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Global Positioning System (GPS) is the modern day technology to find directions and locate people, vehicle or devices such as cell phones. The magnetic compass has replaced portable devices having GPS capabilities. However in order to function correctly all these devices need GPS software. The main function of this software is to send signal to satellites and receive back the information about the location from them. As GPS is being widely implemented there is a need of GPS software for various applications. The large scale development of GPS software has turned it into a specialized area of software business.

As GPS is capable of tracking vehicles it is an obvious choice for fleet management. Many portable GPS devices have been developed for trucking business that are used by the drivers while they are on the move. These devices are installed with GPS software that have features written for trucking requirements. The software is capable of communicating and the drivers can inform headquarters to inform their position and take orders for them. Many GPS software have intelligent features that can inform the drivers of the nearest gas station or help them plan the route for faster delivery at reduced cost. GPS will remain an integral part of fleet management business and the GPS software will be required to take maximum benefit of this technology. Apart from trucking shipping too is implementing GPS system on a large scale for navigation and cargo tracking.

An important feature for any software is its compatibility. The software must be compatible even with the most common GPS hardware. Many devices with GPS capabilities are available today in market. In order to use them one needs to install appropriate software. The software cannot be installed if it is not compatible. Even in a few cases if the non compatible software gets installed they cannot efficiently use all the features of the GPS device. The GPS hardware, like computer is regularly upgraded for increasing performance. The GPS software should be capable to support this new hardware with a minor change in software. A complete change in software will be costly for customers and the software that can be easily upgraded is preferred by users. Even with a change in hardware there should be a minimal need for software change. Compatibility of GPS software is an important aspect to consider in this business.

GPS software comes with maps to facilitate navigation. The maps used for this software must be authentic for providing accurate information. People rely on GPS for directions and it is important to use correct maps. There are regular changes in the boundaries of regions and all this information should be immediately updated in the maps used by GPS software. These changes in map can be provided as simple upgrade for the installed software. Providing such timely upgrades will not only help GPS software to perform accurately all the time but also acquire customer’s confidence. The GPS that provide the most accurate information has big sales in the GPS business and regular up gradation of GPS software for geographical change becomes very important.

GPS software can be sold mainly in two ways in the business. It is a good idea to make GPS software available to customers pre installed with the GPS device. Choosing GPS software is not easy and many customers are not capable of doing so. Plus customers are apprehensive about the compatibility and the installation issues. Installation of GPS software needs much customization and requires an expert. This incurs installation cost along with the software. Customers prefer the devices that come with pre installed GPS software as all these problems are not encountered in this case. Identifying the vendors that have good sales of devices and developing software for these devices will make your software salable. Working out a contract with these vendors will make good business. One will save a lot on marketing and with the increase in sales of devices, increases the software sales too. All these benefits justify the commission paid to the GPS device manufacturers.

The second option for selling software is through internet. This will reduce the operating cost considerably. Survey Internet for all GPS related content and sell GPS software through these sites. It also makes delivery of software easy as customers can directly download GPS software on their devices. Customers can also provide feedback for your software online. A good feedback from customers will definitely boost business in GPS software.

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