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Auto industry is one of the industries that involve high risks. Still many people are doing successful business in this sector. With the invention of automobiles transport and traveling became very fast, comfortable and convenient. Every one has a dream of owning a car. However for some reason or another it is not possible for everyone to own a car. Yet they can drive their dream car with the aid of many businesses renting cars for different purposes. These cars are available for hiring throughout the year.

The auto rental services earn maximum profits during certain seasons. Vacation period is the prime time in this business. Many people travel to one or other place during vacation and hire a car. The location may be near or far. They can hire the car from one city to another or just to pick up or drop them at the airports. Many tourists that come from different countries need a rental car for traveling during their stay. For many reasons of comfort and safety these tourists do not approach the public transport business. They prefer for rented vehicle. These tourists come on different holiday packages or are leisure travelers. The auto rental services can in association with the tour organizers arrange for renting out cars.

Many businesses provide transportation facilities to their employees. These companies do not want to invest large money in buying and maintaining their own vehicles. They avail the rental auto services. This saves their money that they invest for other purpose. Paying monthly rent to the transportation service provider is much beneficial to them. Many of these companies rent vehicles on a regular basis. If they receive prompt and quality service they add up to the regular clientele of the rental business. They also hire vehicles for their VIPs and other important employees.

In addition many schools are colleges hire the rental automobiles to provide transportation to the students. There are cars of all make, models and size that are rented all over the world. There is a large population that uses the rental auto cars. The business is picking up very well. But it also has many ups and downs with the fluctuating market economy. The cost of gas and fuel is not always same. The vehicles need continuous maintenance. The parts of the vehicles wear and tear and need replacement at regular intervals. Regular maintenance of the car will give the car long life. The larger the numbers of vehicles in the fleet larger is the maintenance cost involved. If the business has slack season for some time it would heavily cost the fleet owner.

There is always depreciation in the cost of automobiles. The manufacturers launch new models every alternate year. The rental car service owner has to keep his business updated with the latest models of the cars. He has to purchase the new models at higher cost while the sale of his old cars would not cover this new cost. So he will have to invest the profits that he earned from his earlier business. There are many difficulties involved in selling cars that were previously owned by rental services. The vehicles need to be insured and the premium paid to the insurance companies. There are equal risks as there is profit in the auto rental.

The owners of the auto rental services can never stay carefree despite all the profits in the business. He is in worry every time he rents a vehicle till the vehicle is returned safely and in good condition. You never know the customers unless they are your regular clients. They may not handle the vehicle with care. To ensure safe handling you would need your own employee to drive it every time you rent it. However this may not be possible every time. If the in charge of the fleet is in position to take care of all the risks he is sure to earn enormous business in car rental services.

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