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Liftshare  Call Only email support
Save time and money by sharing your travel expenses with other people by exchanging car seats while in travel.
Online only   (7017)

Man Force Trucks  Call +91-20-27476381
India's leading commercial vehicle manufacturer provide affordable, reliable transportation solutions to the customers. Products include tractor heads, trucks, tip trailers and more.
Mumbai – Pune Road, Akurdi,Pune – 411 035, India   (1094)

Maruti Suzuki India Ltd.  Call (011) 23316831
More than 50% of the cars sold in India are provided by this company which is the subsidiary of Suzuki Motor Corporation Japan. The company offer full range of cars- from entry level Maruti 800 and Alto to stylish hatchback A star, Wagon R, Swift, Estillo and sedans DZire, SX4 and Sports Utility vehicle Grand Vitara. Produced and sold over 7.5 million vehicles in India and exported over 500,000 units to Europe and other countries. Give a look to site for further business information about this transportation company.
11th Floor, 25 Jeevan Prakash, Kasturba Gandhi Marg, New Delhi -110001, India   (3143)

McComb Vehicle Body Builders  Call 01526 344411
McComb Vehcile Bodybuilders is the East Midland’s, UK leading commercial vehicle body builder. Trading for over 50 years McComb continue to specialise in hand-built premium quality truck and van bodies. Visit the site for complete business information.
22 Market Place, Tattershall, Lincoln, Lincolnshire. LN4 4LJ   (3543)

Smith Electric Vehicles  Call 001 602 814 6793
Transportation company leading the electric commercial vehicle industry for over 80 years and offering commercial electric vehicles with payload capabilities from 800kg up to 7,200kg and GVW from under 2,400kg to over 12,000kg comprising Ampere, Edison, and Newton used in various applications such as travel logistics, home shopping delivery, post and parcel delivery, utilities, facilities and estate management and waste and recycling collection. Visit the site for more business information.
PO Box 10352, Glendale, Arizona, 85318, USA   (3145)

Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc.  Call 800-331-4331
Transportation company making travel easy for people by providing them with the quality and type of vehicles they need for complete comfort travel. In 13 locations from all over North America, more than 36,000 company workers are fully engaged in producing over 1.3 million vehicles, more than 1.5 million engines, and nearly 400,000 automatic transmissions per year. More detailed business information can be found on the official site of the company.
19001 South Western Ave., Dept. WC11, Torrance, CA 90501, USA   (3144)

Truck Tracker   Call 815-717-8482
Offers GPS tracking for bus and trucks which paves the way for profitability, efficiency, safety and security.
21754 S. Center Ave, New Lenox, Illinois 60451, USA   (6897)

Tyres  Call 02920 599 000
Stock a wide range of car tyres from budget tyres to high performance tyres equipped with free balancing.
St Fagans Garage, Michaelston Road, Culverhouse Cross, Cardiff, CF5 4SY, UK   (6938)

Used Cars  Call Only email support
Make and Model is a leading supplier of used cars including top manufacturers like Audi, BMW and Aston Martin as well as affordable models like VW, Renault and Citroen.
Online only   (6966)

Business Information: A guide to Vehicle Business

How To Get Started In Vehicle Business?

We have seen storm in automobile and transportation industry and this has led to new doors of opportunity in vehicle business. As advanced technologies and engines are becoming familiar on roads its acting as perk on vehicle sales making it affordable even by common man for all their travel needs. Where luxurious cars and vehicles were implied for rich and famous earlier it has reached the house of common men too now and says aloud in its oomph style that vehicles are in our reach and the luxury has almost become a requirement for us now. But here we are not discussing about economic development in transportation industry perhaps it would be better to define it as prospective for profitable vehicle business.

What simply do you gather by the term motor vehicle business? It would simply be defined as business dealing in selling, purchasing and renting of motor vehicles. These vehicles could be cars, small carriage tempo or big trucks required in businesses for transportation. With population growing every minute vehicle business only tends to offer you innumerous opportunities in the field with innovation of technology over time. So are ready to discuss separate facets of vehicle business along the lines of its utility by people for travel. Most assured and straight forward approach to motor vehicles business would be selling and purchasing of vehicles. Well one would need to be registered with proper documentation to initiate this business and it definitely needs a large display area for vehicles of distinct models. Hence one would need to invest in a large display area along with efficient staff to deal with people.

For instance a person visits your showroom and looks for a vehicle in his budget. You would probably offer him best options and financing options so that he can pay in easy installments and buy the vehicle. For this purpose you would need to recruit efficient staff that can explain details and act vice versa. On the other hand you can also enter vehicles business as a buyer and seller for used vehicles. For this sort of business one does not need to invest in any fancy display area as used cars attract customers who cannot afford high prices and plan to make low budget purchase for their transportation needs. You can also advertise your business online in both these subjective cases as customers can get in contact with you as per their requirement.

