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DSTravel  Call +(995 32) 753 056
Transport and travel company offering an individual or group of people chartered flights to Georgia and many other countires of the world and also offer transport tourist service to anywhere in Georgia. See site for details.
0114 P.Box, 1st Gulia, Tbilisi, Georgia   (132)

Gollcher Group  Call +356 25691100
Transportation company providing first class quality service, to customers and business partners, like ship registration, freight forwarding, cruise linear agents, destination and travel management services and more.
19, Zachary Street, Valletta VLT 1133, MALTA.   (131)

ILOG  Call 408-991-7000
Company from United States having branches in foreign countries also providing world class transportation, logistics and travel services including planning scheduling, traffic management, easy integration, speed and scalability, true business value, booking and back-office automation etc.
1195 West Fremont Ave, Sunnyvale, CA 94087-3832   (129)

International Cheap flights  Call +61 3 9639 5154
Search, compare and book cheap flights from 76 airlines from Different cities of the country Australia. Visit the site for more travel information.
Australia   (5495)

Transport Corporation Of India Limited.  Call +91-124-2381603
One of the largest transportation company in India having network of over 1100 company owned offices, offering high quality integrated supply chain and logistics solutions with a complete range of services. Visit the site for details.
69, Institutional Area, Sector-32, Gurgaon-122001(Haryana)(India)   (50) Pvt Ltd  Call +91 (22) 66228100
Provides travel and tour packages within India and also worldwide tour packages to indians. Also book hotels online for your travel. India tour packages include Best Of Rajasthan, Agatti Beach Resort, Honeymoon at Mussoorie etc.
4/5, Udyog Mandir No.1, Bhagoji Keer Marg, Mahim, Mumbai-400 016. India   (49)

Viet Sinh Transportation & Travel Service Co.,Ltd  Call 84-8-820-1757
Online booking of according to budget tour packages to all four corners of Vietnam including hotel booking, coach rental, air ticketing services and delievery, Vietnam beach resorts, Vietnam daily tours and ground transportation services. Check website for more details.
16/1 Phan Ngu, F.Dakao Dist 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam   (130)

Wego India Travel  Call +91 80 4096 1098 is a travel portal that helps you save time, pay less and travel more by using their comprehensive travel meta search engine to display the best flights, hotels, holiday packages, tours, activities and travel deals on one simple screen.
#3164, 2nd Floor, “SS Konerira” ESI-Domlur Service Road HAL 2nd Stage, Indiranagar Bangalore – 560008 India   (7384)

Business Information: A guide to Travel And Transportation Business

How To Establish Travel And Transportation Business?

Have you witnessed advertisements in newspapers loudly printed as �Take a trip to Europe in $1000, and in small print you can see details like airfare, transportation, breakfast, two day city tour, transportation to airport etc all included. That�s how travel business works as it organizes an entire trip with maximum facilities and easy access in the destinations too. In short we can say if you wish to establish a travel business perhaps you should know hoe to organize trips, have contacts with hotels at several destinations, and have ability to research and finally powerful conviction that you have done the best for them.

Travel business is synonymous with travel agencies that help people realize their business as well as vacation dreams. This could also include renting cars and SUV for near destination traveling. You will need a computer and some assistance to set up a travel business as most of the booking for tickets is done online and in addition to this hotels and further travel bookings are also done on computers. Although most of the people are interested in becoming their own travel agents by making online bookings yet there are people who take frequent business flights and prefer even their vocational trips completely planned. Once you take initial steps for setting up an office for your business and so, next question surfaces about getting clients.

To attract clients you will have to advertise your travel services through online marketing tactics and mention cheap packages that set your agency apart from other travel business groups. Even when people plan their own vacation it is not practical for them to research entire range of hotels to pick best choices. With your prepared packages of all ranges they would instantly know where and which package would suit their budget. Make sure to benefit them of any discounts and privileges if any are offered by hotels booked by them. With every business getting competitive airlines are equally affected and you can easily spot them offering cheap tickets to obtain maximum passengers in advance. Being in travel business one has to be aware of all such promotional offers and benefit his clients if possible by any chance.

Your chores and work does not remain refined to just booking, instead other services like getting visa approval, delivering tickets at home and arranging emergency seats are all part of your travel business. There are established travel business players who charge before hand for long tours hence ensuring safety and bookings to client right from the beginning. This requires experience, contacts and huge budgets probably with time you might like to take your transportation business to that level. This could be a great business if you have appropriate social contacts and develop trusted clientage.

