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The travel business is amongst the biggest industries in the world. As per the World Tourism Organization the worldwide tourist numbers reached 760 million people in 2004 which represents a ten percent over 2003. Also the report noted that Asia is the fastest growing market for tourism follow by the Pacific region. In the US tourism is the 3rd largest retail business behind car dealers and departmental store, food stores. As per an article published by the Wall Street Journal in 2003 it is estimated that the travel and tourism business is worth $245 billion worldwide. Certainly travel and tourism business has phenomenal business potential worldwide and people wanting to do a travel business have many options for a business model.

In this article we look at some of the major travel business models that people can use to start their own travel business. Travel business can be in the form of car rentals, air and train travel ticketing bookings, Hotel reservations, tourist guide, airlines, discount airlines, cruise ships, travel agents, etc. The travel business is a service industry where you are offering different kinds of services to the customer. There are many things that you need to consider before setting up your business model. Things like financial investment in the business, man power for carrying the business, office space for the business, logistics and other requirements are needed to be considered.

We start our travel business recommendations with car rentals and car hire business. In this business model you will need to investment some money in purchasing cars. Surely cars are expensive but if you think it is a viable business model then there are many finance companies that will give to a loan on car finance. You can start your own car rentals business and get in touch with a resort or hotel as they have tourist who would like to visit to tourist spots in that region. Usually car rentals fix their price per kilometer or per mile of distance traveled with a minimum charge for use irrespective of distance traveled. Believe me, you can start by have just 2-4 vehicles in car rentals business and work your way up from there. You should also know what vehicles tourist prefer, some tourist travel in groups so if you can have a 7-8 seat Multi Utility Van or a modern mini-van then that would be good for your business.

Travel agents are an important part of the travel business, they are the ones who scroll through the various airlines and check the fares and availability of seats. If you think that travel agency business is a viable business model then there are some things that you should know about the business. There is not much initial investment in a travel agency business. All you need is to have computers and people who can check online book availability for trains and airlines. More importantly what is really required is that you have a large contact address of people who you can get in touch with to offer your services. If you do not have such a list you can always get one from other resources. Call up those people who happen to be frequent travelers and tell them of your services and also if they are planning any travel in the foreseeable future then you can create business for yourself. Gradually you can contact airline companies for bargain deals and offers on bulk bookings this will increase your profitability.

If you have huge financial strength and think that a hotel business is what you would like for yourself then such a business needs in-depth planning. The magnitude of the hotel and the location of the business is what will affect the cost of the business. If you are planning a small motel or a 3 star hotel on the outer limits of a city then the project could be worth a few hundred thousand dollars or even less. But if you are planning your project at a tourist center on a prime property targeting the luxury end of the travel business or your hotel is business hotel then the project could well be worth a few hundred million dollars or more. Such a project could take up to 2-4 years in the making. Such projects certainly are funded by either a large company that is already in the hotels and resorts business or if this happens to be your first business venture then you could take financial help from a consortium of investors wanting to have a partnership in the project. Such projects could have anywhere between 200 to 500 rooms, a pool, gymnasium, health club, massage and spa center, 6-8 different restaurants and more.

Another business within the travel business is that of travel guide books and books based on places of historical importance. Travel guide books are much sought after by people looking to travel and explore a new destination, one that they have been probably been to before. To start such a travel books business you need to have a book publishing house or start a new one. The travel books market is a crowed one. To establish your travel books business you can hire good writers who will travel to a particular region and write about the new developments and record new facets about historical facts. You will need to tie up with book distribution company and book sellers not only in your country but contact book distribution companies all over the world and have an agreement to sell the books all over the world. Travel books and guides can sell for as low as $5 and good travel guides can be worth $25 too. Another model that you can have for your book publishing business if you do not want to pay the writer upfront is that of paying on royalty basis or in remote cases on the number of books sold.

The internet is another place where all kinds of travel business avenues are open. You can have a site about hotel reservations and other travel bookings. Wondering how such a business can work, well there are many budget hotels and B&B’s that do not have their own website but offer great services that people do not know about. You can simply contact all such hotels and tell that you are willing to put up information about their services and you will charge them a commission on each booking made through your website. Similarly you can have a website that gives information about tourist spots in a particular region or information about some of the most happening adventure places in the world and also wild life sanctuaries. Through your website you can offer services to make booking at these place a comprehensive tour package that will include booking travel tickets, hotel reservations, airport pickup, booking water raft or safari packages etc. Such a business is a very lucrative business as there are money to be made at every point, when you are booking hotel room you receive a commission, booking of car rentals for the tourist you receive a commission, night safari packages you receive commission. It is important that you will have to ensure that the services at each point are excellent so that repeat business can be there.

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