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Hillside USA  Call Toll Free: 1-800-926-2290
Direct factory online store for motorcycle leather jackets, leather vests, leather chaps, leather bulletproof style vests, vest extenders and more. Online retail shopping.
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Texpeed Motorcycle Apparel  Call 1-500-258-512
Offering an online store to purchase motorcycle apparel like gloves, cordura trousers, cordura motorcycle jackets, saddle bags and other accessories. Go to site for online shopping.
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Business Information By Mast Directory: A Guide To Motorcycle Apparel Business

With the boom in the two wheeler market in India with companies like Bajaj, TVS and Yamaha launching their motor cycles there has an increased number of biking fans who have started a trend of motorcycling as a passion and lifestyle. They go out in rallies, and long biking tours .Retail shopping of motorcycle apparel has increased ever since as they need biking gear for their tough journey. There has been a steady demand of the biking apparel with the growth of the motorcycle vehicle production and sale. Starting a bike apparel retail or wholesale business is a profitable business with the change in the modern world and ever-changing trend. With more and more biking enthusiasts and their numbers are growing everyday .so there is a certain possibility of huge profit in this business. The biking gear can be made for every type of biker and according to their choice.

Some prefer to wear black jackets and some want brighter shades that are better visible in dark. You may manufacture it according to their demands. As you know that the biggest biker community is in the colleges and I think you should have small surveys before starting your retail business, as what the youth wants, what are their choices of various apparels? You can sell out handmade durable and cheap variants of the expensive foreign brands, and start with a minimum margin to sell your products. More over you should also remember that retail shopping customers like fancy products in their shopping cart.

While riding a vehicle like motorcycle one needs to give utmost importance for protecting one’s body. While driving a motorcycle you are more vulnerable than when you are inside a car and thus one have to take all necessary precautions to maintain safety. Wearing helmet is made mandatory by law for biking protection; however, one shouldn’t overlook the apparel as well. Motorcycle apparel is designed for riding and one that keeps you dry and safe during accidental falls while driving. It is a sturdy gear to protect you from bruises in case of accidents. Biking apparel serves as a second skin.

Shopping for motorcycle apparel is considered as an investment by any biker its represents your style and at the same time feel confident about your safety. Doing a retail or wholesale business in selling motorcycle apparel is a profitable no doubt, as the governments is taking several initiatives to make people aware of safety while riding.

There are many protective motorcycling gears you can deal with. Few of them are listed below:

First and foremost is the helmet which is a protective headgear used by motorcycle riders and the most essential part of safety apparel. The main purpose of a helmet is to protect the rider's head during any impact. You can get various designs and graphics for your helmet. You can search the internet and get help from graphic designers to design your helmets. They have two variants like full face and half face, and combined.

Leather jackets and trousers are worn by bikers mainly for protection during an event of crash. The leather in use in the apparel should not be just fashion leather but it should provide protection to the rider and should be stronger, and much durable. Though most people wear it for style so you can bring them out in various shades and designs.

Boots are worn by motorcycle riders to prevent or suffer minimal harm to their feet and ankles while riding and in case of a crash. Tough and slightly flexible boots with hard soles provide the rider maximum protection. Boots should be designed by shoe makers specifically for motorcycling, that are impact, cut and tear resistant. You can get quality and cheap boots from indigenous shoe makers and label them your brand.

Gloves are typical leather gloves to protect the rider's wrists from injury and better grip when the handle is it protects the rider’s fingers. These gloves can be made of different shades and color combinations. There other Optional features that include additional protection like plastic body amour which protects the riders body from breakage and dislocation of back and chest.

These products can be marketed online though it will take time and patience to get this business up and running in the beginning as there is good competition from foreign brands which riders prefer , but once you do, it can be a very profitable business! You can help use of the internet for more designs and get an idea about various riding gear you can manufacture that are available in the global market and their standard of protection. You can also sell your products online through various online shopping sites like eBay or Amazon.

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