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Aaah the Views Bed and Breakfast   Call 808-885-3455.
Bed and Breakfast located at Kamuela providing accommodations for honeymooners, couples, families, and singles. Located just 15 minutes from Hapuna Beach, in the Kohala region of the Big Island. Visit the site for more.
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Captain Stannard House Country Inn   Call 860-399-4634
A Connecticut River Valley and Shoreline bed and breakfast for private getaways and special occasions offering nine beautifully appointed guest rooms with queen beds and private baths. A delicious two-course breakfast is included in your room rate. Check site for further details.
138 South Main Street, Westbrook CT 06498   (1043)

Business Information By Mast Directory: A Guide to the Bed and Breakfast Business

For some, a major hotel doesn't provide the comfort and accommodations needed while traveling. If there is an individual that wants an alternative to a lodging or hotel room, is the ability to provide a bed and breakfast. This specific business provides an unique alternative for those who are traveling and need a temporary place to stay. The qualities of a bed and breakfast, as well as the alternatives for operation offer a different perspective to lodging.

The concept of a bed and breakfast is to provide individual rooms in a home like setting, instead of an industrial type building. With this, are specialized services, such as serving breakfast in every room, that are available. Most also include an atmosphere that is unique and slightly different then other areas of stay. Typically, bed and breakfast businesses are smaller in size and build by having a specific atmosphere that is created from the business. This offers an alternative for those that are traveling and don't want basic accommodations or hotel rooms.

The profit associated with a B&B, or bed and breakfast, is based on the amount of occupancy required, as well as the number of rooms available. Typically, the rooms are multiplied by the days of operation and the expected occupancy. Other factors to consider include things such as time of the year. For instance, if it slow season in your area of residence, then not as many individuals will be demanding occupation. This is also linked to things such as the environment and weather to determine what an individual who is traveling wants for accommodations.

The bed and breakfast lodging industry is considered unique and apart from the hotel industry when considering the business and revenue. The other component to this is alternative hotels, such as hostels, which require different types of staying areas for individuals. In 2008, the revenue for both types of lodging areas was at an average of $3 million. This was a 2.9% decrease from past years. The majority of the revenue, at 75%, was linked to the bed and breakfast accommodations available for individuals.

The main aspect to this particular amount of revenue is based on the size of the business. Since bed and breakfasts are considered a small business, it is not expected they will be able to provide the same amount of revenue as larger industries. The demand and increase is dependent on leisure time individuals have while they are traveling to different areas, as well as the preference of stay. With this concept, is an expected stability within the industry for individuals who are moving about the globe and are interested in alternative areas to stay at.

If you are building a bed and breakfast lodging, not only do you want to keep the figures in mind, but also want to create a strategic plan to make sure there is a profit from your small business. Having an unique style that attracts travelers is the first step. For instance, if you are in an historic area, then considering this as the main attraction can bring consumers in. Another option is to offer something hotels and other areas can't, so individuals can add into the memories of their trip with the travels. Knowing how to show the right type of hospitality is the simplest way to make sure individuals enjoy their stay.

Anyone interested in the hospitality industry takes a certain angle by providing an opportunity through the business of bed and breakfast. This particular option for a business offers a small business option to accommodate travelers and to offer something unique from the traditional areas of stay. Understanding the lodging industry, as well as the specifics of bed and breakfast offers better alternatives for taking care of a special style of accommodations.

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