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Offer superior sports tours to events like the Final Four, The Masters, Kentucky Derby, Super Bowl, World Series, BCS Bowl games and the Daytona 500. Visit the site for more information.
201 Shannon Oaks Circle, Suite 205, Cary, North Carolina 27511   (4512)

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Offers custom sports travel and tour packages to the World's most exclusive Sporting Events including World Cup, Winter Games, Super Bowl, Maters plus, football, hockey and baseball packages, professional golf packages and much more. Visit the site for more business information.
800-191 Lombard Ave., Winnipeg, MB, R3B 0X1, CANADA   (4513)

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Providing service to the sports loving people is a new area for the travel business agents. Sports are a weakness of many people and passionate sports lover would never miss a chance to watch major sports events like the world cups. No matter which team reaches the finals of the games they already decide to go and watch the final match being played at the stadium. To them the country or distance does not matter they just want to be a part of game. Visiting tourist destinations when the games are not on will only add more fun to the trip. Sports travel packages are designed with this very objective.

Traveling packages are not new to people and they know its benefits and have been able to experience relaxed travel experience with no worries about making arrangements for tickets or looking for services like renting a car or other modes of local transport. The travel agent takes care of all these things and provides good service and a friendly staff. The same benefits can be extended to the sports travel packages. The business in this sector is based more on trust and care the travelers receive from the hosts.

The sports packages for attending the sports tournaments at different countries are for couple of days. There is much time between the sports events which needs to be filled in. Travel agents can arrange variety of other programs, parties, theme based gatherings and sight seeing opportunities to their customers. The customers would be attracted toward such packages and it would be like a bonus offered to them in addition to the excitement of game they for which they are planning to travel. These packages can cover different events that are held at international level but the local events that are held at the national level are equally popular and can earn a good business.

Many businesses offer such sports packages to their employees or regular customers as an incentive. This helps them to build up strong and long-term relationships with their clients and is means to provide their employees with inspiration to do best in their job to increase productivity. Providing attractive packages and service these companies can get them added to the list of your regular clientele.

These sports packages have a very large scope as every now and then there are some major tournaments going on. But the most awaited and prestigious tournaments like Olympics and similar tournaments that do not take place every year and have participation from almost all parts of the world is the time to get maximum business. You must be prepared well in advance for such big tournaments to offer the customers best of your travel deals.

Many customers would like to travel for sports that are not listed in your packages for such customers or groups you can arrange custom packages. Sometimes the customer willing to take benefit of your service for traveling to a sports event abroad might not have passport, visa and other necessary formalities completed. If you add such extra services or assistance in getting these things done it would attract many clients to your business. You cold also arrange for the tickets of the sports event they are planning to travel for. Many people are reluctant to travel because of the fear that they would not get tickets or due to other inconvenience related to traveling to place or country they do not know about. The more convenience, trust and security you offer them in your packages the more business you would get in the future packages.

Another important aspect is the cost effectiveness of the package you are offering to the sports fans. They would be attracted to your package if they are assured that you would take them to the place well in advance so that they don’t miss any part of the event. They would also consider the offer if it is really cost effective and the travel agency have a good business reputation of keeping all the promises that are made in their offer.

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