Apart from this you can purchase few vehicles and initiate your business by offering them on rental which is also called Taxi Services. This could be a great business because your one time investment provides you return every time people hire it in form of rent for their road travel needs. However you might have to incur maintenance charges at times of service and accidents. One can also invest in SUV and trucks that are often times rented for industries and commercial utility. Along with your vehicle you would also need to hire expert drivers so they can deliver goods safely and prevent any sort of damage to your vehicle.

These kinds of services offered are also known as transportation or travel services as they carry goods from one city to different city. At times people hire such vehicles for weekend to move about in remote areas and country for travel expedition. Whichever facet of vehicle business you choose one thing is certain that vehicle business can only be started with sound finance in hand. It has truly become easy for people to purchase vehicles as various financial schemes lay off one time payment burden on their shoulders. If you are truly planning to invest in vehicle business we shall aggravate your dream by suggesting you to keep some vehicle accessories at your outlet too. This would simply be an enhancement in your direct business line. With our best wishes simply dive in this business with good speed!

Different types Vehicles are needed nowadays in almost every field of life. They are used for personal use as well as for official use. Many people prefer to purchase their own four-wheeler. But there are some who prefer to hire as their requirement are temporary. After buying any cars maintaining it monthly is must. Apart from these heavy ones like trucks are also used for industrial purpose. These are mainly for transportation of material from one place to another. So there are many options if one plans to start a vehicles business. It is profitable and is always in demand.

There are many people who need a vehicle but do not prefer to buy. They make use of leased cars for transportation. That can be short term as per their requirement. They might just require it for some special occasion like weddings or festivals. Many people also need vehicles for a long period of time. They lease it for a year or more. Like if one has to transfer to other city or country then he will prefer not to purchase any car. For these people leasing a car is better option as disposing their owned car is difficult. Leasing different kinds of cars and jeeps is much better business.

Many corporate also require vehicles. There are person at different positions in a particular corporation. One can find staff members, managers, accountant, director, CEO’s, chairman and many people in any organization. They all require cars vehicles for transportation. It is very difficult to provide owned vehicles to each one. They also are concerned about the depreciation value of the vehicles. For them leasing car or van is much better option. By leasing, it is not compulsory for them to invest heavy for purchasing any four-wheeler. This will make a huge difference in their business.

For starting a vehicle leasing business there are many service one can provide to the client. Provide cheapest leasing deals in cars and vans. Provide customer with hundreds of vehicles to choose from. Maintenance of car and vans including tyres and repairs can be made optional. The leasing deals can be made according to the mileage or as per number of day as used. Always try to provide flexible and attractive lease terms. Finance can be made available for leasing the vehicles. One can also provide drivers for transportation. Finally there are many ways where one can gain profit.

Apart from cars and vans, heavy duty vehicles like trucks, cargo, cranes can be also given for lease. Latest models like Pickup trucks, cargo vans, Sprinter Vans, Box trucks, Hi-cube Vans are required by many industrialists. Much organization needs extra trucks for transportation during the rush hour. They might also require when one of their own trucks is not available. Waiting for the availability of their own trucks may incur heavy loss for them. This may affect their relations with other client for a long term. At this moment they won’t wait to lease a truck at any cost. These types of vehicles are charged on hourly basis which makes it much money-making business.

One can also go for used cars and vans sale. Many people do not find it comfortable using leased cars. They need freedom to use the way they want for transportation. So even if they have to use it for shorter period they will use self owned cars or vans. They won’t have to make heavy investments in buying new cars. Buying used cars can be in their budget. Make them available a wide range of four-wheelers. Give them test ride and other detail specification. Selling used cars business can also be a marginable business depends up on the buyer and the model of the vehicle.

Monthly maintenance is required by every vehicle. It is very important to provide preventive maintenance for any car to keep it safe. Many possible problems are avoided by it. This will also make the car last longer. One can provide car maintenance check list for the client. This will make a check of engine oil, transmission fluid, tire pressure and many other parts that need to be checked regularly. Many business people have very tight schedule and have no time for maintaining their cars. Services, like picking their vehicles and transporting back to them after the required maintenance, can be provided.

One can also deal with the spare parts of the vehicles. There are many trucks used in industries for transportation of materials. They are used for long hours. If they have a breakdown then it will be much of a problem. There are many garages that purchase spare parts from dealers other than the standard company. This makes much difference in the cost of the item. So there are many profitable options if one prefers to start vehicle business.

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