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Abacus Sports Installations Ltd  Call Toll Free: 1-800-821-4557
Manufacturer and Installer of seamless rubber gym flooring including multipurpose flooring, sports flooring, equine surfacing and rubber flooring.
836 Flory Mill Road, Lancaster, PA 17601   (1393)

Covermaster Corp.  Call Toll-free: (800) 693-1677
The company producing a wide variety of products designed to protect indoor and outdoor sports surfaces like their gym floor cover handling system made it possible for just two people to install or remove a complete gym floor cover in less than 30 minutes. An expert in playing surfaces. Visit site for more.
3909 Witmer Road, Niagara Falls, NY, 14305-1275   (1390)

Lankford Enterprises Inc.  Call Toll Free: 800-235-8292
Sports floor specialist offering products like Gym finish, Gym Floor Maintainer, Maple Flooring, Mat Cleaner for Synthetic Floors, Gym Floor Maintainer Kit, Vent Cove Base and Corners, sportwood and more.
20635 S. Metcalf, Bucyrus, Kansas 66013   (1391)  Call 800-279-1693
Wholesale provider of all kinds of sports rubber flooring products including rubber gym flooring products, rubber flooring rolls, rubber floor tiles, playground mats, home gym flooring, commercial gym flooring, interlocking foam floor mats for preschools, churches, weight rooms, kids rooms and more.
24881 Alicia Parkway, Suite E321 Laguna Hills, CA. 92653   (1388)

Sports Flooring  Call 01242 700276
Offer full sand and seal of wood and Granwood floors in commercial, sports and leisure environments from experienced teams using the highest quality equipment and at competitive prices.
TPS Company Limited, 75 Sheldons Court, Winchcombe Street,Cheltenham, GL52 2NR   (5024)

Sports Floors Inc  Call 901.452.9492
Provider of MFMA certified installer Maple and Synthetic sports surfaces for basketball, volleyball, athletic and recreational facilities with beautiful, long-lasting athletic flooring available. Visit the site to see online gallery of products and to get a quote.
584 Tillman, Suite 10, Memphis, TN 38112   (1389)

Tact Enviro Ltd  Call 01458 253395
Offer flooring solutions for play, tennis and sports courts, garages and workshops, entrance matting, home gyms, poolsides and spa pool surrounds, tools and accessories and more. Take a look at the site for more of their products.
Portfield Farm, Langport, Somerset, TA10 0NJ   (1392)

Business Information By Mast Directory: A Guide To Sports Flooring Business

Sports as we know it today is worth over hundreds of billions of dollars in market turnover. All the way from sports advertisement, player fee, sports channels, sports equipment and the list is endless. But there can be no sports with proper infrastructure. In today’s modern sports facilities are the basis of a successful sport because you need fans and corporate money to run sports. So a football pitch is not enough to run football tournament successfully you need an entire stadium for that.

But again not all sports are played on a green turf (soil based), look at field hockey and you’ll understand what I’m saying. Astro-turf is required for playing modern day field hockey. That’s where sports flooring business starts, for basketball you need wood flooring, for tennis the game requires hard court synthetic flooring. So why is that we require sports flooring in the first place, why cannot every sport be played either on natural grass or on a hard base. Well that because we have to protect players from career threatening injuries. Sport flooring is used because the sports surface should help sportsperson perform optimally while reducing chances of grave injury.

Lets have a look at some of the key requirements in some of the sports floor that are used these days. Take for instance Table Tennis, dark colored wooden flooring is recommended preferably timber that is sufficiently flat so that at any point while playing the player will not trip and fall flat. Also at the Australian Tennis Open the surface is a cushioned tennis hard court made from fiberglass, polyurethane rubber, and added material with a concrete base. The top is soft so players will not experience in their ankles, which is common injury problem for tennis players. Additionally the tennis ball will bounce a bit extra so this made for an interesting angle in the fast paced tennis of today.

Sports flooring does not end with installation of the flooring rather that is where it begins. Right from installation to daily maintenance, refinishing periodically and maintenance contract with the suppliers. Maintenance contract with your suppliers is a must so that if there is any kind of defects after say a 5 year period you can always get it refinished or refurbished. These are some of the aspects with which you can start a sports flooring business.

Bare in mind that sports flooring business is very expensive and to manufacture sports floor is not possible without expert knowledge and technical knowhow. But that should not be a deterrent if you do not know what goes into the making of sports floors. There are many universities around the world that have courses similar to the MBA that teach you sports floor designing, architecture, characteristics from scratch to receiving a full degree in sports flooring. Once you have complete knowledge and technical expertise you can start your own sports flooring business. Alternatively if you have done a feasibility study and market potential and feel that you will find success in such an endeavor then with capital investment and hiring experienced management and technical people in the field you can start your own sports flooring business organization and cater to a niche market which is still growing. Take for instance the Common Wealth Games to be held in New Delhi in 2010. New Delhi is constructing many new sports facilities and there is a tremendous requirement for sports flooring for indoor court. This is a potential opportunity for all major sports flooring companies.

Surely if all of this seems too much to begin with at first then trading is always open for people wanting to enter the sports flooring business. Wondering how you can do that, what you need to do is contact a couple sports flooring manufacturers better if they make different kinds of sports flooring using varied technologies and designing methods. Once you have in your portfolio 3-5 sports flooring range for a gymnastic court, tennis court flooring, basketball court flooring, squash court flooring, tenpin blowing flooring etc and their specs plus rate quotes you can start marketing these products in your city or country and this shall be a prime form of sports flooring business.

Most municipalities or municipal corporations cannot visit each factory in different countries to check the newest and best available sports flooring. This is where you play a crucial role of bringing together prospective buyers and sellers to do business as per interest.

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