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Adventure Tours Australia   Call +61 (0)8 81328280
The company offer tours and package travel deals for the active budget traveler and backpackers. Minibus and 4WD tours to Uluru Ayers Rock, Kakadu National Park, Western Australia, Tasmania, Northern Territory, East Coast, Victoria, Queensland. Visit the site for more information.
72 The Parade, Norwood, South Australia, 5067   (4773)

Gap Year Adventure   Call + 44 (0) 207 384 3343
Offering travel adventures around the world, volunteering with major partners like the UNESCO and AWF, Red Cross, and training programmes for Dive, Ski and Expedition instructors. Also provide gap year adventure tours for school groups. Visit the site for more information and details.
Gapforce, 530 Fulham Road, Fulham, London, SW6 5NR   (4772)

Teen Tour Adventures   Call (800) 767-2722
Adventures Cross-Country, the World Leader in Teenage Adventures, specializing in student travel, youth travel, wilderness adventures, youth adventure and teen adventure travel programs since 1983.
242 Redwood Highway, Mill Valley, CA 94941   (5978)

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The adventure tour business is a part of the travel and tours business but still significantly differs from it. The planning and arrangements that go into an adventure tour business are pretty much the same but adventure tours are different in many ways. The basic difference between the usual travel & tours business is that you are selling a destination like Paris or Australia as a vacation destination. With adventure tour business you’re telling people that there are places where they can enjoy adventure tourism. A fine example of an adventure tourism destination would be New Zealand where tourist can do bungee jumping, water sports, motor sports rallying and an array of adventure sports.

Young people all around the world have different interests, some like to explore mythical places like Egypt, some search for spirituality and head to India while others look for complete adventure. There are so many adventure destination all over the world like water rafting in the Ganges, sky diving and paragliding, mountain climbing and then there are adventure parks like the Disney adventure parks located in Tokyo, America and some other places. There are some very good adventure parks in Hong Kong and Dubai as well. An increasing number of people are turning to looking for adventure tours where they can do things that are different from like staying at a beach resort in Bali or visiting the backwaters of Kerala.

To offer tourists a different form of tourism tours and travel businesses or adventure tour businesses create a separate tour schedule. The tour schedule should be planned out in a way that people who have signed up with your travel company should be able to have great fun and indulge in adventure of their choice or as per the agreed schedule. This can be a great business if you would like to be in the tours and travels business. In this article we talk about the different business models one can apply to have their own adventure tour business. In every business there is level at which the business is done and it’s important to know what kind of business you would want for your adventure tour business.

As it stands with the travel business you are looking to sell an adventure destination to tourists. But before that you need to have all arrangements related to the tour in place. If you are starting a travel agency then you have to be prepared to handle a lot of responsibility. Your travel agency will be responsible for ticket booking, be it bus travel, air travel or travel by train, booking accommodation and most importantly booking tickets and reservation to adventure spots. At the same time you will need to market your business to people. Newspaper advertisements are usually the easiest way to get the word around about the business coming into existence; you also offer attractive discounts for people who would confirm travel booking in a particular time period. Be sure that you are making such discount offers during the vacation period, a period when families are generally looking to go vacations with the entire family.

You also need to plan out your target market; if you are targeting families then carrying a happy family picture in your newspaper advertisement will have a good impact. Also include one or two pictures of the adventure tourist spots you are offering in your tour program. When such pictures are a part of your advertising and marketing campaign then it can work wonders for your adventure tour business.

Another business model for your adventure tour business can be that of a tour operator. People will be arriving at an adventure travel destination but how will they get around the different adventure spots. The business of travel operator is that of providing conveyance and transportation facilities. It would be understandable that if tourists are visiting a mountain climbing destination or on a trekking tour they need to reach that place in order to commence their adventure expedition. It is the travel agency that gets in touch with the tour operator and ties up with them. Such a business arrangement can be long term or on a tour to tour basis depending on what business the travel agency sees in the foreseeable future. The tour operator will be responsible carrying out the complete tour schedule that falls in their part. The responsibilities would include taking tourist to all the adventure tourism spots that they have signed up for, any other tourist spots of interest, picking up the tourist from the airport, dropping then at the airport at the end of the tour etc.

Now any tour operator is not bound by a contract that they can do business with just one travel agency, you are always free to work out offering your tour operator services on days when you are not under contract with one travel agency. This how you can have a large business, by offering tour services to a number of travel agencies you are ensuring that you have work for most part of the year and also that you are work to maximum capacity. You will also need a tour operators license and get your business recognized by the local or national tour operators association. This is very important because no travel agency will approach your for business until you are listed as recognized and authorized member of the local and national tour operators association.

In the travel and adventure tours business there is another business model that you can opt to create your own adventure tours business. People want to have some kind of excitement in their lives and that’s the reason why to look to adventure sports and adventure tours to quench their thrust. If you are an adventure sports enthusiast yourself or think you would want to have an adventure sports business of your own then that’s a great way to be associated with the adventure tours business. For that you would need government permission to run such a business. You must understand that adventure sports can be very dangerous and safety has to be given the highest priority. If you are not going to be careful of safety measures at the adventure sports site then your business might never take off because until highest safety standards are maintained the government will never grant you a license to carry out adventure sports.

You would also need to hire lifesavers people who are trained to work as lifesavers. These people are with the tourist all times. If the tourist are on a mountain climbing expedition then lifesavers will take the mountain climbing expedition with them, climb up the mountain and return with them. The tourist will pay you for these services and this is how you make money from an adventure sports business. People also like to undertake paragliding, jumping from a plane into the sky and bungee jumping. All this is organized adventure sports business and requires a professional company that will have all the equipment that’s needed for a tourist to undertake such adventure sports. Plus you will need to have instructors who will help and guide tourist with safety measures and what they need to do to successful complete their chosen adventure sports.

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