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Holiday Rambler   Call Toll Free: (800) 634-0855
Company is the leading manufacturer of the finest quality motorized and towable RVs for over 50 years. 1953, the year we introduced the first travel trailer. Visit the site for more information.
91320 Coburg Industrial Way, Coburg, OR 97408   (4276)

KZRV LP   Call Not provided
KZ RV builds recreational vehicles that fit a variety of lifestyles. Outstanding manufacturer of travel trailers, fifth wheels, light weight towables, sport utility trailers. Visit the site for more business information.
0985 N 900 W, Shipshewana, IN 46565, USA   (4275)

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Recreational activities are very important to prevent life from becoming monotonous. Work pressure has increased in all fields leading to stress and fatigue. Doctors are addressing several cases of depression, stress disorder and problems related to work each day. The best medication they suggest is to take a break from work. They advice them to engage in recreational activities like traveling.

Traveling for pleasure has been a hobby since a long time. People are also considering it as a good option for taking a break from their routine. The spending capacity of consumer has increased, connectivity has improved and modes of transport are easily available. Tourism has turned out to be a big business in service industry. Many events such as shopping or food festivals, sports events are organized to attract travelers. People use all modes of travel and recreational vehicle is one of those. With a variety of recreational vehicles available today in every size and price people can fulfill there long time dream of traveling to their desired locations while experiencing the comfort of their home. Recreational vehicle business plays an important role in the travel industry.

Shopping for recreational vehicles by individuals is still limited but many travel companies are buying them. Recreational vehicles are needed on many occasions and making them available on rent is a good business.

Traveling boom has seen many tourism companies starting operations in recent times. They have to address all kinds of customers. Many times they organize tours to remote places or adventure sights like forests or mountains. These places do not have appropriate lodging facilities, sanitation or electricity. Recreational vehicles are the best solution to these problems. Recreational vehicles having bathrooms, bedrooms and even kitchen are available today and are widely used for such tours. More luxurious amongst them come with TV, computer and satellite antenna to catch phone and Internet signals. These vehicles have removed the biggest roadblock in tourism business. Today it is possible to organize tour to any remote destination where recreational vehicle can each. Travel operators are shopping for recreational vehicles to offer more destinations to customers.

Entertainment business also requires recreational vehicles. Like traveling many times the film locations are at remote places. They need recreational vehicles to accommodate their unit. Celebrities are offered personal recreational vehicles on many occasions. It is also a statement amongst celebrities to own recreational vehicle and many are shopping for them. Groups involved in performing arts like theater, music concert or painting exhibitions do continuous traveling and carry a lot of material. Recreational vehicles make an ideal choice for them. Sports is another area which involves frequent traveling and sports clubs find recreational vehicles very useful to ferry there players and equipments from one stadium to another. Identifying customers with requirement for recreational vehicles is important for renting business. Many times the travel arrangements are looked after by travel agents. Contacting these travel agents can help you access schedules of these artists and sportsmen with their requirements for recreational vehicles.

Although recreational vehicles are available in different price bands it is still not a regular shopping item. Pleasure traveling is not an everyday business and hence the investment in recreational vehicles is not justified. Sales persons have a tough time selling recreational vehicles. Yet there exists special class of customers shopping for recreational vehicles and the industry at present is happy attending them. Those individuals who are passionate travelers or have needed these vehicles frequently prefer to buy one according to their budget and requirement. There is also a class of people who prefer a recreational vehicle to a home based on their needs and lifestyle. Retired professionals form a very special customer in business as many plan to explore different places after retirement spending minimum time at home. Shared ownership is also an option considered for recreational vehicles where a group of people contribute in purchasing the vehicle and use it turn wise. This system has made it possible for many people to own a recreational vehicle. Also banks have started making loans available for purchase of recreational vehicles boosting its shopping.

Recreational vehicles business is continuously evolving. With prices falling many more can afford a recreational vehicle. This can bring many interesting changes in this sector. Who knows if we will be selling recreational homes instead of vehicles in the future. One just needs to have an accurate foresight to move ahead in this business.

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