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Big Dog Motorcycles   Call 949-999-3660
Known to be world’s largest manufacturer of custom motorcycles. Designing, manufacturing, and distributing are performed at the company’s 175,000 square-foot world headquarters in Wichita, Kansas. Also offer online shopping of motorcycle apparel and accessories. Visit the site for more information and details.
2115 Harbor Boulevard, Costa Mesa, CA 92627, USA   (4162)

Bournemouth Honda Motorcycles   Call 01202 541220
Honda of Bournemouth is a company offering a full range of Honda road bikes as well as a variety of used motorcycles and accessories. Visit the site for online retail shopping.
5B Leyland Road, Poole, Dorset, BH12 5HB   (5785)

Cycle Trader   Call 1-888-203-2656
New and used motorcycles for sale by class or type. Types include antique/vintage, competition, classic 1958, cruiser, custom, dirt bike and more. Check site for more details.
Online Store   (1164)

HairyBush Bike Builders   Call 07790017224
HairyBush Bike Builders - specialists in building cruisers, choppers and other custom motorcycles, including quality custom parts and artwork.
Online only   (7307)

Motorcycle Helmets   Call 818.573.7008
Online store to buy motorcycle helmets in different colours and styles. Products include full face helmets, off-road helmets and more.
Online only   (6971)

Proud 2 Ride Motorcycles   Call (954) 457-0588
Used motorcycle dealer: all brands, huge inventory, retail, wholesale and export. Visit the site for more business information.
2400 SW 30th Ave, Hallandale, FL 33009   (5828)

RevZilla Motorcycle Helmets & Jackets   Call 877-792-9455
RevZilla is an online store where you can buy high quality and branded motorcycle helmets, jackets, boots, gloves & motorcycle gear.
Online only   (7273)

The Motorcycle Hut   Call Only email support
The Motorcycle Hut is a leading supplier of motorcycle clothing accessories including helmets from the industry's top brands.
Coble Dene, Royal Quays, North Shields, Tyne & Wear, NE29 6DE, United Kindom   (6919)

Business Information By Mast Directory: A Guide To Motorcycles Business

The current economic scenario on the world level has shredded the automobiles or vehicles business in to pieces. But as they say, one man’s loss is another man’s boon. Due to the ghastly recession the car sales across the globe has suffered a major hit. And because of that more people are shopping for motorcycles as their way of commuting. Also motorcycles as a vehicle have always been a craze among the youth and the excitement seekers.

To start with a retail or wholesale business related to the motorcycle industry, the best thing is to be a distributor of various motorcycle brands. For this you need valuable professional contacts as well as excellent communication and persuasion skills. Mind you, motorcycle business does not come under small businesses and hence you require sufficient amount of capital in hand. The initial cost of establishing a retail shopping outlet, down payments of the vehicles, and other set up and accessory costs will sum up to a huge amount. You can try out for various loan facilities provided by almost all the banks for vehicles business. Select your bank based on the bank loan policies of the bank, the interest rate applied and money return term, in case if you are going for loans for your vehicles business.

The first and the foremost thing to do is to look for a territory. You must evaluate a lot of things together; like where are you going to set up your shopping outlet or showroom, in which city, around what kind of neighborhood and basically what kind of customers you are eying for; urban, semi urban or rural. Also for starting a business in motorcycles you have to decide whether you are going for one brand dealership or various brand dealerships. If you decide for being a one brand dealer you have to be really careful in choosing your brand. If you got hold of a successful brand and you are the authorized dealer of that particular brand your business will skyrocket. But if the business of the brand doesn’t capitulate even your business will go under the mill. Also every brand at one point of time faces the saturation level or the drought level. In case if that happens with your brand over time, your business will also paralyze. The best way to avoid this situation is go for a multiple brands shopping outlet. Though it has its own drawbacks as a one brand authorized shopping showroom is generally more trusted by the retail customers.

