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Filtrona Extrusion  Call 404-564-8560
Company fully engaged in manufacturing traffic control devices for all traffic and transportation control. Products include Barricades, Channelizer Posts, Curb System, Flexible Delineator Posts, Work Zone Pavement Markers, Reflectors for Barrier Walls and Guardrails, Snow Poles, and many adhesive products that have gained worldwide acceptance and delievery. Make sure you give a look to site for further business information and details.
2500 Northwinds Pkwy, Suite # 472, Alpharetta GA 30004, USA   (3139)

Plastic Safety Systems, Inc.  Call 800-662-6338
Company helping to make road travel and transportation safe by providing with traffic control products which warn and guide road users of impending roadway construction etc with wide variety of selection including barricades used to close, restrict or delineate the right-of-way, channelizers, crash cushion, speed bumps, parking blocks, sand bags and much more. Further information can be found on the site.
2444 Baldwin Road, Cleveland, Ohio 44104, USA   (3141)

The Sign Men  Call 1-800-555-8073
Company making road travel easy and safer by providing with vehicles traffic control devices and signage products including Barricades, Vinyl Flourescent Flags, Flagger Sign Paddles, Traffic Cones, Pavement Markers, work zone products, school and street name signs and much more with online shopping. Take some of your time to give a good look to the site for complete business details.
9862 Lorene, Suite 108, San Antonio, TX 78216   (3142)

Traffic & Parking Control Co., Inc.  Call (800) 236-0112
Provide of finest quality, innovative and environmentally friendly traffic control products for proper maintenance of public in travel and vehicles on road. Products supplied include traffic signs, pavement marking, delineators and speed bumps, posts and bases, emergency lighted warning signs, crosswalk signs, speed limit signs, school signs, regulatory signs and much more. Go to site for detailed business information.
800 Wall St., Elm Grove, WI 53122, USA   (3140)

Traffic Management  Call 01670 738138
Provider of the full range of traffic management services and traffic warning products to support contractors who are carrying out work on the highways.
Infrasafe Limited, Railsafe House, Whiteley Road, Blaydon, Tyne & Wear, NE21 5NJ   (6005)

U.S. Barricades  Call (203) 820-8220
Company is a leader in meeting the rising public demand for greater transportation safety through its innovative Barricades And Traffic Signs products for complete road traffic control. Products include traffic cones, traffic signals, speed limit sign boards, Channelizer Drums and Cones, road construction and emergency management traffic light systems and much more. Give a look to site for further business information and details.
31 Mansfield Ave, Darien, CT 06820, USA   (3138)

Business Information By Mast Directory: A Guide to the Traffic Control Products Business

Using signals and signs to make sure that everyone drives safely is essential for protecting citizens on the road. One way to make sure that the flow of traffic continues in the right direction, is to tap into the traffic control products business. This offers different types of signals and systems in the transportation industry that ensure that everyone on the road obeys traffic laws, while guiding individuals through the right lanes. The drive within this business is based on the capacity to help individuals have the correct signs for traffic control.

The traffic control products business includes a range of products used for safety on the road. Alarm systems, traffic control equipment, railway signals, pedestrian signs, intercommunication systems and paging systems are some of the alternatives used to make sure everyone obeys traffic laws while on the road. These are all divided by different needs for different road conditions and spaces required to have direction on the road. The variation of signals needed is the main way in which this business is able to drive forward.

Within this, are several industries that combine the needs for products. For example, household type areas, such as school districts, may use traffic control for pedestrians. Other areas, such as highway and street construction use signals as a way to let others know where to be cautious at, as well as to detour vehicles from driving into areas that are being redone. Automobile manufacturing also need to have specific signs which individuals can use with communication, such as for police vehicles or ambulances that need internal signals and alarms. Businesses that specialize in one of these areas offer new demand of what is needed for transportation.

With the expectations for traffic control products, is also a continuous demand for the needs. The year of 2008 brought a revenue of $5 million to traffic control products. This was a decrease by 3% from past years. The largest demand for products included alarm systems, specifically with technological options for electric sirens and horns. The demand was at 50% of the market. This was followed by traffic control equipment and railway signals, which included 35% of the industry. Within the various industries was the need to combine these products to allow for better communication with transportation.

Beyond these basic industries, are new ways in which businesses are finding to make sure that different products are in demand for transportation. For instance, some individuals are finding new, digital products that are able to gather the attention of individuals better then in the past and with new innovations. There are also options for growth by specializing on different areas. Aviation, interstates, railways and management products are all available for specialized areas and needs. This provides a different set of options and demands in the industry.

This approach is combining with industry needs to make sure there is potential for growth, especially because of the slight decrease that is within the industry. For instance, some are finding specialization in transportation by offering new technology to cops that need to control and regulate traffic through alarm systems. Because other types of signs and signals may be more standard, and do not need to be replaced as often, the concept of adding in technology innovations that work with a specialized area is one way for businesses to grow with transportation needs.

For anyone who is interested in the control and regulation of traffic, whether it is in the air or on the highway, is the ability to look into the traffic control products business for alternatives. The signs, signals and alarms that are provided in this particular industry are designed to keep everyone in line, and to make sure that communication on the road is complete. This creates the ability to offer continuous communication on the road, even with individuals behind the wheel.