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Fast Line  Call 208.766.3578
Offer a full variety of motorcycle tires from track day tires to full racing slicks with the ability to install them right at the track. Visit the site for more business information and details.
835 J Street, Idaho Falls, ID 83402   (4156)

Sturgis Wheel Company  Call 800 554 3868
Custom Motorcycle Wheels and Motorcycle Rims from Sturgis Wheel the Leader in Custom Harley Wheels and Rims for Metric Motorcycles. Visit the site for online shopping and ordering. Also get more business information on the site.
2281, S.Plaza Dr., Rapid City, SD, USA 57702   (4155)

Business Information By Mast Directory: A Guide To Motorcycle Wheels And Tires Business

How important are wheels and tires for any vehicle?. Of course, wheels and tires form the basic part of any vehicle. Be it a truck, a car, a motorcycle or any other vehicle. But if you notice more than any other vehicle, such as a car or a truck or a bus, motorcycle tires are more important to a motorcycle than a car tire to a car and so on. There is one simple reason. A car or a truck has double the number of tires than a motorcycle. Just like a car, the wheel / tire combination helps with the suspension and locomotion of a motorcycle, but the gyroscopic effect also keeps the motorcycle upright. And these tires have to do all this work on a narrower contact patch than a car tire.

Before starting a retail or wholesale business of motorcycle wheels and tires, make sure you have all the knowledge related to this field and the business involved. The science involved in the motorcycle, the balancing, weights of the bikes and the appropriate tires to be used according to weight. Since replacing tires for a vehicle is best left to you, the professional. Be well-prepared to give the best advice and selection when helping your retail customers replace or upgrade their tires once the old set wears down. Three opportunities to provide assistance to the shopping customers include:

1. Installing new motorcycle tires;
2. Providing specialty tires for a custom look; and
3. Helping with emergency tire repair or replacement.

The best way to proceed in motorcycle wheels and tires business is to have the have the best contacts and resources. First step is to stock a virtual warehouse with wholesale motorcycle tires. The rubber compounds and the tire patters vary so widely that it is very important to show your retail customers shopping for it that they can trust you and your business, by providing expertise in selling the right tires for their motorcycle. Best way is to buy motorcycle tires through online shopping, so you can keep a wide variety of tires at your fingertips without committing your physical space to all that rubber. You can get all major brands like Dunlop, Michelin and Metzeler on Motorcycle Accessory Warehouse ( http:// /newsite / tires.htm). You can also search for tires based on brand or tire size to suit your customers bike at MotoSport( 3&catName= Tires&pcatName= Tire%20and%20Wheel ).

Another way to lure customers to your business is to provide them a custom look for their ride by installing oversized rear tire kits that cover the tire, the wheel, even the fender. Or you can also dress up your customers bike with colored motorcycle tires available in the market these days and doing good business.

One more trick which comes in very handy to boost your motorcycle wheels and tires business is to take advantage of online distributors with quick - ship options to hold inventory for you, letting you stock up on a wider variety motorcycle tires and accessories. Then while your customer's bike is in your shop you can demonstrate those other products on their bike: upgraded wheel / tire combinations, brakes and fork / shock suspension systems.

On the other hand you can also do your retail business by being a wholesale distributor of motorcycle wheels and tires. This will require lots of ready cash in hand to start with. Best way is to open an online distribution store wherein you can take orders from any part of the country or world. But since there are already a good number of such online businesses, you have to make sure that your business site leaves a mark. For making this achievable you have to invest some amount to get a user friendly and product explanatory web site made. Also your site should rate high on search engines such as google. You can get this done by applying various search engine optimization techniques. If you are successful in doing so, nobody can stop your business from growing fast and the customer shopping for your product.

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