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Baseline Sports Construction  Call 865-588-4320
Company offering tennis courts construction, Indoor Sports Complex, Track Construction, Indoor Soccer Facilities and more.
3600 Henson Rd. Knoxville TN 37921   (1719)

Flex Court Athletics  Call 1-800-847-4404
Company providing excludive services in building and construction of backyard courts, outdoor basketball and tennis courts, gym flooring, aerobics flooring, deck, patio and pools, gym accessories, court layouts and more.
4328 Hwy 34 Kewanee, IL 61443   (1717)

Home Court Advantage  Call (812) 853-5955 or (866) 794-4720
Provider of complete court construction for commercial and residential commercial properties, basketball, Tennis, home backyard. Also offer courts and gym flooring ideal for roller hockey, basketball hoops, racquetball, and more. Visit the site for complete information.
8866 Bice Lane, Newburgh, IN 47630,   (1714)

Renner Sports Surfaces  Call 303-825-3435
Provide innovative construction and design services for the running tracks, hockey rinks and basketball courts and tennis courts as well as amenities, including fencing, lighting, and supplies to furnish a complete turnkey project. Visit the site for more.
775 Canosa Ct, Denver, CO 80204   (1716)

Rhino Sports  Call 800.585.0922
Provide installation and court construction for tennis courts, basketball courts flooring, gym flooring, garage flooring, basketball gym floors, volleyball courts, putting greens, golf greens, and athletic fitness sports flooring resurfacing.
Scottsdale, Arizona   (1718)

Sports Courts UK Ltd.  Call 01727 730707
UK based company delivering the highest quality projects by offering Tennis Court construction and maintenance for schools, councils, local authorities, Tennis Clubs and the private Sector.
280 Watford Road, St Albans, Herts, AL2 3DN   (1715)

Business Information By Mast Directory: A Guide To Sports Courts Construction Business

Sports is seen as an activity that we have always enjoyed during our hey days. But sports is a serious business ever since the Olympic movement in the 1970 and 1980 gathered substantial pace. Today’s sports are a lot different then it was 15-20 years ago. It’s played hard and technology has entering every part of all major sports. Huge stadiums with seating capacity for thousands of spectators, high tech sports equipment, graphite rackets, sponsorship deals worth millions for players and flood lit stadiums too.

Along with all these things there is the sports field where all the sports activities take place. There are some sports that are played grass like cricket, soccer, ruby and golf to name a few, while even for these sports the grass is grown separately and then is laid over the outfield. But there are many another sports, which require special courts to be built so that play is possible. For instance, for the game of squash to be played a sports court has to be built. Usually wooden flooring with think glass surrounding walls has to be constructed. The ball will remain inside the glass and wooden court and the players can enter and exit the glass court.

This is just one example, similarly for track and field events a race track is required so that athletes can run. But the only thing is not running, the best athletes run 100 meters in 10 seconds and tracks have to such that they do not slip as that would cause grave injury. That is the case with all sports courts that if they are slippery then it could be that players fall and get injured to the extent of not being able to compete any longer.

Thus when building sports courts the material right from the foundation of the court to the surface of the courts should be ideal for playing conditions. So it would be safe to say that a sports courts construction and building business is very much a technical business. Sports courts construction business model is different in different countries. In developed nations like the US and EU football team owners have their own stadia. Top European football clubs like Manchester United and Real Madrid have their own stadiums. They build their stadiums with private and/or public funding. Whereas in developing economies like India, Brazil and China sports courts construction is undertaken by government either at state level or central level.

With developing economies stressing upon infrastructure development there is huge scope for sports courts construction business. First let us have an overview of what sports courts construction requires. For building a sports court it is generally required the site of the court be dug up, in some cases it is 3 to 4 feet deep and from there on the construction work begins. A solid base is then constructed there concrete pillars are built covering the entire length and breadth of the excavated area. Thereafter a series of hard foam and other materials are used to bring the based back to ground level. The major work starts hereafter, expensive court material such wood or synthetic flooring is laid and there are two additional plastic quotes that is added for additional grip over the surfaces.

There are many ways to be part of the sports courts construction business. You need not have all the technology, if you are good construction material supplier you can contact companies and give them a presentation of your work capabilities. If they express interest in your work then you should show them some actual sites where you have completed large scale or good work. Similarly sports courts constructions needs various suppliers to supply material that goes into building sports courts. In 2010 India is hosting the commonwealth games whereas in 2011 South Africa is hosting the World Cup Football and London is hosting the Olympics in 2012. Sporting events take place all over the world all round the year. There are great business opportunities waiting to be grabbed and converted into actual business.

There are different sports courts businesses all over the world, if you want to do business with them then you can just send your business credentials to them. This way you will be able to establish business opportunities. Also attending fair and exhibitions will be a good way to spread the word about your business. Remember that to do large business you do not need to establish one from the outset you can create a large business by providing services and solutions to larges businesses.

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