If you decide to go for multiple brands together, the customer shopping for motorcycles and motorcycle parts will see your shopping outlet as the ‘ get all from one ‘ shopping store. Along with the motorcycle dealership business you can also provide customers with other motorcycle equipments as well. So that for any kind of vehicle related shopping you are the ultimate destination for any customer. These accessories can include physical spare parts, spark plugs, carburetors, break drums, clutch wires chain and many other motorcycle related parts. You can also make use of online shopping websites dealing in motorcycle equipments and order your products online. With all this you can also incorporate a service centre for all kind of motorbikes. Since you will have all kinds of accessories with you, a motorcycle service centre can be beneficial for selling them to the retail customers who needs replacement of any motorcycle part. This will also help you to be a strong business taker in your city, as you will be a self sufficient motorcycle and motorcycle equipment provider. Remote repair service can further help booming your business in case of a breakdown of a bike at a distance from any service centre.

With all these features you can add the feature of motorbike modification. This is an extension of your business you can add up later based on the popularity of your business in the initial days. This can get you added income as most youngsters opt for vehicle modification these days.

With time travel ant transport has taken a new turn. Gone are the days when people used to walk miles and miles to reach their destination, work place, market etc. now is the super fast age and everything has to be done quickly. This is why vehicles have become a prime necessity today. People need to travel around for various reasons and traveling by the public transport always in very time consuming and not very feasible every time. In the automobiles, cars need a lot of parking space and are generally stuck in the traffic in peak hours. Since cars are expensive they are not the choice of everyone. Considering all the constraints and entire scenario motorcycle fit absolutely well. The business of this bike has therefore created a buzz in the market. Now a days there is also no risk involved as customers get their bike insured from companies like Carole Nash. Since they pay for insurance they can drive freely as there is no risk involved if the the bike is stolen or crashed in accident. This is also causing for the demand to rise for motorbikes.

The vehicle is so liked and enjoyed by people that those who are planning to come into the business of motorcycles will see a successful time in the present as well in the future. This commodity is one of the most famous and prime required products in the market. The beat part is that it can be afforded by the middle class people too. There are different companies in this field and have different categories of the vehicle. The regular and simple versions meant for the daily use are the most commonly sold by all groups of customers. The traveling costs involved in the bikes are much lesser than other modes keeping the time factor also in mind. Therefore a very ready and fruitful market is provided to trade in this group.

It is an essential point in every business to be able to target the right product in the right market. This will involve an in depth study of the market and analysis of the current vehicle trends and demands. The type or model of the vehicle is also an important criterion before finalizing. The motorcycles which provide more mileage and suit the roads well are automatically more in demand. So a survey can be carried out to find out the requirement. However, there is a lot of similarity in the pricing of the motorcycles therefore a random market can be chosen. Even then the customer’s choice and requirement should be also given priority.

One needs to keep an eye on the other factors involved in this business too. Only local or national market is not important. You have to work keeping the global market in mind. When you see the market from the export point of view, you will realize that you need to analyze the economy of the country. Also the culture and trend followed by the country is important. For instance, in places like the US and the UK you cannot sell more motorcycles since here the people use more cars in comparison to bikes. On similar lines the underdeveloped countries will not be a good market since people their will not be interested in buying a vehicle which runs on petrol. So the culture and the economy of the analysis is a prerequisite to make this business successful.

Keeping in mind the trend and style, today there is a huge competition between the various motorcycle manufacturing companies. With all kind of latest technologies coming up, every other day some new version is launched in the market. Hence those companies who want to make it big and be successful especially in the building phase of their business should go for profit share concept. This way apart from the price of the vehicle, the seller should get some margin of profit. If not money then you should ask the company to make you the authorized dealers of the motorbikes. This will turn out to be a good technique to promote and expand your business well.

You can also setup a good team for research and development in this field to keep getting better and newer techniques which ca be applied in the upcoming vehicle. If such team is well setup and does a good job then you can apply the research not only in your product but also get a patent for it and sell the technology to other companies as well. This way your motorcycle will be of latest version and you will get another channel to make profitable business.

This will require a good capital investment initially but soon the returns that you will achieve will be very profitable. The vehicle business has no limit or deadline. Once you have established your self sky is the limit. You can keep your self updated with the latest technologies and keep introducing newer version and models of motorcycles. Automatically you business will expand, expanding your market and customers pouring in to buy your product over the other companies because of variety and quality provided by you.

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