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ERF Trucks   Call +44 (0) 173 356 6933
A website dedicated to provide with information when you need to buy or sell second hand or new ERF trucks.
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Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc.   Call 800-331-4331
One of the largest company in USA engaged in manufacturing and selling of all kinds of trucks and cars with dealers all over the world. Take a look at the site for more details.
19001 South Western Ave., Dept. WC11, Torrance, CA 90501   (1093)

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Cars and trucks are sold all over the world and each year there are millions of units that are sold in a number of countries. The business of cars and trucks is worth billions of dollars with markets like America, Europe, Japan and China being the largest market in the world whereas India, Brazil and Russia are regarded as the future high potential growth markets. The cars and trucks business is a high capital and automated industry, one where brands hold major market share and there is a fixed distribution network for sales of cars and trucks. Today Toyota is the world’s #1 car maker followed by General Motors. The other prominent car manufacturers are Ford, Volkswagen, Honda, Nissan, Volvo, Hyundai and Fiat while in the premium car segment Mercedes, BMW, Audi, Jaguar are some of the prominent names. Mercedes and Volvo along with MAN of Germany are renowned truck makers.

If you have the passion for selling cars and trucks and want to have a cars and trucks business then there are a few business models which if followed can make you realize your dreams. The simplest way of starting a cars and trucks business or a vehicles business is by obtaining a cars and trucks dealership. In this business model you become the authorized dealer of vehicle manufacturing company and you are paid a commission on each vehicle sale you make. There are many prerequisites of a car dealership which you have to fulfill before being appointed by vehicle company as their authorized dealer.

Some of the requirements are like having sufficient space to set up a car showroom where the company will display its vehicles and will become the sales point. You also need to have a license from the local authorities for the business and a tax license. A car and trucks authorized dealership needs reasonable amount of capital investment on part of the person who is interested in such a business. Money will be required for purchasing or leasing the showroom space, maintaining vehicle stock and service center if the company requires such a facility. You must read the legal documents carefully before agreeing to the terms and conditions lay by the vehicle manufacturing company.

If you cannot manage such finances and think there are restrictions attached to the business of an authorized dealership then you can always have a car and trucks business where you are selling pre-owned cars and trucks. This business has become a huge business in the last decade or more. In most countries people like to change their cars frequently so that they have something new to drive. Buying a new car each time means losses on purchase price of the previous car therefore people prefer to buy pre-owned cars. Another reason why people buy pre-owned cars is that car companies introduce new models every 2-3 years so they cannot buy a new one each time therefore they will buy a car model they haven’t owned earlier. To have a pre-owned car business you need to be a good judge of a vehicle, if you purchase a bad vehicle then chances are you will most probably make a loss when you sell it to a buyer.

These days pre-owned cars and trucks business is professionally managed and structured. There are a series of tests that are conducted upon each car before the pre-owned car company will buy it. The tests are done to evaluate the condition of the car and what will be the price for which the can bought and resold for a profit. If the pre-owned car company feels that it will incur any additional costs to repair the car then the seller is informed of such a thing and the cost is either adjusted in the final payment or borne by the seller.

To start a cars and trucks business you can also manufacture your own brand of trucks and cars. In doing so you will need millions of dollars, costs incurred are on part of plant and machinery, other manufacturing equipment, money to purchase raw material such iron and components, money to pay the wages of the work force employed, market and advertising cost etc. There are many ways you can raise capital for your project but the project has to appeal to the investor and they must feel confident that the project has future profitability. There are many car companies who have the best of technology and yet are struggling to survive. General Motors filed for bankruptcy this year and British marquee brands Land Rover & Jaguar are closing a plant to save cost and dwindling sales. So you have to have a great vehicle making technology and money to be able to start your own cars and trucks manufacturing company.

There was a time when man used to travel miles together for every little requirement of his. There were few animals that helped him travel distance that too with breaks. This took up a lot of time and energy. Something that could be done in hours took days. Now the technology has made it possible for us to do things in hours. The trend of four wheelers has enveloped the entire market. There are various types of vehicles like cars, jeeps, and trucks etc that are bought for various purposes. The business of cars and trucks is one of the most happening fields these days and has a very good scope in the market.

People who have just come up with this business will have to keep in mind that very basic fact that cars form a different segment while the trucks form another different segment of the market. Although they both fall into the category of vehicles and four wheelers they are different in their looks as well as utility. Therefore in order to fair well in this field it is essential to find the appropriate kind of customers depending upon their requirement. This kind of division will help you in covering all the customers with varied requirements and also launch the product in the right manner.

In this field you can have two kinds of options. If you have your own manufacturing unit then you will just need to work on launching the product in the market and the rest of the procedure will follow. While those who are into the distributorship of these vehicles they will have to first arrange for the vehicles. In this case you will need to look for a market that has these automobiles at a lower price in comparison to the others. A good and cheap market for the product will help you in saving the initial capital investment to a large extent that can be balanced in other segments of the business. Therefore you must survey the market and import the cars and trucks from the right market.

While importing pay major attention to the quality and the company of the four wheelers that you are purchasing. In the trial of looking for low price you should not forget that quality of the vehicle and its parts is to be given paramount value in this business. Once you are able to launch it in the local market and get a good start you can also expand the business by getting into the export of the cars and trucks. Get the idea of the international market and the requirements. Based on this you should place your product. With such a step your company will get a boost in terms of reputation as well as profit.

The decision of the market segment for your business has to be considered as well. It becomes important for people new in this field to get the right kind of platform in the market. This is possible when you carefully select the target market for you vehicles. There are many private and government based transport companies that require trucks for sending raw materials, products, farm products, etc to different cities. There are also companies that require car for the transport of smaller products and passengers as well for work purpose. You should get in touch with the private companies and approach them with your product and strategies.

You can also get associated with the government based transport companies that require trucks for similar purpose. The travel and tourism based companies also need cars for their customers. Therefore they too form a good base for the sales of the vehicles in the market. The association with the government will give you a very good market value and at the same time you will also get good and bulk orders that will keep a good inflow of revenue in your business. To maintain this market value you should also work on the post purchase services that the customers require. Starting from the servicing of the four- wheeler to the replacement and repair of the spoilt parts should be provided to them.

In the beginning you can keep one or two servicing facility either free or at discount prices so that the value of your product and the service will create a good impression on the customers. You can also contact various outlets of four-wheelers across the city or the country and ask them to sell your cars and trucks. Popularize the company as well as the vehicles in the market by creating posters, banners, advertisements in the papers, magazines, etc. this way you business will get recognition and people will be aware of your existence. Also pay attention to the pricing of the product as per the customer’s requirement so that you will be able to reach out to customers of all possible segments.

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