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Dennis Kirk, Inc.  Call 1-800-969-7501
Dennis Kirk is the world's largest retailer of parts and accessories for motorcycles, snowmobiles, ATVs and off road vehicles. Visit the site for more products information and online shopping.
955 South Field Avenue, Rush City, MN 55069, USA   (4141)

Motorcycle Superstore Inc.  Call Toll Free: 877-668-6872
Offering guaranteed lowest prices on motorcycle accessories and apparel including motorcycle helmets, motorcycle jackets, motorcycle luggage, motorcycle boots to motorcycle tires, and motorcycle covers. Visit the site for online shopping in retail and for more business information.
Online store   (4140)

Business Information By Mast Directory: A Guide To Motorcycle Accessories Business

Additions in most cases are welcome and if they are for comfort it’s a bonus. Motorcycle accessories are something that is not necessary for performance but if added may increase your comfort of riding or be of great help in other ways. Accessories are always on the shopping list of bikers as the basic models do not take care of all the requirements. Every person has different needs and wants to customize his vehicle accordingly. For example a person who sweats a lot will require a special handle grip. A person into courier delivery would have a leather bag or briefcase fitted to help him carry parcels with ease. Motorcycle accessories business is fast picking up with introduction of many new accessories to offer its retail customers.

Motorcycle accessories are required mainly for two reasons and there is good business in both. The first one is comfort. This segment includes seats, handles, grips, foot rests as major accessories amongst many others. When no two people are same, how can their bikes be same? Ergonomics of motorcycle consider average human size but if one is above or below that size he will have difficulties using his vehicle. For example a short person will find the handle uncomfortable as it will involve too much bending resulting in backache. He would prefer to replace that handle with one designed for his needs. Many of these motorcycle accessories fit with all models and perform well. Many other accessories help in providing a comfortable ride and people like shopping for them. There is a range of hand grips and foot rest that accommodate your size and requirements.

Another reason why people go for accessories is the safety. There are many accessories dedicated to these segments. Shopping for retail items like safety rods, wheel locks, helmet lock , hoods, focus lights and mirrors have increased with people realizing there importance. They contribute directly or indirectly to rider’s safety. Many people are reluctant to use helmets as you have to carry the helmet after parking the vehicle. A simple accessory like helmet lock can solve all your worries and you can move carefree keeping your helmet in the parking lot with your bike. This has encouraged many people to use helmet and has indirectly added to driver’s safety. Helmet lock today is the most sought after accessory in the business.

Many showrooms provide these motorcycle accessories at additional cost while purchasing the vehicle. If you are a manufacturer or supplier you can identify the showrooms for your models and sell your products to them. This will help you to sell in bulk and on regular basis. You can also get feedback on shopping which can help in improving your products. If popularity of your accessories increase the vehicle manufacturers many even consider signing a contract with you. That sound like a good business, doesn't it?

However ex showroom retailing is very much in the business. Many people postpone purchase of accessories with the vehicle. One reason is the budget as they are already paying for vehicle. Another reason is that they want to try the basic model first and add on as and when required. Many people prefer this planned customization. Also showrooms primarily deal with sales of bike and have a limited range of accessories, most of them very common. People who prefer careful shopping will prefer a specialized retail shop for their motorcycle accessories.

Accessories business can be coupled up not only with showrooms but also service centers as they too have orders for fitting accessories. A new business in bike modifications has been introduced lately by a growing population of passionate bikers. This activity involves use of many accessories. The accessory business can form a good team with this new business. Vehicles are used primarily for comfort and people will keep shopping for accessories if you regularly provide them with better options. Quality, innovation and improvements are the accessories that will make your business comfortable and safe.

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