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BBL Fleet  Call 1-877-221-2044
Transportation company fully engaged in developing and executing customized fleet management plans for businesses all across North America. Visit the site for more information.
100 old pond road, Bridgeville, PA, 15017, USA
http://www.bblfleet.com/   (4455)

Fleet Management   Call (800) 608-0809
AmeriQuest services fleet owners and managers alike for everything from invoice processing to fleet and warehouse maintenance. AmeriQuest is able to leverage years of industry experience and vast network of suppliers to help fleet managers find the best option available.
457 Haddonfield Road Suite 220 Cherry Hill, NJ 08002, USA
http://www.ameriquestcorp.com   (7249)

GPS Asset Tracking  Call 888-760-4477 (215-497-0100)
Provider of comprehensive and reliable end-to-end fleet management services and solutions that empower you to optimize employee and overall operational performance.
406 Executive Drive, Luxembourg Corporate Center, Langhorne, PA, 19047
http://www.gpsnorthamerica.com/   (7192)

Nish Fleet  Call 206-272-3500
Offer comprehensive fleet maintenance and management services to Federal agencies and military branches through its network of more than 600 nonprofit organizations and industry partners. Visit the site for more information.
200, West Mercher, Suite E-301, Seattle, Washington, 98119
http://www.nishfleet.com/   (4454)

PHH Corporation  Call 800-ONLY-PHH
Provider of fleet management and leasing services including accident management, fuel and maintenance programs, truck fleet management, and outsourcing for company vehicles. Visit the site for more information.
940 Ridgebrook Road, Sparks, MD 21152-9390, USA
http://www.phh.com/   (4453)

Telogis Fleet Management Software   Call 1-866-TELOGIS (835-6447)
Formed in 2001, Telogis is a premium provider of telematics software as a SaaS web-based platform. A global brand with solutions trusted by some of the world's largest fleets.

85 Enterprise, Ste 450 Aliso Viejo, CA 92656 U.S.A.
http://www.telogis.com   (6799)

Business Information By Mast Directory : Fleet Management Services Business Information And Guide

Fleet operations are one of the most complex business operations. For an average transportation company the operations may involve co-coordinating dozens of vehicle that are heading to different locations at the same time. The vehicles need to be tracked for location all time during their movement. The delivery time should be minimal as operation cost is directly proportional to the time taken in transportation. With an increase in the fleet size the problems are further inflated and needs efficient management to avoid a possible chaos. Also a well planned fleet management improves productivity by reducing both time and cost of operations. Understanding the importance of fleet management many transportation businesses are outsourcing these operations to services that have expertise in fleet operations and management.

GPS Systems are capable of tracking vehicles and it would be strange if this sophisticated tracking technology is not used for fleet management. With implementing GPS in fleet management it is possible to track all vehicle movements sitting at one location that too in real time. One can send instructions to these vehicles on the move. This has brought in a major cost reduction in fleet management operation. Implementing this technology helps in routing vehicles, minimizing delivery times and avoiding accidents, vehicle thefts and road blocks. Transportation business has profited a lot from GPS tracking system and all fleet management services are adopting GPS systems for their business. It is high time to adopt such new technologies in fleet management services business.

Internet has been implemented in every business and it is very successful for the fleet management operations. Fleet management services are adopting fleet management software that simplifies transportation operation to a great extent. Every business has different requirements and needs to customize software accordingly. Development, sales and service, installation of fleet management software is a major activity that the fleet management services business is involved in today.

To use the benefits of fleet management software on the move you need special devices. These devices must be portable, weather and dust resistant and most importantly support internet and GPS features. Modern gadgets like handhelds and mobile phones supports internet and GPS features. As both internet and GPS are implemented in fleet management these devices are being used in transportation on a large scale. In facts much hardware is getting developed especially for fleet management and comes inbuilt with fleet management software. Fleet management services are considering the supply of these devices as a good business.

The internet and fleet management hardware has made it possible to start online operations. Fleet management services are providing web based services that can be used online. There is no need for installation, data management or maintenance at customers end by using web based software. Customers can avail all fleet management features for a subscription fee. As all software operations are handled by the fleet management service a great amount of time is saved which enables them to concentrate mainly on transportation activities.

One big problem that all fleet management services are facing today is the absence of a regulatory body that can keep a check on the functioning of fleet management business. Taking advantage of this many sub standard fleet management services have infiltrated in this business. This is proving to be a big disadvantage for genuine companies and they have to put in extra efforts to win customers confidence and work orders. There is a need for all such transportation business to come together and demand that the government forms of a regulatory body to ensure quality in business operation. Getting recognized by such body will make getting customers easy for authentic fleet management business.

The transportation business is facing new challenges as the fuel prices are on a constant rise. Saving each second and every mile becomes even more important in such scenario. All efforts of fleet management services must be directed towards maximizing customer’s profit. Incorporating latest technologies and maintaining high quality standards in operations will help significantly to achieve this objective in a fleet management services business.

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