It is not easy to establish any business today whether its travel and transportation or clothing as everyone is looking at possible opportunities to make money and save every possible penny too. You have a bright future in this business only when you dedicatedly work for it in initial stages. Moreover handling local transportation services and organizing tours is certainly not that boring. The business is always shining and hay in festive season and you have every reason to cheer up with your new business establishment.

Transportation and travel is amongst the most ancient business. It plays a very crucial role in the functioning of world. Different goods need to be transported from one place to other as all regions are not self sufficient and need to depend on another. Governments put a great emphasis on developing better infrastructure for transportation and travel as they have a direct impact on the economy of nation. Transportation and travel thus becomes an important business to be in.

Transportation and travel operations involve a large fleet. Fleet management is an extremely complex affair. Even a small business involves a good size of fleet. These entire vehicles in the fleet are moving at same time to different locations. These vehicles need to be monitored continuously for their positions. In today�s competitive world delivery time is expected to be minimal. This calls for efficient fleet management in order to plan effectively. Today fleet management has acquired a big significance and many prefer to hire services of specialists. A fleet management service is fast evolving as a strong business area in both transportation and travel.

Sales and services of vehicle tracking and navigation systems is another good area to consider in transportation and travel business. As the nature of operations involves vehicles that are always on a move it becomes important to keep track of them every moment. The only way this can be achieved accurately is by installing vehicle tracking and navigation system. These systems along with vehicle navigation software make it possible to centrally monitor all transportation activities. This helps in correct decision making like route planning etc. these systems contribute effectively in smooth operation in transportation and these systems have a huge demand making it a good option to consider. Selling GPS systems, tracking devices and software is the latest trend in this sector.

Renting vehicles and selling used ones is a business that mainly survives on the transportation and travel industry. The high need for vehicles means very high investment. Many companies cannot afford to own a large feet. Also the requirement of fleet is not constant throughout the year. For example the requirement for vehicles by a travel company will be more during vacations as compared to the other days. By purchasing the vehicles there is a risk of vehicles remaining unutilized incurring losses. In order to avoid this renting vehicle is a very good alternative. It provides flexibility in planning and operation. Also used vehicles provide an option to purchase vehicles at very cheap price compared to new ones. By a careful decision on purchasing used vehicles one can save a lot of money. The benefits associated with rented and used vehicles are tempting even large companied to consider this option especially in today�s economic recession.

Travel has attained a new level with the maturing of tourism industry. People are traveling today for both business and pleasure. The number of travelers is on a constant rise. In order to cater this large customer base many travel services have came into existence. Today many specialized forms like hotel reservation, tour packages, holiday packages, travel insurance, last minute travel packages etc are available for travelers. Travel business is extremely challenging as it requires proper co-ordination between many different services. One needs to have good contacts in all allied sectors to run the travel operations smoothly. The travel industry is continuously evolving and travel plans for pets with pet insurance and pet friendly hotels only depicts the potential this branch holds.

Transportation and travel business also involves many legal issues. The operations involve traveling amongst different cities in the country or even amongst different countries. The traffic rules for vehicles and regulations for transported goods vary from one part to another. Most of the times one needs to carry appropriate travel permits before entering boundaries of a particular region. Failing to do so one many invite big trouble landing into legal complications. The legal proceedings may take a long duration to settle and these delays can result in big losses to the business. In case of fault the punishment can be severe like canceling of license. Be aware of the legal issues and complications in transportation and travel operations. One must take all necessary permits that are required for vehicles and goods that need to be transported. Following all rules and regulation strictly is extremely important in this sector. It is a good idea to have a specialized legal advisor for consulting.

Transportation and travel business is considered very risky due to the risks of accidents that are associated with it. In transportation damage of goods is also a major issue. It is a responsibility of the companies to deliver goods in proper condition to the customers. Sometimes natural calamities like flood or landslide can cause unnecessary delays in delivering goods which can be crucial incurring heavy loss to the customers. In such conditions where the goods are received late or in damaged condition the customers can claim damages from the transporting company. If the customers are not compensated, there are chances of reputation getting tampered. Insurance has become extremely important today in this business. On other hand customers feel secure to place orders if you have insured for the goods. This will help immensely in getting new assignments while retaining the old customers.

Transportation and travel business is constantly evolving and has been successful to keep pace with modern day requirements. The expectations from this sector are only going to increase in the near future and one needs to be equipped for newer challenges in this sector.

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