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ITA Software   Call +1.617.714.2100
ITA Software, located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA, develops software for the travel and airline industry. Visit the site for more information and details.
141 Portland Street, Cambridge, MA 02139, USA   (4623)

Travel Booster   Call 972 3 6076300
Tour operator software with a complete suite of front, mid & back office tools. Allows you to distribute your products online, control your business, and automate working procedures to increase business efficiency. Visit the site for more information and details.
Azrieli Center 1, Round Tower 37th Floor, 67021 Tel Aviv, ISRAEL   (4624)

Business Information By Mast Directory: Travel Software Business Information And Guide

The travel industry is amongst the biggest businesses all over the world and in the United States it’s the 3rd largest retail sector business after groceries stores and medicines sold at drug store and chemist. But the travel business is today a business of vast expanse and not just about travel bookings. It involves booking air tickets, hotel reservation tickets, planning a vacation, planning the tour itinerary, delivering tickets to the clients, car rentals etc. But in all of this the most important thing is knowing the availability, and how can you know that. Well to know whether or not there is availability of hotel room, air tickets, train tickets, cost per room, tour packages, bulk booking discounts and many other thing for which you need travel software. Travel software allows travel agents, tour operators and all those in the travel business to check availability and make bookings for their clients. There exists travel software that can be viewed on one’s own PC or palm top and you can book tickets and make hotel reservations on your own.

As the need to get information about travel increases, there are travel software that are updated by the second giving accurate up to date information about availability in every corner of the world. If you would like to have a travel software business then there are ways to start this business. In this article we tell how you can have travel software business and earn money from it. If you have knowledge about how to do software programming then you can create your own travel software. There are many small hotels that need small travel software that allows them to have a facility for online hotel reservation. Small basic hotel reservation software can be made using the old technology of FoxPro which allows room numbers to be displayed on the screen. You can assign a set of colors marking those rooms that have occupancy and those that have vacancy. For more sophisticated travel software you will need knowledge of software programming language like .Net and PHP. You can then create travel software as per industry needs and sell the software to clients who might be interested in buying such software.

If you are interested in a software making business and would like to design comprehensive travel software catering to the needs of all the businesses involved in the travel industry then that’s a brilliant idea. You will need to open a new software company, get the company name registered and get a license for the business. You will also need to hire people who have knowledge of creating high end software. These will be the people who will create the travel software. You also need to have people who will market your product and bring in sales for the company. There are other aspects of the business that you also need to concentrate on. You will have to meet potential clients and show a demo of what results your travel software can achieve for their business. In this age of cost cutting where airline companies are facing tough times due to the economic crisis that began in 2008 you will have to convince your clients that your travel software can help them bring down costs and improve efficiency and output.

Another of the successful business models that you can replicate for your travel software business is that of being an agent. Since many companies in the business of making travel software there exists intense competition to sell one’s products. If you think you can help software companies sell their travel software to companies who need it then you can make a business out of this. Small companies find it hard to reach potential companies; you can contact such companies and tell them that you are interested in taking the marketing rights for their travel software. By doing this you have exclusive marketing rights for that software in your territory. You can open a company that will sell the software to potential clients. You can keep the profits while remitting the costs per software license sold to the software making company.

Recently Naresh Goyal, chairman of Jet Airways one of India’s leading private airlines said that if the government did not protect the interest of airline companies in the country then the future for airline companies in India was bleak and he could consider shutting down the airline completely. This is where travel software business can help the travel industry by creating integrated travel software that allows them to view flight departure, flight arrivals, hotel reservations, car rental bookings, air travel or make train reservation bookings online with great speed and accuracy.

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