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Airbagit   Call 1-800-842-8789
Leading air suspension supplier for consumers and dealers for over 20-years for any type of custom automotive project. Specialist in providing Air Ride Suspension Systems, Lambo / Vertical Door Systems, Suicide Door Hinge Systems, A Full Line Of Truck & SUV Lowered Suspension Components.

Airide Air Suspension   Call (01404) 831509
Manufacture pneumatic suspension kits for Fiat, Peugeot, Ford, Mercedes and Renault based motorhomes called Airide which works great for light commercial vehicles. Visit the site for more details.
Cedar Croft, Offwell, Honiton, Devon, EX14 9RS   (1428)

Arnott Industries   Call Toll Free: 866-AIR-RIDE
One-stop shop for all your air suspension needs providing air suspension components for vehicles including air springs and lift kits, computerized air ride systems with over 20 years of automotive air suspension experience. Visit the site for more.
399 Challenger Rd. #3, Cape Canaveral, FL 32920   (1425)

DriveRite Ltd   Call + 353 1 8612 632 ; Fax + 353 1 8612 647
Leading Air Suspension System Supplier in the European market. The products include air springs, air tanks, air accessory kits, air compressors, fittings and tubing and more.
Unit 626 Kilshane Avenue, North West Business Park, Ballycoolin, Dublin 15. Ireland.   (1426)

Talon   Call (888) 825-6687
Offer a complete air suspension system containing premium air springs, 12v compressor, air circuit ans in-cab controls, mounting hardware and wire, auto leveling kit, air reservoirs etc.
91 Pine Grove Road Locust Grove, GA 30253   (1427)

Business Information By Mast Directory: Air Suspension Systems Business Information And Guide

When we travel from one place to another either for business or pleasure we generally tend to select vehicles that are comfortable. Especially when the distance is long, this criterion is given more attention. The every existence of automobiles has made our lives simpler and prevents the wastage of time in commuting. The production and manufacturing of the vehicle involves a great deal of hard work in order to produce the outcome that can provide maximum comfort. The roads are always not very smooth and therefore the automobile has to go through a lot of ups and downs. This is taken care by the action of the spring. This is now replaced by the air suspension system that performs the same function of the spring.

This field is a very good option for beginning a new business. These days the usage of automobiles has increased a lot. The normal spring technique puts a lot of stress on the body. The replacement of these with the air suspension system is the best way to get rid of this problem. To make it big in this field and to create a niche for your business in the market you will need to analyze the target market for your product. In case of this product you can contact all major vehicle manufacturers in the market. They will form the best sectors to approach since their requirement for the air suspension systems will be high.

The demand of different types of vehicles has increased tremendously in last few decades. This has crossed the boundaries and spread across the world. The growing trend opens another option for the people in this field to step into the export section of the business. You can also launch the air suspension system in the international market. The demand for such automobile parts is huge globally. Therefore this step can fetch you good profits and also help you in establishing your company in the local as well as global market. With this your product will also gain more market value and popularity thereby increasing the sales.

There many defense organizations that need vehicles those travel on mountainous and difficult terrains. This causes the automobile to go through a lot of jerks. In many cases there people who are armed and are required to travel in the cars or trucks. In such cases the jerks may put a lot of stress on these people. Therefore the air suspension system plays an important role here to reduce the jerks and make the journey smoother. Since the government based organizations also require this product your business team can approach the government for the financial assistance in the production and supply of the products to all the various departments.

Once you get the funding from the government it will cut down on the investment cost of your production and the association will fetch your very good increment in the profit levels of the business. The tie up will help you achieve the targets of your sales since such big organizations will have requirement in bulk. The product that you are dealing with is a compliment product. In order to increase the share of the market for your company you can also contact the vehicle spare part sellers as well as retailers. This way you will be able to circulate the air suspension system into the market. The sales as well the popularity of the product will rise.

While selecting the target areas where you wish to promote your product, you should be very clear about the vehicle demands of the public in that area. There are many cities in the world especially in the south-east Asia where the there is more trend of using two wheelers since in the developing nations not everyone can afford cars. Therefore before you launch the air suspension system you should search for the cities that have maximum usage of cars. Setting up a company in such cities will prove to be more beneficial for your business in terms of profit and sales.

While setting up the manufacturing and production unit for your product you should pay attention to few of the very important details that prevent you from spending unnecessarily on the business project. The raw material is one of the most important requirements for any product. In case of the air suspension systems as well you must look for the area where the raw material is available easily and set up your plan in that location. This helps in extracting the maximum output with minimum investment. The availability of the material close by reduces the planning and arrangement of vehicle to collect and transport it to the manufacturing unit. You also save on labor, charges and time. The efficiency of the business makes it reach the apex.

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