertical stacking arrangement, Combilift systems with a combination of vertical stacking and lateral sliding and there are also the single level sliding platforms providing lateral or longitudinal movements. Each type in these systems again has variety in model types. With such a variety you can present the clients the very unique product that can meet their need. The fully automated and multilevel storage systems are capable of stacking hundreds of transportation vehicles. They can store cars on multilevel below ground in pits or above ground in towers.

The school, college or university campuses are the places where one needs to have ample space for parking. Similarly the hospitals, large industries, corporate offices, shopping malls where hundreds of transportation vehicles keep coming and leaving every hour needs very efficient vehicle storage systems to handle the parking. Where space is limited, there is no alternative better than the parking systems. Multiparker storage systems are most favored at such places. These systems provides space saving parking as they can stack the vehicles side by side and also one above the other in high rack arrangements. No doubt they fetch good profits for business from area at sites of high demand.

The people dealing in sales, services and repairs of cars and other transportation vehicles are also using vehicle storage systems now a days. The car display towers are very commonly seen these days. The reason the storage systems are fetching business from car distributor and dealers, is the very attractive and eye catching way of display they provide to each brand. They also come in transparent designs providing the passerby a view of entire vehicle at a glance from distance. Also they are cost effective and make optimal use of the space available with the client. The cars that come for repairs and services at garages can also be stored during the service and repair operations being carried out.

The car lifts are also the part of the vehicle storage systems. They fetch business for you from places where it is not possible to reach the parking level with the aid of ramp. This may be due to the layout of the site where the parking systems are installed. The car lifts provide an effective solution in connecting the parking levels and the road without making use of a ramp. They can bring the transportation device along with its driver to the underground garage or the parking level. They operate very speedily and do not require much time for parking and hence are preferred to ramps.

The vehicle storage systems can easily be customized to meet the parking needs at each place. The designs are such that the transportation vehicles of varying heights and widths can be easily accommodated. In automated garages most of the parking tasks are handled by the robots and the vehicle is delivered back to the owner almost untouched. In case of power failure they can be operated manually. They also assure the owner security of their parked vehicle. With all the features that are regularly being updated to suits the clients varying needs are making the storage systems more and more efficient. They are now looked upon as total parking solutions globally promising profits to those in this business.

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