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Artificial Grass  Call 01572 768208
Offer vast selection of artificial grass products made from highest quality yarns. Also provide installation services.
Exton Block, Market Overton Ind Est Ironstone Lane, Rutland LE15 7TP, UK
http://www.evergreensuk.com/artificial-grass.html   (7168)

Hi-techturf Artificial Grass  Call 01244 289 182
Offer artificial turf and grass made from recycled products and can also be used for various sports like football, tennis and golf.
Unit 2, St Ives Way, Sandycroft, CH5 2QS, UK
http://www.hitechturf.co.uk   (6536)

Ideal Turf Melbourne  Call 0425 859 953
Artificial turf suppliers with a 8 year warranty. Our service is backed with more than 5 years of industry experiance to give you the best synthetic turf lawn at your garden.
Online support only
http://www.idealturf.com.au/   (6146)

MC Landscaping  Call 0425 859 953
MC Landscaping is a trusted artificial grass supplier in Melbourne. Their experianced staff provide reliable service for beautiful, low maintenance garden.
Online support only
http://www.mclandscaping.com.au/   (6145)

Tigerturfworld.com  Call +44 (0) 1299 253966
worldwide manufacturer of artificial grass and artificial turf for sport fields, recreation and landscaping. Visit the site for more detailed products information.
TigerTurf, 229 Ikon, Droitwich Road, Hartlebury, DY10 4EU, UK
http://www.tigerturfworld.com/eu/products/club-sport/   (4845)

Business Information By Mast Directory: Sports Turf And Artificial Grass Business Information And Guide

Sports worldwide is a multibillion dollar business, some of the most popular games like football, tennis and the other ring sports like boxing, wrestling and weightlifting are played on artificial turfs or artificial grass turf. For a layman he might think why is there a need for an artificial turf in sports, why cannot professional sports be played on natural surface. Well there are different reasons for this but the two most important reasons for use of artificial turfs & flooring in sports is that one playing on natural surface can cause injury to the athlete and two keeping a natural surface in top class playing condition irrespective of the weather is not always easy. As sports infrastructure grows there is an increasing demand for sports turfs and artificial grass and wherein lies a great business opportunity for people looking to start or enter the sports turf and artificial grass business.

Take the example of London which is the host city for the 2012 Olympics, or South Africa which is the host country for the 2010 Football World Cup or for that matter Delhi which is the host city for the 2010 Commonwealth Games. The common thing with all of these places is that they all need new infrastructure, new stadiums, upgrading of public transport systems and of course sports turfs and artificial grass so that events such a football, table tennis, tennis, shooting and other can be conducted. Reading this you would now be able to gauge the scope of opportunities that lay in such a business. In this article we tell you how you can enter and start a sports turf and artificial grass business. There are different business models that we discuss and what is need to make the business successful. Apart from that you also need to complete legal formalities before you can commence your business operation. A business registration is very important as it gives your business a legal recognition. You need to choose a business name, ensuring a business name related to the sports turf and artificial grass business will help you establish brand identity faster. You also need to apply for business license and tax number.

There are various flooring types that are used on a basketball court, this flooring is different from ones used for a tennis court and a different kind of flooring is needed for track and field events. The main reason for the different kind of flooring is that the artificial turf offers a surface that provides even flooring and also aids in offering better surface grip to players. Wood is one of the materials used in building sports flooring, additionally there is other material used to support the base work and to enable the floor to "spring" slightly which puts less strain on athletes bodies therefore counteracting injuries.

The first business model for your sports turf and artificial grass business would be to that of a sports turf and artificial grass installation company. The installation of a sports turf or artificial grass is not an easy job and can be handled by experts only, a sports turf and artificial grass installation company needs to have complete knowledge and expertise in installation such things. You cannot do all the work by yourself so you need to hire people and if needed train them to carry out such a job. Depending upon the size and nature of the installation project will need to have staff to complete the installation as per specification and complete the installation is the stipulated as mentioned in the agreement.

The installation of a sports turf can be needed in a university, a new sports complex or for a new sporting event. In such a case apart from the supplier of the sports turf or surface flooring what are also needed is sports flooring installation company who can install the flooring as per specifications. In different countries the choice for installation company is made in different ways, while some countries there is a closed tender bid called for while in some other countries an installation company is contracted for all the sports turf and flooring installation by the sportÂ’s governing body.

Another business within the sports turf and artificial grass business is that of growing artificial grass. Football stadiums, cricket grounds and tennis courts using grass surface all need artificial grass at their venues. For an artificial grass business you need to have the knowhow and expertise to grow healthy thick grass at a place where you can have enough space to grow artificial or unnatural grass. Such grass should have the ability to survive for a few days while it is being transported from the warehouse to the venue where it is going to be placed on the ground. To able to do a successful artificial grass sports business you also need to have a strong transportation network so that once the artificial grass is ready it can reach the sports venue for installation in the quickest possible time frame.

Sports flooring is expensive and can cost up to millions of dollar for a synthetic flooring thus is becomes vital for sport venues to maintain the sports flooring and take steps so that sports flooring can remain in top condition at all times. To achieve this objective the organization responsible for maintenance appoints a maintenance company. Maintenance companies will usually send a letter of intent thus showing their interest in taking up the maintenance of the sport facility or sports complex. Any such maintenance contract included maintenance and even repair, refurbishing of the sports turf or/and artificial grass field. Contracts awarded can be either on the basis of per hour of maintenance hours or service hours provided by the maintenance company or on a fixed sum of amount that has been agreed in the contract in lieu for the maintenance services mentioned in the contract.

On your part you will have to calculate cost going forward keeping in mind the inflation or increase of price in the raw material used in maintenance and repair work. The other things you will need is a trained workforce that will carry out the cleaning and maintenance work on the site. Usually the work goes on all year around but during the period preceding the hosting of a sporting event the work hours can increase considerably. There are be lots of work that needs to be completed. For a tennis court it can be putting white paint on the court, repainting the stadia chairs, maintenance work in the playersÂ’ lounge etc.

There are other business models too that you can choose like a business of manufacturing and making sports flooring, a business that will market and sell sports turf and artificial grass and related businesses. Sports turf and sports flooring business is a large scale business that can be done by businesses and companies that have the technical knowhow and expertise of making sports flooring of international standard that will assist professional sports players in exhibiting high quality of international sports while also ensuring that the sports flooring does not lead to any kind of sports related injuries.

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