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Collective Data, Inc.   Call 1-319-665-4890 , 1-800-750-7638
Company well known for providing most robust and powerful software solutions for fleet maintenance management professionals around the world and thus providing innovative ways to effectively manage a fleet for transportation. Visit the site for more business information and details.
655 Liberty Way, Suite 3, North Liberty, IA 52317, USA
http://www.collectivedata.com/   (4278)

Infosite Technologies Inc   Call 1-888-395-0354
Developer of fleet management software for the trucking industry. The company's dispatch software handles Logistics Management, Freight Forwarding, Truck-Load, LTL, Intermodal, Private Fleets, Fleet Maintenance and Warehousing. Visit the site for more information and details.
1919, Lionel Bertrand suite 204, Boisbriand, QC, Canada, J7H 1N8
http://www.infositetech.com/   (4279)

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Vehicle centric business such as transport involves a large fleet of vehicles. These vehicles deliver variety of material to many different cities. Logistics activities are in operation throughout the year and the vehicles are on continuous move. The pressure for quick and safe deliveries makes it extremely necessary to keep a real time check on position and operation of each vehicle in the fleet. Fleet management software used for this purpose has made the operations very smooth. They have increased efficiency and accountability that too at a reduced cost. All fleet operation business such as airlines, shipping, railways and trucking has welcomed fleet management software with open arms. With such warm response continuous development has been a striking feature of fleet management software business.

The most important feature of the fleet management software is the vehicle tracking system. The software cannot be called fleet management software if this feature is absent. Fleet management software is an integration of tracking system and business operations. Absence of any one of these disqualifies it to be termed as fleet management software. Equipped with Global Positioning systems and Internet compatibility these software are unparalleled for there functioning and capabilities to their earlier versions. It hardly takes a few seconds to locate position of any vehicle across the globe and deliver commands or instructions to it. This has helped managers to have a real time performance check enabling them to take timely decisions. Fleet management software thus justifies its cost and usefulness and is a happy investment for the fleet business.

Other feature that is as important as the tracking system is the maintenance module. Maintenance is the biggest activity in fleet operations. With the number of fleets increasing and vehicles always on move maintenance pose new business challenges. Each vehicle has a different maintenance schedule depending on its life and performance. Management never takes chance when it comes to maintenance activities. Even a small negligence on their part can result in accidents and huge repair expenses. The losses incurred are very heavy. It is impossible to co-ordinate all maintenance activities of the fleet manually. Chances of overlooking problems or negligence are always there. Maintenance modules in the fleet management software today are well equipped with vehicle specific maintenance record. It gives all information like purchase of vehicle, performance, maintenance and accident history etc. It helps management to take important decisions like decommissioning a vehicle etc. The Maintenance activities in business have been organized and simplified due to fleet management software and its importance in fleet management is undisputed. If you are having a hard time selling your fleet management software you know where to look for.

Fleet management software you supply should be a complete package and address all needs of fleet operation. All modules such as customer records, logistics, accounts, transits and correspondence must be carefully designed keeping the needs of particular fleet category in mind. Any change in operation must be immediately incorporated in the software to get an edge over market. Software is required to ease the operations and your fleet management software should do exactly the same. Security, data protection and privacy are a must have feature for any business software and it becomes more important for an integrated and complex software like fleet management software. Training, support and service are as important as selling software. They not only provide a continuous source of income but also contribute to build your products reputation.

Fleet management software is continuously changing. Like any business even fleet operations are continuously making an attempt to minimize operational cost. Every feature incorporated should add more value at reduced cost. Intelligent software is the future of information technology. Modules that can generate need for repairs, automatically plan optimum travel route or automatically handle purchasing based on the present inventory status will make the fleet management software irresistible in business. Fleet management software of future will revolutionize the way fleet operations are handled and this is a good time to be a part of it.

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