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The major product of the water sports apparel retail business is the wetsuit. It is one of the products which make people living in cold countries enjoy the water sports even in the cold water places. There are very few people who would not like to have wetsuits while going for surfing in water having low temperature. It is one of the most favored apparel of the surfing enthusiast and it can fetch a considerable number of shopping clientele. The range of the product includes apparels for men, women as well for children. The water spots apparels and wetsuits retailers in business, can offer different categories or varieties of these products to their clients. These include the accessories such as gloves, leg protectors, tropical boots and latex socks that can be worn on feet during wake boarding and water skiing. They also help to keep the feet warmer during the winter season. The leg protectors are used to protect the legs from the spray during the turn around the buoy. They are also used as they protect the legs from bruises. The other popular apparels for shopping include the men’s dry suits. They come with variety of features such as baggy upper fit, crewneck, removable ankle clinches, smooth skin single layer, streamline lower body fit and waterproof back zipper.

The men’s full suits fetch equal business as they provide maximum warmth. They also provide maximum flexibility and freedom of motion to shoulders, chest and legs. Those constructed using 0.5 to 1 mm glide skin neoprene are very popular shopping items as they offer low drag coefficient providing maximum freedom of movement in water. The double-lock collars keep the water out and provide comfort to the person wearing it. These suits also have special panels under the arms and crotch which prevents chafing adds to the comfort. They come in various sizes ranging from XS to XXL for persons having different weight and height.

The neoprene tops, hammer jackets and shorts are also popular shopping accessories as they offer low drag coefficient. The shorts have features such as gripper elastic waist bands, flatloc stitch, breathable seams, automatic fit, ultra violet protection, zipper less and low wind drag designs and many more. The tops provide protection from the chilly winds, ultra violet exposure and also protects against the wax irritation in warm to extremely cold weather conditions. They also provide good business to the retailers of water sports apparels as the neoprene insulation provides protection to the chest as well as to the back. They are also preferred due to the unrestricted movement they provide. Other products in the range of water sports apparels include the rash vests which offer excellent protection from the UV rays and rash. They are manufactured using nylon or spandex which offers quick dry as well as stretching properties combined with ergonomic seam placement. The retail business owners can present a wide range of styles in rash vests to the clients coming for shopping. The slalom suits also have a good clientele. The hammer series attracts clients for it is one of the most high tech series of apparels suited for warm water whereas the thermal rash vests offers internal insulation in frigid water. The thermal rash vests are preferred in both short as well as full sleeves. The coldwater hoods also have demand as they protect the head.

When client approach the water sports apparel business for shopping he expects to get quality. There are many things they look for the quality of neoprene which is widely used and best material suited for manufacturing the water sports apparels. They would also look for the apparels that provide them with best insulation capabilities, stretch and freedom of movement. The stitches that are used in the apparels also are important and the customers prefer the suits with water proof seams. The temperature of the place where the clients are going to use it is also very important. Accordingly the vendor who is able to provide the products that meets client’s requirements will earn profits.

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