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Every one needs to travel for one reason or another. People are traveling for both work and pleasure. Tourism industry is witnessing a new high. The increase in travelers has also increases transportation by means of road, train and air. More transport means more energy consumption and affect environment. Green travel is a solution that many businesses adapt as it makes possible to balance between travel and environmental protection. People today are more aware about environment and prefer the green travel wherever possible. Although in its start this form is surely the future of travel industry.

If you are doing business for people who have to fly more you can offer them with non-stop fights which would help them to go green with faster traveling and reduced emissions. Many air travels are taking initiative in this direction and are getting good response from the travelers for these environment friendly practices. The carbon neutral flights that are used for green travel are becoming more and more popular amongst the regular business and occasional air travelers who believe in doing minimum harm to the environment.

Research has shown that air travel has tremendous effects on the change in climatic conditions. But it is equally true that despite all the love, care and will one have for being friend of environment, in certain instances traveling is unavoidable. So in such cases if the option for green travel is available to the person he would definitely opt for it. Green travel could be offered to clients who are planning to go for vacations and opt for traveling packages. They want to enjoy their time with family and leave the job of travel planning to different agencies. You can also set up your own business providing these services to the client for eco-friendly vacations.

Car rental services are another area for people to do business in a green way. The regular cars have high emission that contributes to the environmental pollution. Instead the hybrid cars could be used for rental. People going on vacations to different countries do not use their own cars and opt for renting cars for traveling. If you have many hybrid options available like small car for small group and big buses or cars for the large group to enjoy the time together you can have frequent customers at your counter where they are sure to get a green option for renting during their tourist traveling.

The service you provide them will contribute for building good relationships and they will refer your business to others back home bringing you more business in future. With growing awareness about Green travel the sooner you start it will be better for you to establish yourself in this area.

Many businesses need the public transport services for delivery of their goods. They need daily transportation services to transport the goods form the manufacturing unit to the selling counters that are located at different places. Renal transportations are used in large quantity in this area and there is a tremendous potential for green transportation services in this field. Everybody knows the negative impacts of transportation on environment and there is willingness in clients to support the green companies. The business can be used in different areas. More are more people are using Internet to get tips about green traveling which is an evidence of the fact that the number of eco friendly people is increasing.

Not only for traveling but all things that are used in every day life has its green counterparts. They are a good option to the regular products being used that have already caused much harm to the nature and are continuing to do so. Many ecologists are now trying to support the green alternatives amongst the people. Every place that is providing information about the green things is in a way indirectly promoting your business, which would be supportive to your marketing. Government, Internet, ecologists, nature clubs are all supporting and promoting green travel.

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