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Stronghold   Call 00 44 (0) 121 423 3011
The company is the leading manufacturer of quality vehicle security solutions for caravan security, car security, motorbike, boat owners and including parking security solutions. Visit the site for more information and details.
162 Clapgate Lane, Woodgate Business Park, Birmingham, West Midlands, B32 3DE, UK   (4273)

Viper   Call 1-800-876-0800
Company better known for remote start systems and vehicle security products including car alarms, gps systems, tracking, remote starters, interface modules, accessories, transmitters and remotes. Visit the site for online shopping and for more business information and details.
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It is a common to double check the doors of your car before leaving the parking. It is not possible to find supervised parking every place one goes leaving the vehicle at god’s will. The big sigh of relief one feels on finding the vehicle at the same place where it was left tells how big an impact vehicle theft has created in our mind. Every day we come across incidents of vehicle thefts. There is a good retail and wholesale market for second hand vehicles and many people are shopping for them. These stolen vehicles with a few changes find an easy entry into these markets. Thieves are making a good business out of stolen vehicles and stealing vehicles have become an organized crime.

We read many articles published about police uncovering gangs of vehicle thefts and seizures of stolen vehicles from them. This reflects the level at which criminals are operating. Stealing a vehicle is very easy and many times it takes years to trace a stolen vehicle. On some other occasions you cannot trace it at all. The need for shopping vehicle security has gained importance like never before. The thieves are constantly trying to breach security system and there is demand for more advanced and foolproof systems. Developing, marketing and installing activities in vehicle security products have increased considerably shaping a new retail business out of it for the vehicle industry.

Locking is the most elementary security mechanism present in all vehicles. However all standard locking types that come with the vehicles have already been outsmarted. Realizing this shortfall retail customers are acting wise enough by opting an upgrade for their locking system. Vehicle owners are shopping for specialized locking systems that are extremely difficult to break. One such example of this type of locking system is the gear locking. Such specialized locking devices along with the standard locking provide extra security and protects vehicle. Often these locking devices need to be fitted additionally as they are not the part of showroom model. These locking devices make a good option to selling as vehicle accessories. Fitting and maintenance of locking devices also works out to be a good business option.

The most distinguished in the vehicle security product business is the vehicle alarm systems. Primarily designed to raise an alarm in case of theft, today’s alarm systems are equipped with many additional features. With the prices in electronics falling we today have alarm systems suitable to every pocket. Alarm system is no more a luxury item but has become the most needed accessory. Irrespective of being an entry level model or the most luxurious set of wheels every vehicle is precious to its owner and he considers shopping vehicle security products for it. This has compelled the vehicle security business to develop a range of security products to go with every model and fits the budget of every retail customer. Insurance companies have started including the clause to equip vehicles with anti theft devices.

Vehicle security products today not only ensure security of vehicle but also the safety of passengers. Electronics has been truly successful in empowering vehicle security products with advanced capabilities. For example a system for collision avoidance determines obstacles which are not visible to eye (driving in foggy condition or rock under the vehicle) and gives information to the driver thereby preventing serious accidents which can even cost life. Such lives saving capabilities have provided an additional reason for shopping vehicle security products, expanding the business.

Awareness about vehicle security products have started to grow. Police records and case studies have credited vehicle security products for decrease in incidents of thefts and accidents. Traffic and safety authorities world over are promoting the use of vehicle security products .This has helped to ensure reliability and effectiveness of these products to retail customers shopping for it. Technology is contributing immensely towards developing more secure security products. All these factors are conducive to the future growth of vehicle security products business.

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