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Pets are a part of family and get the same attention as any other member of the family. Businesses have started accepting this fact and are opening themselves up for pets. Many places like shopping complexes and multiplexes have made provisions for pet care while the customers are busy shopping or watching movie. The latest in this line to accommodate pets is the hotel industry. Pets were a strict no in hotels and this was a big disappointment for pet owners. However the pet friendly hotels have seen a tremendous response from pet owners.

It is now possible to take your pet along with you when your travel thanks to the many pet friendly hotels that exist today. Pets left alone or in the hands of caretaker are always at the back of our mind when we are away on a vacation or dinner outings. One could not enjoy there vacations with such worries. Taking into consideration this problem many hotels and restaurants are now entertaining pets. Lodging and boarding for pets is available and it is possible for pets to accompany people on holidays. Given a choice people do not wish to leave their pets alone for many days and hence pet friendly hotels witness a full booking making it a new business in the already flourishing hotel industry.

Pet friendly hotels do not differ much from the regular ones. Today the number of pet hotels is not large in number. Also the hotels are not available in every destination. Hence there is a large waiting for lodging in these hotels. The situation will improve with new entrants in this business but till that time the existing hotels will have to handle the pressure due to the low demand to supply ratio. One can survey for demands at different location as it will help in deciding the location for your hotels.

While making reservations for the pets it is advised to take all information about the pets. Like the breed of pet, food habits, diseases and medication etc. this will help in preparing the lodging for the pets. You can provide a detailed form for the pet owners to fill. The form can be provided online so that it is fast and convenient. Also it will help to analyze data for each pet in a better manner. For example pets with same food habits and behavioral traits can share same place. Such data collection will help immensely in planning and avoid major goof ups. Pets can be very difficult to handle and hence this becomes vital for smooth operations in the business.

It is very important to draft policies pertaining to lodging and boarding of pets. It helps in addressing grievance of the pet owners. It can also help in case of legal issues. Customers should be made aware of your pet policy and request them to add in accordance. The policy should have the dos and don’ts for both the pets and pet owners. The policy should be simple to understand and should not have any ambiguous or hidden clause. It should not be biased or anti pet owners. Remember the objective of the policy is to standardize business operation and avoid fiction between the customers and the hotel owners.

Recommendations are always important in hotel business and hold equally true for those that accommodate pets. Many people try to obtain feedback from others before making the bookings. As pets have a special place in people’s life many people blog and websites exist on website for pet care. Lodging and dining of pets is an important issue and a lot of information on this subject is provided for pet owners online. They also recommend hotels that take good care of pets. Getting your hotel recommended in such places will significantly increase the booking enquiries. Internet plays a crucial role in any business operation and is all the more important in hospitality sector. Making your presence felt on the web is the cheapest and best way to promote your pet friendly hotel.

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